Hochsprung Mit Musik
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Hochsprung Mit Musik
Hochsprung mit Musik
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1987-0121-051, Susanne Beyer-Helm.jpg
Susanne Beyer en route to winning the 1987 high jump meeting
DateEarly February
LocationArnstadt, Germany Germany
Event typeHigh jump
Official siteHochsprung mit Musik

The Hochsprung mit Musik (English: High Jump with Music) is an annual indoor high jump meeting which takes place in February in Arnstadt, Germany.

First held in 1977, the meeting began as a competition between mainly East German athletes. Following the Re-unification of Germany in 1990, the competition became international and attracted athletes such as Olympic and World champion Charles Austin and Olympic silver medallist Alina Astafei. Both the world record holders (Javier Sotomayor and Stefka Kostadinova) have taken part in, and won, the meeting.[1]

The Hochsprung mit Musik gets its name from the fact that music is played in the Sporthalle am Jahn-sportpark while athletes take their jump. It is used as a way of both building suspense and mirroring the steady rhythm needed by athletes to achieve a high jump.

The competition received greater exposure from the 2000s onwards as the winning athletes' jumps were of a significant height. This was exemplified by Kajsa Bergqvist's winning jump in 2006 of 2.08 metres - an indoor world record for the event and second only to Kostadinova's current world record of 2.09 m.[2][3]Blanka Vla?i?'s win in 2010 with 2.06 m was the joint third highest indoor jump.[4] A number of other indoor jumps by female athletes remain within the top 30 highest of all time,[5] and jumps by male athletes frequently make the year's indoor best lists.[6]

Past winners

Rosemarie Ackermann won the women's title in 1980.
Andrea Bienias clearing the bar
Andrea Bienias (above) and Rolf Beilschmidt (below) each won the competition three times.
Rolf Beilschmidt jumps over a bar while spectators look on

Key:   Meeting record

Year Men's winner Mark (m) Women's winner Mark (m)
1977  Henry Lauterbach (GDR) 2.15  Martina Baumbach (GDR) 1.70
1978  Rolf Beilschmidt (GDR) 2.18  Almut Berg (GDR) 1.75
1979  Henry Lauterbach (GDR) 2.26  Kristine Nitzsche (GDR) 1.86
1980  Henry Lauterbach (GDR) 2.23  Rosemarie Ackermann (GDR) 1.94
1981  Rolf Beilschmidt (GDR) 2.24  Andrea Bienias (GDR) 1.87
1982  Rolf Beilschmidt (GDR) 2.20  Andrea Bienias (GDR) 1.90
1983  Carsten Siebert (GDR) 2.20  Susanne Helm (GDR) 1.87
1984  Gerd Wessig (GDR) 2.27  Heike Grabe (GDR) 1.88
1985  Georgi Gadiev (BUL) 2.22  Susanne Helm (GDR) 1.95
1986  Gerd Wessig (GDR) 2.28  Andrea Bienias (GDR) 1.97
1987  Mathias Grebenstein (GDR) 2.24  Susanne Beyer (GDR) 2.00
1988  Gerd Wessig (GDR) 2.28  Kerstin Kraeft (GDR) 1.86
1989  Gerd Wessig (GDR) 2.24  Britta Vörös (GDR) 1.84
1990  Carlo Thränhardt (FRG) 2.30  Angela Barylla (GDR) 1.85
1991  Sorin Matei (ROU) 2.30  Heike Henkel (GER) 1.99
1992  Sorin Matei (ROU) 2.34  Heike Henkel (GER) 1.98
1993  Charles Austin (USA) 2.35  Heike Henkel (GER) 2.00
1994  Ralf Sonn (GER) 2.31  Alina Astafei (ROU) 1.97
1995  Sorin Matei (ROU) 2.31  Heike Henkel (GER) 1.95
1996  Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.36  Alina Astafei (ROU) 2.02
 Stefka Kostadinova (BUL)
1997  Wolfgang Kreissig (GER) 2.30  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 1.96
1998  Charles Austin (USA) 2.30  Amy Acuff (USA) 1.93
1999  Tomá? Jank? (CZE) 2.31  Monica Iag?r (ROU) 1.96
2000  Vyacheslav Voronin (RUS) 2.34  Vita Styopina (UKR) 1.94
2001  Andriy Sokolovsky (UKR) 2.35  Vita Palamar (UKR) 1.96
2002  Pyotr Brayko (RUS) 2.31  Marina Kuptsova (RUS) 2.00
2003  Stefan Holm (SWE) 2.36  Marina Kuptsova (RUS) 2.02
2004  Stefan Holm (SWE) 2.36  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.04
2005  Jaroslav Rybakov (RUS) 2.37  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.00
2006  Jaroslav Rybakov (RUS) 2.37  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) 2.08 WR
2007  Jaroslav Rybakov (RUS) 2.38  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 1.98
2008  Andrey Silnov (RUS) 2.37  Blanka Vla?i? (CRO) 2.03
2009  Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 2.36  Ariane Friedrich (GER) 2.02
2010  Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 2.35  Blanka Vla?i? (CRO) 2.06
2011  Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 2.34  Svetlana Shkolina (RUS) 1.95
2012  Aleksey Dmitrik (RUS) 2.30  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.06
2013  Aleksey Dmitrik (RUS) 2.36  Tia Hellebaut (BEL) 1.96
2014  Ivan Ukhov (RUS) 2.40  Kamila Li?winko (POL) 2.00

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