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Hardbass or hard bass (Russian: , tr. khardbass, IPA: [x?rd'bas]) is a subgenre of electronic music which originated from Russia during the late 90's, drawing inspiration from UK hard house, bouncy techno, scouse house, powerstomp and hardstyle. Hardbass is characterized by its fast tempo (usually 150-170 BPM), donks, distinctive basslines (commonly known as "hard bounce"), distorted sounds, heavy kicks and occasional rapping. Hardbass has become a central stereotype of the gopnik subculture. In several European countries there have sprung up so-called hardbass scenes,[1] which are events related to the genre that involve multiple people dancing in public while masked, sometimes with moshing involved. From 2015 onward, hardbass has also appeared as an internet meme, depicting Slavic and Russian culture with the premiere of the video "Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem".[2]

Most notable artists

Artist name Country
apartje.  Germany
Benislav  Sweden
DJ Blyatman  Slovakia
DJ Pump  Pernik
DJ Rentgen  Russia
DJ Snat  Russia
DJ Bar@bass  Russia
Gari Seleckt  Spain
Badwor7h  Ukraine
Dertexx  Russia
DJ Dybass  France
Paul HB  Spain
? ? ? ? ?  Russia
Gopnik McBlyat  Poland
Hard Bass School  Russia
Mr. ramix hardbas ArgentinaArgentina
uamee  Latvia
XD Project
(catholic hardbass)[3][4]
XS Project  Russia

Notable songs and albums

Artist Song
apartje. ?Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem?
Benislav ?Opa Bratan?
Davay ? Tri Poloski?
DJ Blyatman ?Gopnik?
DJ Blyatman ?Chernobyl?
DJ Blyatman ?Tsar Bomb?
DJ Blyatman (featuring Life of Boris) ?Slav King?
DJ Blyatman "Kompot"
Gopnik McBlyat ?Snakes in Tracksuits?
Gopnik McBlyat ?Cheeki Breeki Revolt?
Gopnik McBlyat ?Szpion Detector?
Gopnik McBlyat (featuring uamee) ?Monolith?
Gopnik McBlyat "Skytelaget 2017"
Hard Bass School ?Narkotik Kal?
Hard Bass School ?Opa Blia?
Hard Bass School ?Nash Gimn (Hard Bass Adidas)?
Hard Bass School "The Album"
Hard Bass School "Slav"
uamee "Protivogaz"
uamee ?Kopeika?
uamee ?High Quality Nahui?
uamee ?IL-76?
uamee (featuring Life Of Boris and Professional Gopnik) ?LADA?
XD Project ?Hardbass Wadowice?
XD Project ca?y
XS Project ?Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser?
XS Project ?NarkoBaron?
XS Project (featuring Life of Boris) ?Red Roubles?
XS Project "Meanwhile in Russia (Take me to Russia)

Collective labels

  • Hard Bass Crew
  • Jutonish
  • Progressive


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