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Hardbass or hard bass (Russian: , tr. hardbass, IPA: [x?rd'bas]) is a subgenre of electronic music which originated from Russia during the late 1990s, drawing inspiration from UK hard house, bouncy techno, Scouse house, and hardstyle. Hardbass is characterized by its fast tempo (usually 150-175 BPM), donks, distinctive basslines (commonly known as "hard bounce"), distorted sounds, heavy kicks and for the past few years occasional rapping. Hardbass has become a central stereotype of the gopnik subculture. In several European countries, so-called "hardbass scenes" have sprung up,[1] which are events related to the genre that involve multiple people dancing in public while masked, sometimes with moshing involved. From 2015 onward, hardbass has also appeared as an internet meme, depicting Slavic and Russian subcultures with the premiere of the video "Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem".[2] In January 2018, Polish nationalists from Pozna?'s All-Polish Youth together with the "Sturm Pozna?'s" group organized a counter-demonstration of "White Hardbass!" during the Feminist, and pro-abortion "Black Protest" in Poznan. Counter-demonstrators dressed in white overalls danced the piece "Nash Gimn" by the group "Hardbass School". The abortionists from the black protest used against peaceful counter-demonstrators of the police who led them out of the Black Protest[].

Most notable artists

Artist name Country
apartje. (deceased)  Germany
uamee  Latvia
Gopnik McBlyat  Poland
XS Project[3][4]  Poland
DJ Blyatman  Slovakia

Hard Bass Club YouTube channel website

.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. (RedlineLucario)  Russia
?n?  Russia
DJ Rentgen  Russia
DJ Snat  Russia
DJ Bar@bass  Russia
Dertexx  Russia
N-ICE Project  Russia
Sonic Mine  Russia
Hard Bass School  Russia
DJ Yurbanoid  Russia
Kolbaser Project  Russia
LoLo  Russia
XS Project  Russia
? (Zhestyanshiki/ZHTK/Hardboss)  Russia
Euskal Bass (TonnHB & Joan X)  France
Gotxo & Gatxi  France
DJ Splass  Spain
Gari Seleckt  Spain
DJ DBC  Spain
Paul HB  Spain
Scouser  United Kingdom
Wod-c  United Kingdom
SrpskiBass  Serbia

Notable songs and albums

Artist Song
apartje. ?Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem?
?n? " "
?n? "? !"
Davay ?Tri Poloski?
Davay "Critikal"
DJ Blyatman ?Gopnik?
DJ Blyatman ?Chernobyl?
DJ Blyatman ?Tsar Bomb?
DJ Blyatman (featuring Life of Boris) ?Slav King?
DJ DBC "Repeat"
DJ Mike "Black Jack"
DJ Mike "Speedway"
DJ Snat "Choose Your Power"
Euskal Bass "Hard Bass Crew Anthem (Original Mix)"
Gopnik McBlyat ?Snakes in Tracksuits?
Gopnik McBlyat ?Murka?
Gopnik McBlyat ?Szpion Detector?
Gopnik McBlyat ?Cheeki Breeki Revolt?
Gopnik McBlyat (featuring uamee) ?Monolith?
Hard Bass Club "Ushanka"
Hard Bass School ?Narkotik Kal?
Hard Bass School "Sex, Kvass, Hardbass"
Hard Bass School ?Opa Blia?
Hard Bass School ?Nash Gimn (Hard Bass Adidas)?
Hard Bass School "The Album"
Hard Bass School ?Slav?
Kolbaser Project "Energy"
N-ICE Project "Freakin"
Obsidian Project "Pulser"
.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. ?Anomaly - Twitch Highlights 6 (.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. Remix)"
.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. ?The Juiciest Tuffin vs Savant - Mother Russia Hardbass (.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. Mashup)"
.?lll?.? ? ? ? ? ? ?.?lll?. "D's miasteczko"
Sonic Mine "Hardbass Attack"
Sonic Mine "Scream for DJ"
Sonic Mine "? - ? (Sonic Mine ? Remix)"
Sonic Mine "Puta Bass"
Sonic Mine "Hot Times"
uamee (featuring HBKN) "Gopnitsa"
uamee ?High Quality Nahui?
uamee ?IL-76?
uamee ?Protivogaz?
uamee ?Kopeika?
uamee (featuring Life of Boris and Professional Gopnik) ?LADA?
Wod-c "Bass Of A Zombie II"
XD Project ?Hardbass Wadowice?
XD Project ca?y
XS Project ?Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser?
XS Project ""
XS Project "Vodovorot"
XS Project ?NarkoBarony?
XS Project (featuring Life of Boris) ?Red Roubles?
XS Project "Meanwhile in Russia (Take me to Russia)"
ZHTK "Arabian Dance"
? " ? "
DJ Lil' Kurt "F*ck you"

Collective labels

  • Hard Bass Crew - This label was created in march 2011 by Dr Poky to connect his hardbass friends from all over Europe. In few months Hard Bass Crew was represented in many countries by local dance team, DJ's & hardbass producers from each country, but all over the world.
  • Jutonish - This label was formed in 2002 by Juran & Harley (Juran & Harley Productions). The style of the releases are pumping house, hardbass, hard house and speed garage.
  • FTH8TER5 Records - A Polish label, founded by Clubbasse to release the music by Members of Pumpingland.
  • Progressive - Probably the most successful pumping house/hardbass label, created by XS Project (Levon and Andrey) in St. Petersburg.
  • Corecube Records - A scouse house/bouncy hard house/hardbass label, founded by Denis Evchenko (Dj Satana) in 2009 in Gatchina, Russia.
  • O-Mode Records - A bumping/hardbass/poky label, based in Bilbao, Spain and owned by Gari Seleckt.
  • Bumping For Life Records - A Spanish bumping/hardbass/poky label.
  • Dark'Hade Records - A hardbass and metal shade label, founded by Silicium Criminy in France.
  • UNDERTUNE Records - A Russian label, founded in 2017 in St. Petersburg by Stomp Foot ( ?). The main focus of the music label is of different underground styles of electronic music relevant to a particular period of time.


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