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A dry gulch in the desert near Tamchy, Kyrgyzstan. The creek that may have run along the bottom of the gulch in the past has been diverted to a parallel aryk.

In xeric lands, a gulch is a deep V-shaped valley formed by erosion. It may contain a small stream or dry creek bed and is usually larger in size than a gully. Sudden intense rainfall upstream may produce flash floods in the bed of the gulch.

In eastern Canada, gulch refers to:[1]

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  • Arroyo (creek) – A dry creek or stream bed with flow after rain
  • Canyon – Deep ravine between cliffs, includes gorge.
  • Dale (landform) – Open valley
  • Coulee – Type of valley or drainage zone
  • Gully – Landform created by running water eroding sharply into soil
  • Ravine – Small valley, which is often the product of streamcutting erosion
  • Valley – Low area between hills, often with a river running through it
  • Wadi – River valley, especially a dry riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain
  • Draw (terrain)


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