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Gudugudu is a traditional drum used by the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria. The gudugudu, being a member of the dundun family of drums, is said to mimic speech. Some commentators think that the gudugudu drum is so melodic and danceable that it can sustain a melody without accompaniment. It can be seen and experienced in modern sekere, fuji, apala and possibly juju cultural performances.


The gudugudu drum is shaped like a bowl. It is round, small, and has a single animal skin drum head. The gudugudu is played with two thin and semi-flexible dried rolled sticks or "lashes" made of cow skin (in its dried form commonly called "rawhide").

Audio Clips and Images (External Links)

  • [1] Gudugudu drum in a musical excerpt from the album "West Africa: Drum Chant & Instrumental Music".
  • [2] Picture of a gudugudu drum.

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