Good Vibrations (record Label)
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Good Vibrations Record Label

Good Vibrations is a Belfast record label and store. Founded by Terri Hooley in the early 1970s, Good Vibrations started out in a small derelict building on Great Victoria Street, Belfast. Its last place of residence was above Cafe Wah, on North Street Belfast.

Hooley's main objective in starting the company was to introduce punk bands from Northern Ireland to the rest of the United Kingdom, as he did not believe Northern groups were given enough attention.

The label's first recording was for a local band called Rudi, a single called "Big Time". Hooley went on to sign and release groups such as Victim, The Moondogs, The Shapes, Protex, The Outcasts, The Tearjerkers among others such as Shock Treatment and The Lids, whom he signed and recorded but did not release due to the limitations of his (mostly self-financing).

Of all the Good Vibrations acts, the most famous of all were The Undertones, later picked up by Sire Records. Ironically, Hooley was unsure, at first, whether or not he should sign them. "I wasn't sure about them because nobody liked them. People crossed the road just to spit at Feargal Sharkey."[1]

After Good Vibrations issued The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks", he "hustled it around every record company in London and they all hated it. I came back to Belfast and cried my eyes out. That night John Peel played it on the radio and said, 'wasn't that the most wonderful record you've heard in your life?' and played it again."

The company also put on concerts around Northern Ireland, hiring hotel function rooms, church halls, youth clubs, and any other available venues. Good Vibrations hosted the first ever International Festival of Punk and New Wave at the Ulster Hall in Belfast over two nights in 1980 featuring almost the entire roster of the label's bands and other punk acts such as The Saints.

Many listeners were brought to Belfast by the Good Vibrations DIY independence and Hooley's persistent determination and desire to see local music recognised nationally. Despite growing popularity, though, Good Vibrations filed bankruptcy in 1982. Bands that had gone to London, such as Protex and Rudi, went back to Hooley - and Belfast. Releases of 7" and 12" singles and EPs continued sporadically as Hooley's finances allowed. Although the original Good Vibrations shop on Great Victoria Street in Belfast had closed, Hooley's friends later got him a shop called Vintage Records, Co. just around the corner. As Good Vibrations he reopened in 1984, closed in 1991, reopened in 1992, closed in 2004 and reopened in 2005. Due to ill health, Hooley closed the doors for the final time on 13 June 2015.



  • BIG1 The Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You LP
  • BIG2 V/A - Ulster on a Thin Wire LP (Unreleased)
  • BIG3 The Nerves - Notre Demo LP
  • BIG4 Protex - Listening In LP (Release originally cancelled, finally issued in 2001)
  • BIG5 Terminus 5 ( Belfast band) LP "The Killer breed"


  • GOT1 Rudi - "Big Time" / "No. One" 7" (Pink or white wraparound sleeve, 3000 pressed)
  • GOT2 Victim - "Strange Thing By Night" / "Mixed Up World" 7" (Pink wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT3 The Outcasts - "Justa Nother Teenage Rebel" / "Love Is For Sops" 7" (White wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT4 The Undertones - "Teenage Kicks" 7" (4 track EP, most in white wraparound sleeve, also very rare yellow, green, pink & blue sleeves. Reissued several times, firstly on Sire)
  • GOT5 Xdreamysts - "Right Way Home" / "Dance Away Lover" 7" (White wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT6 Protex - "Don't Ring Me Up" / "(Just Want) Your Attention" / "Listening" in 7" (Wraparound sleeve, reissued as RT/GOT1)
  • GOT7 V/A - Battle of the Bands 7" (2 x 7" in orange gatefold sleeve. Rudi, The Outcasts, The Idiots, Spider)
  • GOT8 Ruefrex - "One By One" / "Cross The Line" / "Don't Panic" 7" (White wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT9 The Tearjerkers - "Love Affair" / "Bus Stop" 7" (White wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT10 The Moondogs - "She's Nineteen" / "Ya Don't Do Ya" 7" (White wraparound sleeve)
  • GOT11 Tee Vees - "Doctor Headlove" / "War Machine" 7"
  • GOT12 Rudi - I Spy 7" (4 track EP)
  • GOT13 The Shapes - "Blast Off" / "Airline Disasters" 7"
  • GOT14 PBR - Streetgang "The Big Day" 7" (1-sided flexi-disc)
  • GOT15 Andy White - "Six String Street" / "Travelling Circus" 7" (Also 12")
  • GOT16 Cruella De Ville - "Drunken Uncle John" / "Those Two Dreadful Children" 7"
  • GOT17 The Outcasts - "Self Conscious Over You" / "Love You For Never" 7"
  • GOT18 The Bank Robbers - "On My Mind" / "All Night" 7"
  • GOT20 Rain Saints - "Caroline" 7"
  • GOT21 Four Idle Hands - "99 Streets" / "Friday Man" 7"
  • GOT22 PBR - Streetgang "Get Down (Before You Fall)" / "Come Alive For Me" 7"
  • GOT23 Tiberius' Minnows - "Time Flies" / "Cuckoo" 7"
  • GOT24 Four Idle Hands - Four Idle Hands EP 12" (4 track EP)
  • GOT25 Glam Slam - "The Leader" EP 7"
  • GOT26 Preacher John - "The Mountain" 12"
  • GOT28 Tiberius' Minnows - "Oh June" / "The Way I Feel" 7"
  • GOT29 The Beekeepers - Howl EP 12" (4 track EP)
  • GOT30 PBR - Streetgang "This City" / "Talking To You" 7"
  • GOT31 The Mighty Fall - "Kick It in the Head" 7"
  • GOT32 Ten Wheels For Jesus - "Everybody's Making Money (Out of Me)" / "I Gave Up Waiting" 7"
  • GOT33 Heat The Beans - "Hallucinate" 7"
  • GOT34 Tiberius' Minnows - The Love EP CDS
  • GOT36 Payola - Stick 2 Fingers Up EP CDS
  • GOT37 Twinkle - Aphyd EP CDS
  • GVI GOT1 The Bears - "Insane" / "Decisions" 7" (Wraparound sleeve)
  • GVI GOT2 The Jets - "Original Terminal" / "Block 4" / "The Iceburn" 7"
  • GVI GOT3 Static Routines - "Rock 'n' Roll Clones" / "Sheet Music" 7"
  • GVI GOT5 Strange Movements - "Dancing in the Ghetto" / "Amuse Yourself" 7"
  • GVI GOT6 Zebra - "Repression" / "931" 12"

Film adaptation

A film adaptation based on Terri Hooley's life called Good Vibrations was released in 2013. It is directed by Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn. Jodie Whittaker and Dylan Moran are among the cast.[2][3]

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