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Coin of Ariarathes I. Obv: B'L GZYR ("Baal [of] Gaziura" in Aramaic), Baal seated. Gaziura mint. 333-322 BC

Gaziura (Greek: ), was a town in Pontus, on the river Iris, near the point where its course turns northwards. Some scholars equate Gaziura with Talaura,[1] others with Ibora,[2] and others with modern Turhal.[3]

It was the ancient residence of the kings of Pontus, but in Strabo's time it was deserted. (Strab. xii.) Dion Cassius (xxxv. 12) notices it as a place where Mithridates VI of Pontus took up his position against the Roman Triarius. (Comp. Pliny vi. 2.)


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