Fouad El-Mohandes
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Fouad El-Mohandes
Fouad el-Mohandes
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Fouad Zaki el-Mohandes

(1924-09-06)September 6, 1924
DiedSeptember 16, 2006(2006-09-16) (aged 82)
Years active1954–1994

Fouad el-Mohandes (or Fuad el-Mohandess; Arabic: ? ?‎; September 6, 1924 - September 16, 2006) was an Egyptian stage and screen actor and star from the 1950s on to the early 2000s, specializing mostly in comedy roles in dozens of theater, cinema, and TV hits spanning five decades.


Born in Cairo, he was the son of linguist Zaki el-Mohandes, the Dean of the Faculty of Dar Al Oloom and a member of the Arabic language Academy of Egypt. Fouad el-Mohandess was an amateur actor when he was young. Inspired by the plays of comedian Naguib Al Rehani during his study at the Faculty of Commerce, el-Mohandess decided to pursue a career in drama. He joined a group named Sa'a li Qalbak (An hour to your heart) during its early run. In 1954, he

  • His important leading roles:
  • "Aelet Zizi" (Zizi's family)
  • "Akhtar ragol fi el aalam" ( The most dangerous man in the world)
  • Mr.X.
  • "El Ard El Tayyeba" (The Good Earth).
  • "Khali balak min giranak " Watch out for your neighbours.

(And much more)

  • At the time, he also presented in radio broadcasting in the 1960s:
  • Aaelet marzouk (Marzouk's family)
  • Sa'aa le albek(An hour for your heart)
  • Kilmitein Wi-Bas (Two Words Only), which was broadcast daily for more than 15 years.
  • His comedy role in Aa'ilat Zizi (Zizi's Family), directed by Futin Abd Al Wahhab, was one of the most significant roles in his career. In addition, he and his then-wife, Shwikar, were a well-known acting couple, co-starring in many film and stage comedies such as:
  • Mutarada Gharamiya (An Amorous Pursuit).
  • Ard El Nifaq (Land of Hypocrisy).
  • Akhtar Ragul Fil Aalam (The Most Dangerous Man In The World).
  • His most important leading role Theaters :
  • Ana wa howa wa heia (I, she, & he)
  • Sayedity el gamila ( my beautiful women)
  • El secerteair el fani(The technical secretary)
  • Ana fin wenty fein (Where am I, and where are you)
  • He also appeared in leading roles with Adel Emam (still a young actor and a beginner), such as the play Ana w Huwwa w Hiyya (Me, Him, and Her) in 1964, and with Sa'id Saleh in a film in 1970. However, he returned to roles with Adel Emam in films like Khalli Balak Min Giranak (Watch Out for Your Neighbours) in the 1990s.
  • The 1960s were el-Muhandes' golden age. He made some successful plays, such as:
  • El-Sekerteir El-Fanni (The Technical Secretary),
  • Sayydati El-Gameela (the Arabic adaptation of My Fair Lady), and
  • Hawwa' El-Sa'aa 12 (Eve of Midnight).
  • Later in his career, his interest shifted back to theater, working in plays such as:
  • Innaha Haqqan Aa'ila Muhtarama, (It is Truly a Respected Family).
  • Hala habibty (Hala my love)
  • Rawhia etkatafet (Rawhia is kidnaped)
  • Some of his supporting roles were in:
  • Bein El Atlaal (Among the Ruins) With Faten Hamama .
  • Amirat El Arab (Princess of the Arabs).
  • El Sahera El Sagheera (The Little Witch) With Soad Hosni, Roshdy Abaza & Madiha Youssery .
  • Nahr El Hob (River of Love) with Omar El Shereif & Faten Hamama.
  • Almaz Wi Abdo El-Hamuli (Almaz and Abdu El-Hamuli) with Warda El Gazaeria & Hussain Sedky.
  • El Shumoo' El Sawda (Black Candles)With Saleh Selim & Nagat El Saghira.
  • El beyh el bauab (The Master... Janitor) with Ahmed Zaki & Ragaa El.Gedawi & Safia El.Emary.

Fouad el-Mohandes died on 16 September 2006, ten days after his 82nd birthday. He was survived by a brother and two sisters, one of whom is the late Safiya el-Mohandes, who was the head of Television and Radio station for more than ten years successively, and a noted Egyptian broadcaster who was married to Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban (known as Baba Sharo), who was also the head of the Television and Radio stations for more than 18 years successivly and successfully.

Fouad el-Mohandes is a father of two: Ahmed, a civil Engineer who has a daughter named Habiba was in the DSB school in Egypt, and now lives in Canada, and Mohamed, businessman who has a son his name is Omar and is studying in AUC.

Fouad eL-Mohandes is well known for his roles in movies in which he tried to put a comic and distinctly Arab spin on famous American movies, idols, and characters. He played his most famous role as Mr X in two movies about "the most dangerous man in the world" (The Most Dangerous Man in the World and The Return of the Most Dangerous Man in the World). He also depicted characters based on real-life figures, such as John Dillinger (referred to as Sayed Dillinger), Billy the Kid, and Mussolini.


  • Bayn Al-Atlal (Among the Ruins) (1959)
  • Nahr Al-Hobb (River of Love)
  • Ila Rabbat Al-Buyout (To Homemakers)
  • Kilmitayn Wa Bas (Just Few Words)
  • Al-Sikirtir Al-Fanni (The Technical Secretary)
  • Sayedaty Al Jamila (My Fair Lady) (Arabic adaptation)
  • Ana Wa Huwa Wa Hiya (I, He and She) (1964)
  • Ayoub (Ayoub) (1983)
  • Aalam modhek geddan (A Very Funny World) (1968)
  • Ard el-nefak (Land of Hypocrisy) (1968)
  • Merati magnouna... magnouna... (My Wife is Mad, Mad)(1968)
  • Al millionaire al mouzayyaf (The Fake Millionaire) (1968)
  • Moutarada gharamia (An Amorous Pursuit) (1968)
  • Shanabo fil massiada (Shanabo in Trap) (1968)
  • Agazet gharam (Love Vacation) (1967)
  • Akhtar ragol fil alam (The Most Dangerous Man in the World) (1967)
  • Mabodet el gamahir (The Audiences Beloved) (1967)
  • Al ragol da hai ganini (This Man is Driving Me Mad) (1967)
  • Guanab el safir (His Excellency The Ambassador) (1966)
  • Iterafat zoj (A Husband's Confessions) (1965)
  • Al ariss yassel ghadan (The Groom Arrives Tomorrow) (1964)
  • Hub wa marah wa chabab (Love, Joy and Youth) (1964)
  • Sahib el galala (His Majesty)(1964)
  • Mawed fil borj (An Appointment at the Tower) (1963)
  • El Motamarreda (The Rebel) (1963)
  • Al shoumou el sawdaa (Black Candles) (1962)
  • El Telmiza (The Student) (1962)
  • Hub fi hub (Love and More Love) (1960)
  • Nahr al-Hob (River of Love) (1960)
  • Fara firo
  • Sok Ala Banatak (Lock Your Girls In)(1980)script by Lenin El Ramli
  • Viva Zalata (1976)


  • Ammo Fuad Series That went on for more than 10 years in the 1990s (Ramadan TV Competition for children)
  • Oyun (Eyes) with Sanaa Gamil

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