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The El-Bizri (--) is the Arabic name of a well-known Levantine family descendants hidden and awaited Imam al-Mahdi ¨ ? ?¨. Its members settled historically in Sidon in Lebanon with a large branch that also grew in Damascus in Syria, and a much smaller presence also in Acre ('Akka) mainly in pre-1948 Palestine.


Traditionalist Arab/Levantine genealogists (nuqaba' Sayda wa Dimashq) who established the family-tree noted that the El-Bizri descent comes from the lineage of the Imam Husayn ibn Ali as 'Sheriffs' (Ashraf).

Following Arab clan lineages, which are recorded as well as transmitted orally, the El-Bizri line is traced back to the grandfather of the family al-Siyyid 'Abd'Allah al-Bizri al-Sidawi, who is linked to the descendants of al-Siyyid Ja'far al-Tawwab al-Rabhi, known as ¨Abi al-Banin¨ ? , who is the son of al-Imam al-Hadi and the uncle of the hidden and awaited Imam al-Mahdi ( ? ?). (His grandfather is al-Imam Muhammad al-Jawwad, ibn al-Imam 'Ali al-Rida, ibn al-Imam Musa al-Kazim, ibn al-Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, ibn al-Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, ibn al-Imam 'Ali Zayn al-'Abidin, ibn al-Imam Husayn).

The El-Bizri family is a bearer of the historical titles 'Husayni' and 'Ridwi' (in a respective attribution of their lineage to Imam al-Husayn and Imam al-Rida). Although being Ashraf who descend from the Husayni and Ridwi line, they are not Shi'a and for a long time they have been associated with the Sunni Hanafi tradition in Islam, perhaps under influences from the Ottoman era in the Levant. The ancient lineage of the family is safeguarded in the records of its elders, and the clerics who search for genealogies (ansab al-ashraf) confirmed the old family-tree manuscript that is traced on papyrus [1]. Many of the young members of the El-Bizri family are not aware of their Arabian lineage, let alone that tradition links their clan history with the descendants from the tree of the Imam al-Husayn bin 'Ali, or that they have migrated historically from the eastern regions of the Fertile Crescent to Damascus and the Lebanese coast.

Modern Times

In modern times, the El-Bizri family (Bizri or Al-Bizri) contributed to the social, economic and political life in Sidon and Damascus in the wider Levantine context. Their role from the late Ottoman period, at the end of the nineteenth century, then throughout the forming of the greater Lebanon and its history till the end of the twentieth century (especially in Sidon) was notable. This was mainly felt on the political scene. They were mainly civil servants, notaries, merchants, army officers, and muftis in the late Ottoman era, and had a bond in marriage with a branch of the famed Abaza clan that came from Egypt to settle in Sidon at the end of the nineteenth century.

Political Challenges

In the twentieth century the El-Bizri family continued its tradition in serving the state institutions, and had at least four of its prominent members (Salah, Dr. Nazih, Fouad and Amin) holding numerous offices as ministers in multiple governments in post-independence Lebanon, and also elected for several terms to Parliament. The political power-base of the El-Bizri family was challenged in partial terms after 1958 by the 'Nasserist Unionists Movement' represented by Saad family and its grass-roots populist appeal; and since the 1990s their political presence was compromised more significantly by the emergent power of the Hariri family, which leads the large political body, the Future movement.

El Bizri Notable Members

The names of many notable members of the El-Bizri family in the twentieth century are listed on the Sidon popflock.com resource webpage with additional Wiki-links and external references.

Afif al-Bizri a major field general in the Syrian army who was a key figure in shaping the Arab united republic in the Gamal Abdel Nasser era between Syria and Egypt. [2], [3], [4], [5][permanent dead link]

Nader El-Bizri the philosopher and architect.

Gamil El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 1908 till 1910

Mosbah El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 1910 till 1914. Also from 1920 till 1922.

Saad El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 1923 till 1933.

Salah-eddin El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 1937 till 1951. And Lebanese Parliament Deputy from 1951 till 1953.

Dr. Nazih El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 1952 till 1959. And Lebanese Parliament Deputy from 1953 till 1958 and from 1972 till 1992. Lebanese Minister of Health and Minister of Social Affairs from 1955 till 1956. And from 1972 till 1973. And from 1980 till 1982.

Fouad El Bizri Lebanese minister of Public works and Trasportation and Ministry of Energy and Water from 1966 till 1968.

Amin El Bizri Lebanese minister of Public works and Trasportation from 1976 till 1979.

Dr. Abdel Rahman El Bizri mayor of Sidon from 2004 till 2010.


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