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Cyrillic letter Djerv
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Djerv (Majuscule, Minuscule ) is one of the Cyrillic alphabet letters that was used in Old Cyrillic. It was used in many early Serbo-Croatian monuments to represent the sounds /d?/ and /t?/ (modern ?/? and ?/?).[1] It exists in the Cyrillic Extended-B table as U+A648 and U+A649. It is the basis of the modern letters ? and ?; the former was in fact a direct revival of djerv and was considered the same letter.[1]

Djerv was also commonly used in Bosnian Cyrillic, where it was an officially used letter. When it was combined with the letters ? and ? it was represented for the sounds /?/ and /?/.

Spelling Reforms and forming of the letters ? and ?

The letter ? was formed in 1818 by Vuk Stefanovi? Karad?i? after several proposals of reforming Djerv by Lukijan Mu?icki and Gligorije Ger?i?.[2][3][1] However the letter ? (also based on djerv) was first used by Dositej Obradovi? in a direct reform of djerv.[4][5]

Computing codes

Character information
Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 42568 U+A648 42569 U+A649
UTF-8 234 153 136 EA 99 88 234 153 137 EA 99 89
Numeric character reference Ꙉ Ꙉ ꙉ ꙉ


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