Diminished Sixth
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Diminished Sixth
Diminished sixth
Inverseaugmented third
Other names-
Interval class5
Just interval192:125,[2] 32:21,49:32
Equal temperament700
24 equal temperament700
Just intonation743
Diminished sixth (just) About this soundPlay . In 12-TET, the interval is identical to a perfect fifth About this soundPlay .

In classical music from Western culture, a diminished sixth (About this soundPlay ) is an interval produced by narrowing a minor sixth by a chromatic semitone.[1][3] For example, the interval from A to F is a minor sixth, eight semitones wide, and both the intervals from A to F, and from A to F are diminished sixths, spanning seven semitones. Being diminished, it is considered a dissonant interval,[4] despite being equivalent to an interval known for its consonance.

Its inversion is the augmented third, and its enharmonic equivalent is the perfect fifth.

Wolf fifth

A severely dissonant diminished sixth is observed when the instrument is tuned using a Pythagorean or a meantone temperament tuning system. Typically, this is the interval between G and E. Since it seems to howl like a wolf (because of the beating), and since it is meant to be the enharmonic equivalent to a fifth, this interval is called the wolf fifth. Notice that a justly tuned fifth is the most consonant interval after the perfect unison and the perfect octave.


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