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Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event2019-20 DEL2 season
Deutsche Eishockey Liga2.svg
Formerly2nd Bundesliga
SportIce hockey
Founded2013 (7 years ago) (2013)
Inaugural season2013-14
CEORené Rudorisch
Motto"Carried by passion, at home in ice hockey" [1]
No. of teams14
Country Germany
HeadquartersNeuss, Germany
Most recent
Ravensburg Towerstars
(1st title)
Most titlesBietigheim Steelers
(2 titles)
TV partner(s)Sprade TV
Promotion toDEL (2020-21 onward)
Relegation toOberliga

DEL2 (also known as DEL II) is the second tier ice hockey league in Germany, below the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) and ahead of the Oberliga. Founded in 2013 to replace the defunct 2nd Bundesliga, DEL2 is administered by ESBG, under licence from DEB.


The DEL2 league was founded on 2 May 2013 by Eishockeyliga Betriebsgesellschaft mbH. The foundation of the league was controversial as it was preceded by a long standing dispute between the operator of the second division, Eishockeyspielbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (ESBG), and the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB).[2]

In 2011, ESBG refused to sign a cooperation agreement between DEB and DEL citing unacceptable conditions. As a result, DEB withdrew their support of ESBG and promotion and relegation between the DEL and 2nd division was removed.[3] On 18 April 2013, the Eishockeyliga Betriebsgesellschaft mbH was established by Ernst Rupp, CEO of Heilbronn Falcons.[2] The new company was founded with the goal of reforming a new second division league. The new company quickly aligned with DEL and officially founded the new league on 2 May 2013. The DEB responded by labelling the new league an unsanctioned breakaway competition. ESBG subsequently filed an injunction against DEB in the Munich Regional Court. On 17 July 2013, the DEB, second division clubs and ESBG came to an out of court settlement on the matter. The settlement agreement between ESBG and DEB stipulated the status-quo of ESBG running the second division operations until 2018. Post 2018, the league would then be separated and self-run.[4]

In 2014, the league expanded to include fourteen teams, the same number as the DEL. DEL2 had started with just twelve teams in the 2013/14 season.[5]

In April 2015, DEB altered its statutes so clubs associated with DEL and DEL2 could become members of the DEB again.[6] This decision by DEB led to a new agreement being reached between DEL and DEL2 in September 2015 to re-enable promotion and relegation between the two leagues. This system implemented was based on sporting achievement but came with specified condition caveats on the DEL2 team wishing to obtain promotion.[7]

At the conclusion of the 2015/16 season, DEL2 was recognised as the best-supported second-tier hockey league in Europe. DEL2 had average spectator attendances of 2,688 per match.[8]

1 July 2016, DEL2 club, Fischtown Pinguins, became the first club from DEL2 to be 'unofficially' promoted to DEL. The Pinguins were not promoted through the DEL/DEL2 promotion system but instead applied for a vacated licence in DEL, following the withdrawal of the Hamburg Freezers who ceased operations on 24 May 2016.[9]

In 2017. DEL2 and Oberliga (German third division) reached agreement for the introduction of promotion and relegation between the two divisions. The first ever DEL2 relegation occurred at the end of the season with Starbulls Rosenheim relegated to Oberliga.[5]

As of 2018, no DEL2 team had been able to meet the conditions for promotion to DEL. This led to new negotiations between the two leagues and in July 2018 a new agreement was reached to introduce automatic promotion and relegation between the two divisions, starting in the 2020/21 season, ten years after it was taken away.[10]

Current teams

The league had 12 teams participating in the 2013-14 season, before expanding to 14 teams from the 2014-15 season.[11]

Former teams

Former DEL2 Teams
Team Location Arena Capacity Founded Joined league Left league
City State
Deggendorfer SC Deggendorf Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Eissporthalle an der Trat 2,790 1996 2018 2019
Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven Flag of Bremen.svg Bremen Eisarena Bremerhaven 4,674 1974 2013 2016
SC Riessersee Garmisch-Partenkirchen Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum 6,929 1923 2013 2018
Starbulls Rosenheim Rosenheim Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg Bavaria Emilo Stadion 4,750 1928 2013 2017


The champions, runners-up and regular season premiers of the league standings:[13]

DEL2 season-by-season results
Season Regular season Playoffs Top scorer Promoted team Relegated team
Premiers Pts Champions Result Runners-up G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 Player Pts
2013-14 Fischtown Pinguins 104 Fischtown Pinguins 4:1 Bietigheim Steelers 4:3 2:3 4:3 4:2 3:2 - - Canada Harrison Reed 90 - -
2014-15 Bietigheim Steelers 114 Bietigheim Steelers 4:2 Fischtown Pinguins 4:3 3:4 4:3 4:3 1:6 4:3 - United States Mike Collins 81 - -
2015-16 Bietigheim Steelers 111 EC Kassel Huskies 4:0 Bietigheim Steelers 1:0 3:2 3:2 5:2 - - - Canada Justin Kelly 85 Fischtown Pinguins -
2016-17 Bietigheim Steelers 109 Löwen Frankfurt 4:2 Bietigheim Steelers 7:5 4:0 4:2 2:3 1:2 5:2 - Canada Matt McKnight 72 - Starbulls Rosenheim
2017-18 SC Riessersee 103 Bietigheim Steelers 4:1 SC Riessersee 3:1 3:5 2:1 6:3 2:0 - - Germany Richard Mueller 80 - SC Riessersee
2018-19 Löwen Frankfurt 97 Ravensburg Towerstars 4:2 Löwen Frankfurt 5:3 1:3 6:5 7:4 1:3 5:1 - Finland Roope Ranta 79 - Deggendorfer SC
2019-20 Löwen Frankfurt 95 Play-offs cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic Canada Dylan Wruck 88 - -

League player records

The following are the top five all-time leaders in five different statistical categories: matches played; goals; assists; points; penalty minutes[14]

All-time Apperiences
# Name Pos MP
1 Germany Henry Martens D 307
2 Germany Marco Müller D 304
3 Germany Benjamin Hüfner D 303
4 Germany René Schoofs F 302
5 Germany Adriano Carciola F 296
All-time Goals
# Name Pos Gol
1 Germany Richard Mueller F 166
2 Canada Matt McKnight F 133
3 Canada Tyler McNeely F 123
4 Canada Marc Sommerfeld F 110
5 Germany Adriano Carciola F 105
All-time Assists
# Name Pos A
1 Canada Matt McKnight F 257
2 Canada Marc Sommerfeld F 216
3 Canada Tyler McNeely F 215
4 United States Shawn Weller F 194
5 Slovenia Robin Just F 171
All-time Points
# Name Pos Pts
1 Canada Matt McKnight F 390
2 Canada Tyler McNeely F 338
3 Canada Marc Sommerfeld F 326
4 Germany Richard Mueller F 295
5 United States Shawn Weller F 292
All-time PIM
# Name Pos PIM
1 Germany Josef Frank D 483
2 Canada Carter Proft F 447
3 Canada Andrew McPherson F 412
4 Germany Marco Müller D 403
5 Germany Henry Martens D 401

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