Color Rhapsodies
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Color Rhapsodies
The title card for these shorts.

Color Rhapsody was a series of usually one-shot animated cartoon shorts produced by Charles Mintz for Columbia Pictures. They were launched in 1934, following the phenomenal success of Walt Disney's Technicolor Silly Symphonies. Because of Disney's exclusive rights to the full three strip Technicolor process, Color Rhapsody were produced in the older two-tone Technicolor process until 1935, when Disney's exclusive contract expired.

The Color Rhapsody series is most notable for introducing the characters of The Fox and the Crow in the 1941 short The Fox and the Grapes. The 1937 Color Rhapsody short The Little Match Girl was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons).



Title Release date Director Character(s) Notes
Holiday Land November 11, 1934 Arthur Davis Scrappy Academy Award nominee
Babes at Sea December 16, 1934 Arthur Davis
The Shoemaker and the Elves January 20, 1935 Arthur Davis
Make Believe Revue March 24, 1935 (unknown)
A Cat, a Mouse and a Bell May 12, 1935 (unknown)
Little Rover June 23, 1935 (unknown)
Neighbors August 18, 1935 Arthur Davis and Sid Marcus
Monkey Love September 15, 1935 Arthur Davis
The Bon Bon Parade October 13, 1935 (unknown)
Doctor Bluebird January 19, 1936 (unknown) Scrappy
Football Bugs February 16, 1936 (unknown)
Glee Worms April 5, 1936 (unknown)
The Untrained Seal May 28, 1936 (unknown)
Two Lazy Crows June 14, 1936 (unknown)
In My Gondola July 13, 1936 (unknown) Scrappy
Merry Mutineers August 13, 1936 (unknown) Scrappy
Birds in Love September 12, 1936 (unknown)
A Boy and His Dog October 11, 1936 Ub Iwerks Sparky
The Novelty Shop November 15, 1936 (unknown)
Gifts from the Air December 13, 1936 (unknown)
Skeleton Frolics January 24, 1937 Ub Iwerks Very similar to The Skeleton Dance, also drawn by Iwerks.
Merry Mannequins February 13, 1937 Ub Iwerks
Let's Go March 16, 1937 Arthur Davis
Mother Hen's Holiday April 7, 1937 (unknown)
The Foxy Pup May 16, 1937 Ub Iwerks
The Stork Takes a Holiday June 11, 1937 (unknown)
Indian Serenade July 16, 1937 Ben Harrison
Spring Festival August 6, 1937 (unknown)
Scary Crows September 20, 1937 (unknown) Scrappy
Hollywood Picnic October 17, 1937 Sid Marcus
The Air Hostess November 14, 1937 Arthur Davis (uncredited)
The Little Match Girl December 5, 1937 Arthur Davis and Sid Marcus (uncredited) Academy Award nominee
Swing, Monkey, Swing December 26, 1937 (unknown)
Horse on Merry-Go-Round January 16, 1938 Ub Iwerks
The Bluebird's Baby February 14, 1938 Ben Harrison Sparky
The Foolish Bunny March 13, 1938 Arthur Davis
Snow Time April 13, 1938 Ub Iwerks
The Big Birdcast May 15, 1938 Ub Iwerks
Window Shopping June 12, 1938 Sid Marcus
Poor Little Butterfly July 4, 1938 Ben Harrison
Poor Elmer July 22, 1938 Sid Marcus
The Frog Pond August 12, 1938 Ub Iwerks
Hollywood Graduation August 26, 1938 Arthur Davis
Animal Cracker Circus September 23, 1938 Ben Harrison Sparky
Midnight Frolics November 12, 1938 Ub Iwerks
Little Moth's Big Flame December 5, 1938 Sid Marcus
The Kangaroo Kid December 25, 1938 Ben Harrison
Peaceful Neighbors January 29, 1939 Sid Marcus
The Gorilla Hunt February 24, 1939 Ub Iwerks
Happy Tots March 31, 1939 Ben Harrison
The House That Jack Built April 14, 1939 Sid Marcus
Lucky Pigs May 26, 1939 Ben Harrison
Nell's Yells June 30, 1939 Ub Iwerks
Hollywood Sweepstakes July 28, 1939 Ben Harrison
Jitterbug Knights August 11, 1939 Sid Marcus
Crop Chasers August 22, 1939 Ub Iwerks
Dreams on Ice October 20, 1939 Sid Marcus
Mountain Ears November 3, 1939 Manny Gould
Mother Goose in Swingtime December 18, 1939 Manny Gould


Title Release date Director Character(s) Notes
A Boy, a Gun and Birds January 12, 1940 Ben Harrison
The Happy Tots' Expedition February 9, 1940 Ben Harrison
Blackboard Revue March 15, 1940 Ub Iwerks
The Greyhound and the Rabbit April 19, 1940 Sid Marcus
The Egg Hunt May 31, 1940 Ub Iwerks
Ye Olde Swap Shoppe June 28, 1940 Ub Iwerks
The Timid Pup August 1, 1940 Ben Harrison
Tangled Television August 30, 1940 Sid Marcus
Mr. Elephant Goes to Town October 4, 1940 Arthur Davis
The Mad Hatter November 3, 1940 Sid Marcus Maisey
Wise Owl December 8, 1940 Ub Iwerks
A Helping Paw January 7, 1941 Sid Marcus
The Way of All Pests February 28, 1941 Arthur Davis
The Carpenters March 14, 1941 Paul Fennell
The Land of Fun April 18, 1941 Sid Marcus
Tom Thumb's Brother June 12, 1941 Sid Marcus
The Cuckoo I.Q. July 24, 1941 Sid Marcus
Who's Zoo in Hollywood November 13, 1941 Sid Marcus
The Fox and the Grapes December 5, 1941 Frank Tashlin The Fox and the Crow
Red Riding Hood Rides Again December 25, 1941 Sid Marcus
A Hollywood Detour January 23, 1942 Frank Tashlin
Wacky Wigwams February 22, 1942 Alec Geiss
Concerto in B Flat Minor March 20, 1942 Bob Wickersham
Cinderella Goes to a Party June 3, 1942 Alec Geiss
Woodsman, Spare That Tree July 2, 1942 Arthur Davis The Fox and the Crow
Song of Victory September 4, 1942 Bob Wickersham
Tito's Guitar October 30, 1942 Bob Wickersham Tito and His Burrito
Toll Bridge Troubles November 27, 1942 Bob Wickersham The Fox and the Crow
King Midas, Junior December 25, 1942 John Hubley and Paul Sommer
Slay It with Flowers January 29, 1943 Bob Wickersham The Fox and the Crow
There's Something About a Soldier February 26, 1943 Alec Geiss
Professor Small and Mr. Tall March 26, 1943 John Hubley and Paul Sommer Professor Small and Mr. Tall
Plenty Below Zero April 23, 1943 Bob Wickersham The Fox and the Crow
Tree for Two June 21, 1943 Bob Wickersham The Fox and the Crow
He Can't Make It Stick July 23, 1943 John Hubley and Paul Sommer
A-Hunting We Won't Go August 23, 1943 Bob Wickersham The Fox and the Crow
The Rocky Road to Ruin October 22, 1943 Paul Sommer
Imagination November 19, 1943 Bob Wickersham Academy Award nominee
Dog, Cat, and Canary January 5, 1944 Howard Swift Flippy, Flop, Sam the Dog Academy Award nominee
The Herring Murder Mystery January 20, 1944 Dun Roman
The Disillusioned Bluebird June 15, 1944 Howard Swift
Rippling Romance June 21, 1945 Bob Wickersham Studio's final Academy Award nominee
Fiesta Time July 12, 1945 Bob Wickersham Tito and His Burrito
Hot Foot Lights August 2, 1945 Howard Swift
Carnival Courage September 6, 1945 Howard Swift Willoughby Wren
River Ribber October 4, 1945 Paul Sommer Professor Small and Mr. Tall
Polar Playmates April 25, 1946 Howard Swift
Picnic Panic June 20, 1946 Bob Wickersham Tito and His Burrito
Loco Lobo January 9, 1947 Howard Swift
Cockatoos for Two February 1947 Bob Wickersham
Big House Blues March 6, 1947 Howard Swift Flippy, Flop, Sam the Dog
Mother Hubba-Hubba-Hubbard March 29, 1947 Bob Wickersham
Up N' Atom July 10, 1947 Sid Marcus
Boston Beanie[1] September 11, 1947 Sid Marcus
Swiss Tease December 4, 1947 Sid Marcus
Flora March 18, 1948 Alex Lovy
Pickled Puss September 2, 1948 Howard Swift
Lo, the Poor Buffal November 14, 1948 Alex Lovy
The Coo Coo Bird Dog February 2, 1949 Sid Marcus
Grape Nutty April 14, 1949 Alex Lovy The Fox and the Crow
Cat-Tastrophy June 30, 1949 Sid Marcus

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