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MottoDefend and promote life, family, and liberty
Founded2013 in Madrid, Spain
HeadquartersPaseo de la Habana 200, Madrid, Spain
Area served
MethodInternet activism, online petitions

CitizenGO is an ultraconservative[4][5] advocacy group founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2013 by HazteOir.[1][2][3]

The foundation promotes petitions in 50 countries, mostly defending Christian and Catholic causes,[6][7] and those opposing same-sex marriage,[8][9] abortion,[6][10][11] and euthanasia.[12]


CitizenGO was founded in Madrid, Spain, in September 2013 by HazteOir[1][7] to expand its scope of action beyond Spanish-speaking countries,[8] advancing the use of online petitions as a form of Internet activism to increase public participation in the democratic process.[13] CitizenGO says that they have "team members located in fifteen cities on three continents" who facilitate users signing petitions in 50 countries,[13] in 8 languages with plans to add more. The CitizenGO Foundation is financially supported by online donations made by their members.[8] The CEO of CitizenGO is Álvaro Zulueta. The CitizenGO Foundation Board of Trustees is composed of Ignacio Arsuaga (founder and president), Walter Hintz, Blanca Escobar, Luca Volonte (UDC politician), Brian S. Brown (president of the National Organization for Marriage),[14] Gualberto García, Alexey Komov (Putin's ally),[15][16] Alejandro Bermudez, and John-Henry Westen.

Ignacio Arsuaga, founder and president of HazteOir and CitizenGo.[7]

In 2001, Ignacio Arsuaga founded HazteOir (literally, "Make yourself heard"). This organization later merged into and became part of CitizenGO, a move that was considered a "rebranding".[2][3]

The foundation has been linked, like HazteOir, to El Yunque, a secret society of Mexican regional origin.[7][17][18]


Abortion and euthanasia

CitizenGO promotes campaigns opposing abortion and euthanasia. CitizenGo has opposed the introduction of the "Estrela report" into the European parliament, which recommends member states to provide comprehensive sex education in schools and ensure access to abortions, among other things.[8]

In late May 2019, CitizenGo hosted a petition by "Right to Life" calling on streaming service Netflix to stop funding a legal challenge to Georgia's controversial Heartbeat bill. The group also called for subscribers to cancel their Netflix subscription as a sign of protest.[19]

Second Coming comic series

In February 2019, CitizenGo organized a petition calling on DC Vertigo to cancel Mark Russell and Richard Pace's Second Coming comic series, which they regarded as blasphemous for its depiction of Jesus Christ.[20][21] Russell subsequently confirm that it had been his decision to request the return of the rights to the series.[22][23]

2019 Disneyland "Magical Parade"

In late May 2018, CitizenGo circulated a petition calling on Disneyland Paris to cancel a scheduled pride parade called the "Magical Parade" on 1 June 2019.[24][25]The Walt Disney Company rejected the petition and the Magical Parade went ahead in Paris.[26][27]

LGBT rights in Kenya

CitizenGo Africa opposes decriminalising homosexuality in Kenya.[28]

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