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Place of originIndia
Region or stateBihar, Awadh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana
Main ingredientsBajri/wheat, ghee, jaggery

Churma is a popular Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Bihari,[1]Uttar Pradesi, and Awadhi delicacy from India.[2][3] In Punjab, the dish is called churi.[4] It is coarsely ground wheat crushed and cooked with ghee and sugar. Traditionally it is made by mashing up bajri or wheat flour baatis or rotis in ghee and jaggery.

More desi or traditional version of churma called choorma is very popular in Haryana. Choorma is made by mashing up wheat flour roti in desi ghee and ayurvedic sugar (also called gur shakkar in common Hindi or jaggery in English). It is not served with dal and lassi but mostly ghee, specially as a diet for the wrestlers sparring in the danggal of akharas.[5] It is usually served either with a tall glass of milk or with sour kadhi.

In Rajasthan it is usually served with dal baati. It is usually high in calories.[6]

Enjoy churma made from Bajra instead of wheat flour.[7] This is healthy churma serve with the Kalakand lassi and it is very tasty meal.[8]

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