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Chaos UK

Chaos UK
OriginPortishead, Somerset, England, UK
GenresHardcore punk, anarcho-punk, street punk[1]
LabelsHG Fact, Century Media, Riot City Records, Children Of the Revolution Records, Cargo Records, Desperate Attempt Records, Cleopatra Records, Discipline Records
Simon Greenham
Phil Thudd

Chaos UK are an English punk rock band formed in 1979 in Portishead, near Bristol. They emerged as part of the anarcho-punk scene, developing a fast and aggressive hardcore punk style. The original line-up of Simon Greenham on vocals, Andy on guitar, Chaos (aka "Lice") on bass and Potts on drums recorded two EP's and a full LP for Riot City Records. In the process they along with fellow Bristolians Disorder and Stoke's Discharge revolutionised the hardcore punk scene. In particular the Japanese 80's hardcore punk bands were heavily influenced by Chaos UK and Disorder's brutal take on punk. Chaos UK's debut LP was notable in the fact that the band's label claimed it was the "fastest, noisiest LP in the cosmos" in the short lived "Punk Lives" magazine; vocal duties on this recording were also handled by bassist Chaos.

The mid-1980s saw an almost new line-up, with Chaos remaining the only original member. He was joined by Mower on vocals, Gabba on guitar (previously with Nottingham's The Seats Of Piss) and Chuck on drums. Over the rest of the 1980s, Chaos UK were the mainstay and lynchpin of the UK hardcore punk scene playing many hundreds of shows around the world, including Japan (the first English punk band to do so, but with a stand-in drummer, Blackmore of Bristol punk band Lunatic Fringe), the US, Mexico and all over Europe.


Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart.[2]


  • Demo (1981)
  • Burning Britain E.P. 7" (Riot City. Riot 6, 1982) No. 8
  • Loud Political & Uncompromising 7" (Riot City. Riot 12, 1982) No. 27
  • Chaos UK LP (Riot City, 1983) No. 16
  • Short Sharp Shock 12" (COR/Weasel, 1984)
  • Just Mere Slaves 12" (Selfish, 1984)
  • Chaos UK/Extreme Noise Terror split LP (Manic Ears, 1986)
  • Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes LP (Slap Up/Weasel, 1989)
  • Headfuck 7" (Desperate Attempt, 1989)
  • Head on a Pole 7" (Desperate Attempt, 1991)
  • Enough to Make You Sick LP (Vinyl Japan, 1991)
  • Chaos UK/Raw Noise split LP (Vinyl Japan, 1991)
  • Live in Japan LP/CD (Cargo, 1991)
  • Total Chaos LP/CD (Anagram, 1991)
  • Death Side/Chaos UK split CD (Selfish, 1993)
  • 100% Two Fingers in the Air Punk Rock 12"/CD (Slap Up/Century Media, 1993)
  • Secret Men 7" (Slap Up, 1993)
  • Floggin' the Corpse CD (Anagram, 1996)
  • King for A Day 7" (Discipline, 1996)
  • Morning After the Night Before CD (Cleopatra, 1997)
  • Heard It, Seen It, Done It LP/CD (Discipline, 1999)
  • Chaos UK/Assfort split 12" (Discipline, 2000)
  • Kanpai 12"/CD (Discipline, 2000)
  • Chaos UK/FUK split CD (HG Fact, 2007)


  • The Singles LP (Riot City, 1984 - includes first two 7"s) No. 31
  • Short Sharp Shock CD (Anagram, 1991)
  • Radioactive Earslaughter/100% Two Fingers in the Air CD (Anagram, 1993)
  • The Best of Chaos UK CD (Anagram, 1999)
  • Enough to Make You Sick/Chipping Sodbury CD (Anagram, 1993)


  • Punk and Disorderly LP (Abstract/Posh Boy, 1982) "4 Minute Warning"
  • Riotous Assembly LP (Riot City Records, 1982) "Senseless Conflict"
  • UK/DK LP (Cherry Red, 1983) "No Security"
  • Digging in Water LP (COR,1986) "Kill Your Baby" a different/faster version
  • Punks Not Dread LP (Sink Below, 1991) "For Adolfs Only", "Bone Idol", "Brain Bomb"


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