Cauliflower Alley Club
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Cauliflower Alley Club
Cauliflower Alley Club
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CAC logo
TypeProfessional wrestling
Headquarters4138 187th Ave SE Issaquah, Washington, United States
Brian Blair
Key people
Brian Blair, President/CEO
Scott Teal, Executive VP/Webmaster
Dean Silverstone, Treasurer
Royal Duncan, EAR Publisher
Gloria Lovell, Recording Secretary
Karl Lauer, Benevolent Chairman

The Cauliflower Alley Club is a non-profit fraternal organization, which includes a newsletter and website, comprising both retired and active professional wrestlers and boxers in North America.

Established in 1965 by Mike Mazurki and Art Abrams, the organization hosts an annual reunion dinner which has traditionally been attended by celebrities and other professional athletes. Several historical Hollywood locations have been home to the reunion banquets such as the Masquer's Club, the Roosevelt Hotel and the Old Spaghetti Factory as well as The Riviera and the RMS Queen Mary.


The Cauliflower Alley Club was founded in 1965 by Mike Mazurki as a fraternal organization of professional wrestlers, boxers, and actors.[1][2] The first annual reunion dinner was held at the Baron's Castle Buffet Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.[2] The Club also presents numerous awards annually at the reunion dinner.

Several prominent former professional wrestlers have been president of the club, including Red Bastien, Nick Bockwinkel, and the current president Brian Blair.[2][3] The Club has a "Benevolent Fund to help people involved in professional wrestling in times of difficulty.[2] Proceeds are raised for the fund during the annual reunion weekend.[2]









  • Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Terry Taylor
  • Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael P.S. Hayes
  • Husband & Wife Award: Beau & Misty James
  • Trainers Award (1st ever): Ron Hutchison
  • Men's Wrestling Award: Dan "Short Sleeve" Sampson, Adam Pearce
  • Men's Wrestling (Retired) Award: Buddha Khan, John Cozman
  • Women's Wrestling Award: Melissa Anderson
  • Women's Wrestling (Retired) Award: Debbie Pelletier
  • Future Legend Award: Santana Garrett
  • Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Sean Dunster
  • Red Bastien Friendship Award: John Arthur Lowe
  • Golden Ear Award: Jesse Hernandez


  • Iron Mike Mazurki Award: "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff
  • Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Moody
  • James C. Melby Historian Award: George Schire
  • Men's Wrestling award: Jake Roberts, Matt Riviera, Adam Copeland (unable to attend in 2011 due to an injury)
  • Women's Wrestling Award: Molly Holly, Sandy Partlow
  • Future Legend Award: Bobby Sharp
  • Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Ken Jugan
  • Golden Ear Award: David Cantu


  • Iron Mike Mazurki Award: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  • Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Wendi Richter
  • Lou Thesz Award: Ricky Steamboat
  • Men's Wrestling Award: Michelle Starr, Mike Webster, Bill DeMott
  • Women's Wrestling Award: Judy Martin, "Ivory" Lisa Moretti
  • Future Legend Award: Kyle Matthews
  • Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Al Burke
  • Red Bastien Friendship Award: Brian Westcott
  • REEL Award: Dan Haggerty Grizzly Adams
  • Special Presentations: Announcers Award Bill Kersten








Other honorees included Ernie Ladd, Kenny Jay, Danielle Colley, Paul Christy & Miss Bunny Love and Sir Oliver Humperdink.


Other honorees included Bill Melby, Billy Darnell, Sandy Parker, "Playboy" Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskoski, Margaret Garcia, George Steele, Baron von Raschke, Ann Casey, Percival Friend, Moondog Ed Moretti, Paul Jones, Lester Welch, Charlie Smith and Omar Atlas.


Other honorees included Verne Bottoms, Bill Moody (as Percival Pringle III), Tom Andrews, Buddy Colt, Buddy Roberts, Tito Montez, Bruce Swayze, Moose Morowski and Don Leo Jonathan.


Other honorees included Ox Baker, B. Brian Blair, Judy Grable, Maria DeLeon, Mr. Wrestling, Jimmy Valiant and Fray Tormenta.


Other honorees included Rita Cortez, George Scott, Reggie Parks, Norman Frederick Charles III, Kay Noble, Marie & Ann LaVerne, Pampero Firpo, Bill Watts and Jack Laskin.


Other honorees included Gene Stanlee, The Crusher, Titi Paris, Ethel Brown, Billy Andersen, Natasha the Hatchet Lady, Beverly Shade, Stan Kowalski, Stan Pulaski and Fritz Von Goering.


Other honorees included Ken Patera, Jack Donovan and Bob Geigel.


Other honorees included Danny Hodge, Fred Blassie, Dory Funk, Jr. and Dan Severn


Other honorees included:


Other honorees included:


Other honorees included:


Other honorees included:


Other honorees included Verne Gagne, "Cowboy" Bob Ellis, Kinji Shibuya, Wendi Richter, Barbi Dahl and Peggy Patterson.


Other honorees included Maurice Vachon, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Rey Urbano, Johnny James, Gene Kiniski, Pepper Gomez, Penny Banner, Debbie Combs, Belle Starr, Donna Christantello and Diamond Lil.

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