Cape Cod Baseball League
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Cape Cod Baseball League
Cape Cod Baseball League
PresidentChuck Sturtevant
CommissionerEric Zmuda
MottoWhere the Stars of Tomorrow Shine Tonight
No. of teams10
Country United States
Most recent
Cotuit Kettleers
Most titlesCotuit Kettleers (17)
ClassificationCollegiate Summer Baseball

The Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL or Cape League) is a collegiate summer baseball league located on Cape Cod in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. One of the nation's premier collegiate summer leagues, the league boasts over one thousand former players who have gone on to play in the major leagues.


Hall of Famer Pie Traynor played for Falmouth in 1919
Danny MacFayden (Osterville 1924, Falmouth 1925) played for the Boston Red Sox from 1926 to 1932
6 ft 7 in slugger Aaron Judge played for Brewster in 2012

Pre-modern era


As early as the 1860s, baseball teams representing various Cape Cod towns and villages were competing against one another. The earliest newspaper account is of an 1867 game in Sandwich between the hometown "Nichols Club" and the visiting Cummaquid team. Though not formalized as a league, the games provided entertainment for residents and summer visitors.[1][2]

In 1885, a Fourth of July baseball game was held matching teams from Barnstable and Sandwich.[3] According to contemporary accounts, the 1885 contest may have been at least the twelfth such annual game.[4] By the late 19th century, an annual championship baseball tournament was being held each fall at the Barnstable County Fair, an event that continued well into the 20th century, with teams representing towns from Cape Cod and the larger region.

In 1921, the Barnstable County Agricultural Society determined to limit the fair's annual baseball championship to teams from Cape Cod. Falmouth won the championship in 1921,[5][6] and Osterville in 1922.[7] Interest in baseball was growing, as was a movement to create a formal league of Cape Cod teams.

The early Cape League era (1923-1939)

The "Cape Cod Baseball League" was formed in 1923, consisting of four teams: Falmouth, Osterville, Hyannis, and Chatham.[8][9] Teams were made up of players from local colleges and prep schools, along with some semi-pro players and other locals. One notable player during this period was North Truro native Danny "Deacon" MacFayden, who went on to play for seventeen years in the major leagues.[10][11]

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the composition of the league varied from season to season. Towns did not opt to field teams in every season, and teams from other towns such as Bourne, Harwich, Orleans, Provincetown, and Wareham joined the league. Teams were not limited to league play, and often played teams from towns and cities in the larger region, as in 1929 when Falmouth played an exhibition game against the major league Boston Braves.[12][13][14]

The league enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the 1930s, and even engendered competition in the form of the Barnstable County Twilight League and the Lower Cape Twilight League. However, as the cumulative effects of the Great Depression made it increasingly more difficult to secure funding for teams, the Cape League disbanded in 1940.

The Upper and Lower Cape League era (1946-1962)

With young men returning home after World War II, the Cape League was revived in 1946. The league now excluded paid professional or semi-pro players, and for awhile attempted to limit players to those who were Cape Cod residents. The league was split into Upper Cape and Lower Cape divisions, and in addition to many of the town teams from the "old" Cape League, new teams now joined such as those representing the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Otis Air Force Base, and the Cape Verdean Club of Harwich among others.

Modern era (1963-present)

In 1963, the Cape Cod Baseball League was reorganized and became officially sanctioned by the NCAA. The league would no longer be limited to Cape Cod residents, but would recruit college players and coaches from an increasingly wide radius.

In 1985, the league moved away from the use of aluminum bats, and became the only collegiate summer league in the nation at that time to use wooden bats.[15] This transition began a period of significant growth in the league's popularity and prestige among MLB scouts, as well as among college players and coaches. This popularity has translated into over one thousand former players who have gone on to major league playing careers, including multiple members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Structure and season

A night game at Doran Park, home of the Bourne Braves

The CCBL regular season runs from mid-June through mid-August.[16] Teams are geographically divided into the East Division and West Division. Each division consists of five teams which each play 44 regular season games in a largely balanced schedule that is not weighted toward intradivisional foes.

During the latter half of the regular season, an all-star game is contested between the all stars from the East and West divisions, and features a pre-game home run hitting contest. The all-star game was played at Fenway Park from 2009 to 2011, but is normally played at one of the CCBL home fields.

Following the regular season, the top four teams in each division qualify for the playoffs, which is an elimination tournament consisting of three rounds of best of three series to determine the league champion and winner of the Arnold Mycock trophy.


Current teams

Cape Cod Baseball League teams (West Division teams in red, East Division teams in blue)

Origin of team nicknames

Prior to 2009, six of the ten teams in the CCBL shared their team nickname with a team in Major League Baseball (MLB). However, in late 2008 MLB announced that it would enforce its trademarks, and required those CCBL teams to either change their nicknames or buy their uniforms and merchandise only through MLB-licensed vendors.

Three of the teams eventually changed their nicknames. In 2009, the Chatham Athletics became the Anglers, and the Orleans Cardinals became the Firebirds.[17] The following season, the Hyannis Mets became the Harbor Hawks.[18]

The Bourne Braves and Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, teams who share nicknames with Boston's two historic professional baseball franchises, chose to keep their nicknames and use MLB licensees for their merchandise.

MLB could not enforce the "Mariners" trademark against the Harwich Mariners because the use of the nickname by Harwich predated the entry of the Seattle Mariners into MLB as an expansion team in 1977.

The four teams whose nicknames were not in conflict with MLB have locally-themed names such as the nautical monikers of the Falmouth Commodores and Brewster Whitecaps. The Cotuit Kettleers nickname recalls a legendary local Native American land transaction whose terms of sale involved the exchange of a brass kettle.[19] The Wareham Gatemen are the only team that does not play its home games on Cape Cod, as the town of Wareham sits on the edge of the mainland, at the "gateway" to Cape Cod.

Franchise timelines


Below is a partial list of Cape Cod baseball teams from the 1860s until the formation of the Cape League in 1923.

  • Barnstable Cummaquids
  • Barnstable Osceolas
  • Barnstable Village
  • Chatham
  • Falmouth Cottage Club
  • Harwich
  • Hyannis
  • Orleans Pants Factory
  • Osterville
  • Sandwich Athletics
  • Sandwich Nichols Club
  • West Barnstable Mastetuketts
  • West Falmouth
  • Yarmouth Mattakeesetts
Blondy Ryan and Red Rolfe played for Orleans during the Early Cape League era. Both went on to enjoy long major league careers. Ryan was starting shortstop for the 1933 World Series champion New York Giants, and Rolfe was starting third basemen for five New York Yankees World Series championship teams.

Early Cape League era (1923-1939)

Team Seasons
Barnstable 1931-37; 1939
Bourne 1933*-39
Chatham 1923-26; 1930-31
Chatham-Harwich 1927-29
Falmouth 1923-39
Harwich 1930-39
Hyannis 1923-30
Orleans 1928-34; 1937-38
Osterville 1923-30
Provincetown 1933*
Wareham 1927-28; 1930-32
* In 1933, Provincetown withdrew and was
replaced by Bourne mid-season.
A team from Otis AFB played in the Cape League in the 1950s and 1960s. View of an inspection at Otis Field in August, 1944.

Upper and Lower Cape League era (1946-1962)

Division Team Seasons
Barnstable Townies/Barons/Red Sox 1946*-52+
Bourne Canalmen 1946-50
Cotuit Kettleers 1947-62
Falmouth All-Stars 1946-62
Falmouth Falcons 1951-53
Mashpee Warriors/Indians 1946-51
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 1946-47?
Osterville 1948-50
Otis Air Force Base Jets/Minutemen 1949-50
Sagamore Clouters 1946-62
Sandwich 1946-49
Wareham Gatemen 1952+-62
Division Team Seasons
Brewster 1948-51
Chatham 1946-62
Dennis Clippers 1946-61
Eastham 1949-55
Harwich 1946-62
Harwich Cape Verdean Club 1949-50
North Truro Air Force Station Blue Sox 1952-57
Orleans Red Sox 1947-62
Wellfleet 1956
Yarmouth Indians 1946-62
* Barnstable played in the Lower Cape division in 1946 only.
+ In 1952, Barnstable withdrew and was replaced by Wareham mid-
? Mass. Maritime Academy played in the Lower Cape division in 1946-47.

Beginnings of the modern era (1963-1987)

From 1963 to 1969, the newly-reorganized league maintained the Upper Cape/Lower Cape divisional structure, with the championship series played by the winners of each division. Beginning in 1970, the divisional structure gave way to a single combined league, with the top four teams in the league advancing to the playoffs. This combined league structure continued through 1987.

Team Seasons
Bourne Canalmen 1963-64*; 1967-69; 1971-72
Cotuit Kettleers 1963-87
Falmouth All-Stars/Commodores 1963-87
Hyannis Mets 1976-87
Sagamore Clouters/Canalmen 1963-66*
Wareham Gatemen 1963-87
* In 1965, the Bourne Canalmen and Sagamore Clouters merged. The new
team was called the "Sagamore Canalmen" during the 1965 and 1966
seasons, and the "Bourne Canalmen" thereafter.

Present Day

In 1988, the Bourne Braves and the Brewster Whitecaps joined the CCBL as expansion teams and the resulting ten-team league was split into East and West divisions. Since 1988 there have been no changes to the league's franchise composition or divisional alignments.

League Championships

Frank "Shanty" Hogan won a CCBL championship with Osterville in 1924 and went on to a 13-year MLB career with the Boston Braves, New York Giants and Washington Senators.
Championships by Season, 1923-1939
Year Winning team
1923 Osterville
1924 Osterville
1925 Osterville
1926 Hyannis / Osterville
1927 Hyannis
1928 Osterville
1929 Falmouth
1930 Wareham
1931 Falmouth
1932 Falmouth
1933 Harwich
1934 Barnstable
1935 Falmouth
1936 Bourne
1937 Barnstable
1938 Falmouth
1939 Falmouth
Championships by Team, 1923-1939
Team Won Championship Seasons
Falmouth 6 1929, 1931, 1932, 1935, 1938, 1939
Osterville 5 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928
Hyannis 2 1926, 1927
Barnstable 2 1934, 1937
Wareham 1 1930
Harwich 1 1933
Bourne 1 1936
CCBL Hall of Famer Lou Lamoriello came up short in back-to-back CCBL championship series as a player with Harwich and Orleans in 1962 and 1963, but won a league title in 1965 as manager of the Sagamore Clouters.
CCBL Hall of Famer Jason Varitek won a league championship with Hyannis in 1991
Emmanuel Burriss won playoff co-MVP in Orleans' 2005 championship season
Buster Posey played shortstop and catcher for the 2006 & 2007 back-to-back CCBL champion Y-D Red Sox
DJ LeMahieu played on Harwich's 2008 CCBL championship team
Bradley Zimmer was playoff MVP of Cotuit's 2013 championship season
Championships by Season, 1946-1962
Year Winning team Losing Team
1946 Falmouth Harwich
1947 Orleans Mashpee
1948 Mashpee Orleans
1949 Orleans Falmouth
1950 Orleans Sagamore
1951 Sagamore Orleans
1952 Orleans Sagamore
1953 Orleans
1954 Sagamore Orleans
1955 Orleans Cotuit
1956 Sagamore Dennis
1957 Orleans Wareham
1958 Yarmouth Sagamore
1959 Sagamore Orleans
1960 Yarmouth Sagamore
1961 Cotuit Yarmouth
1962 Cotuit Harwich
Championships by Team, 1946-1962
Team Won Championship Seasons
Orleans 7 1947, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1957
Sagamore 4 1951, 1954, 1956, 1959
Cotuit 2 1961, 1962
Yarmouth 2 1958, 1960
Falmouth 1 1946
Mashpee 1 1948
Championships by Season, 1963-present
Year Winning team Manager Games Losing team Manager Playoff MVP
1963 Cotuit Jim Hubbard 2-0 Orleans Dave Gavitt Not Awarded
1964 Cotuit Jim Hubbard 3-1 Chatham Joe "Skip" Lewis Not Awarded
1965 Sagamore Lou Lamoriello 3-2 Chatham Joe "Skip" Lewis Not Awarded
1966 Falmouth Bill Livesey 3-1 Chatham Joe "Skip" Lewis Not Awarded
1967 Chatham Joe "Skip" Lewis 2-0-1 Falmouth Bill Livesey Not Awarded
1968 Falmouth Bill Livesey 3-1 Harwich John Carroll Not Awarded
1969 Falmouth Bill Livesey 2-1 Chatham Joe "Skip" Lewis Not Awarded
1970 Falmouth Bill Livesey 2-0 Orleans Tony Williams Not Awarded
1971 Falmouth Bill Livesey 3-2 Orleans Tony Williams Not Awarded
1972 Cotuit Jack McCarthy 3-1 Chatham Ben Hayes Not Awarded
1973 Cotuit Jack McCarthy 3-1 Yarmouth Merrill "Red" WIlson Not Awarded
1974 Cotuit Jack McCarthy 3-2 Orleans Tom Yankus Not Awarded
1975 Cotuit Jack McCarthy 3-2 Falmouth Jack Gillis Not Awarded
1976 Wareham Bill Livesey 3-2 Chatham Eddie Lyons Not Awarded
1977 Cotuit Jack McCarthy 3-2 Y-D Bob Stead Not Awarded
1978 Hyannis Bob Schaefer 3-1 Harwich Don Prohovich Not Awarded
1979 Hyannis Bob Schaefer 3-1 Harwich Don Prohovich Not Awarded
1980 Falmouth Al Worthington 3-2 Chatham Eddie Lyons Not Awarded
1981 Cotuit George Greer 3-1 Orleans Jack Donahue Not Awarded
1982 Chatham Eddie Lyons 3-0 Hyannis Rich Magner Not Awarded
1983 Harwich Steve Ring 3-2 Cotuit George Greer Not Awarded
1984 Cotuit George Greer 2-0 Wareham Mike Roberts Not Awarded
1985 Cotuit George Greer 2-1 Chatham John Mayotte Grady Hall, Cotuit
1986 Orleans John Castleberry 2-0 Cotuit George Greer Gary Alexander, Orleans
1987 Harwich Bill Springman 2-1 Y-D Don Reed Charles Nagy, Harwich
1988 Wareham Stan Meek 2-1 Orleans John Castleberry John Thoden, Wareham
Mo Vaughn, Wareham
1989 Y-D Don Reed 2-0 Hyannis Eddie Lyons Mark Sweeney, Y-D
1990 Y-D Don Reed 2-1 Wareham Jim Fleming Kirk Piskor, Y-D
1991 Hyannis Brad Kelley 2-0 Chatham Rich Hill Chad McConnell, Hyannis
1992 Chatham Rich Hill 2-0 Cotuit Roger Bidwell Steve Duda, Chatham
1993 Orleans Rolando Casanova 2-0 Wareham Don Reed Chris Ciaccio, Orleans
1994 Wareham Don Reed 2-0 Brewster Bill Mosiello Chris Boni, Wareham
1995 Cotuit Mike Coutts 2-1 Chatham John Schiffner Josh Paul, Cotuit
Josh Gandy, Cotuit
1996 Chatham John Schiffner 2-0 Falmouth Harvey Shapiro Jermaine Clark, Chatham
Keith Evans, Chatham
1997 Wareham Don Reed 2-0 Harwich Chad Holbrook Kevin Hodge, Wareham
1998 Chatham John Schiffner 3-2 Wareham Don Reed Matt Cepicky, Chatham
Ryan Earey, Chatham
1999 Cotuit Mike Coutts 2-1 Chatham John Schiffner Garrett Atkins, Cotuit
2000 Brewster Dave Lawn
Pat Shine
2-0 Hyannis Tom O'Connell Jack Headley, Brewster
2001 Wareham Cooper Farris 2-1 Chatham John Schiffner Aaron Hill, Wareham
2002 Wareham Cooper Farris 2-1 Orleans Carmen Carcone Mark Kutler, Wareham
2003 Orleans Carmen Carcone 2-0 Bourne Harvey Shapiro Cesar Nicolas, Orleans
2004 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-0 Falmouth Jeff Trundy Ryan Rohlinger, Y-D
Joshua Faiola, Y-D
2005 Orleans Kelly Nicholson 2-1 Bourne Harvey Shapiro Brad Meyers, Orleans
Emmanuel Burriss, Orleans
2006 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-1 Wareham Cooper Farris David Robertson, Y-D
2007 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-0 Falmouth Jeff Trundy Trevor Holder, Y-D
2008 Harwich Steve Englert 2-0 Cotuit Mike Roberts Jason Stidham, Harwich
Marc Fleury, Harwich
2009 Bourne Harvey Shapiro 2-0 Cotuit Mike Roberts Kyle Roller, Bourne
2010 Cotuit Mike Roberts 2-1 Y-D Scott Pickler Jordan Leyland, Cotuit
2011 Harwich Steve Englert 2-0 Falmouth Jeff Trundy Mike Garza, Harwich
2012 Wareham Cooper Farris 2-1 Y-D Scott Pickler Kyle Schwarber, Wareham
2013 Cotuit Mike Roberts 2-0 Orleans Kelly Nicholson Bradley Zimmer, Cotuit
2014 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-0 Falmouth Jeff Trundy Walker Buehler, Y-D
Marcus Mastrobuoni, Y-D
2015 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-1 Hyannis Chad Gassman Ben Bowden, Y-D
Donnie Walton, Y-D
2016 Y-D Scott Pickler 2-1 Falmouth Jeff Trundy Kevin Smith, Y-D
2017 Brewster Jamie Shevchik 2-1 Bourne Harvey Shapiro Nick Dunn, Brewster
Hunter Bishop, Brewster
2018 Wareham Don Sneddon 2-0 Chatham Tom Holliday Austin Shenton, Wareham
2019 Cotuit Mike Roberts 2-0 Harwich Steve Englert Casey Schmitt, Cotuit
The Cotuit Kettleers' record of 15 titles in the modern era and 17 overall is unmatched among CCBL franchises.
Skipper Mike Roberts led Cotuit to CCBL titles in 2010, 2013 and 2019
Championships by Team, 1963-present
Team Won Played Last Won Last Played
Cotuit 15 20 2019 2019
Wareham 8 13 2018 2018
Y-D* 8 13 2016 2016
Falmouth 6 14 1980 2016
Chatham 5 18 1998 2018
Orleans 4 12 2005 2013
Harwich 4 9 2011 2019
Hyannis 3 7 1991 2015
Brewster 2 3 2017 2017
Bourne 1 4 2009 2017
Sagamore+ 1 1 1965 1965
* Includes records of predecessor Yarmouth Indians.
+ Defunct.
Championships by Team, 1923-present
Team Won Championship Seasons
Cotuit 17 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975,
1977, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1995, 1999, 2010, 2013,
Falmouth 13 1929, 1931, 1932, 1935, 1938, 1939, 1946,
1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1980
Orleans 11 1947, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1986,
1993, 2003, 2005
Y-D* 10 1958, 1960, 1989, 1990, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2014,
2015, 2016
Wareham 9 1930, 1976, 1988, 1994, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2012,
Osterville+ 5 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928
Hyannis 5 1926, 1927, 1978, 1979, 1991
Harwich 5 1933, 1983, 1987, 2008, 2011
Sagamore+ 5 1951, 1954, 1956, 1959, 1965
Chatham 5 1967, 1982, 1992, 1996, 1998
Barnstable+ 2 1934, 1937
Bourne 2 1936, 2009
Brewster 2 2000, 2017
Mashpee+ 1 1948
* Includes records of predecessor Yarmouth Indians.
+ Defunct.
CCBL Hall of Famer Scott Pickler has led Y-D to six league titles
Championships by Manager, 1963-present
Manager Team Seasons as Manager Total
Championship Seasons
Bill Livesey Falmouth
1965 - 1972 (Falmouth)
1976 - 1977 (Wareham)
10 6 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 (Falmouth)
1976 (Wareham)
Scott Pickler Y-D 1998 - 2019 22 6 2004, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016
Jack McCarthy Cotuit 1970 - 1978 9 5 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977
Jim Hubbard Cotuit 1961 - 1969 9 4 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964
Don Reed Y-D
1987 - 1990 (Y-D)
1991 - 1999 (Wareham)
13 4 1989, 1990 (Y-D)
1994, 1997 (Wareham)
George Greer Cotuit 1979 - 1987 9 3 1981, 1984, 1985
Cooper Farris Wareham 2001 - 2004
2006 - 2015
14 3 2001, 2002, 2012
Mike Roberts Wareham
1984, 2000 (Wareham)
2004 - 2019 (Cotuit)
18 3 2010, 2013, 2019 (Cotuit)
Bob Schaefer Bourne
1971 - 1972 (Bourne)
1978 - 1979 (Hyannis)
4 2 1978, 1979 (Hyannis)
John Schiffner Chatham 1993 - 2017 25 2 1996, 1998
Mike Coutts Cotuit 1995 - 1996
1999 - 2001
5 2 1995, 1999
Steve Englert Harwich 2003 - 2019 17 2 2008, 2011

All-Star Game

Mike Flanagan, CCBL Hall of Famer and winning pitcher in the 1972 CCBL all-star game
Jim Riggleman was MVP of the 1973 CCBL all-star game
Ron Darling, CCBL Hall of Famer and MVP of the 1980 CCBL all-star game
Billy Wagner, East MVP of the 1992 CCBL all-star game
Todd Helton, 1994 CCBL home run derby champion
Mark Teixeira, East MVP of the 1999 CCBL all-star game
Chris Sale, East MVP of the 2009 CCBL all-star game

The first CCBL all-star game of the modern era took place in 1963 when a team from the CCBL faced a team from the southeastern Massachusetts-based Cranberry League. The game was played at Keith Field in Sagamore, and the CCBL came out on top, 15-2.

From 1964 to 1969, the all-star game was contested between the CCBL's Upper Cape (western) and Lower Cape (eastern) divisions.

From 1970 to 1987, a team of stars from the CCBL played an annual interleague All-star game against stars from the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League (ACBL). The games were typically played at major league stadiums including Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium in New York, and Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium.

Since 1988, the all-star game has been contested between stars representing the CCBL's East and West divisions, and has also featured a pre-game home run hitting contest. The event is normally held at one of the CCBL home fields, though it returned to Fenway Park for a three-year stretch from 2009 to 2011.

All-Star Game Results, 1963-1969
Year Winning Team Score Venue Game MVP Winning Pitcher
1963 CCBL 15-2 Keith Field Not Awarded Bernie Kilroy, Cotuit
1964 Upper Cape 4-2 Veteran's Field Not Awarded Bud Knittel, Falmouth
1965 Upper Cape 10-9 Clem Spillane Field Not Awarded Steve Kadison, Falmouth
1966 Lower Cape 5-1 Guv Fuller Field Not Awarded Joe Jabar, Chatham
1967 Lower Cape 9-1 Eldredge Park Not Awarded Chuck Seelbach, Orleans
1968 Upper Cape 3-0 Veteran's Field Not Awarded Dave Stone, Falmouth
1969 Lower Cape 4-0 Whitehouse Field Not Awarded Hank Bunnell, Chatham
All-Star Game Results, 1970-1987
Year Winning Team Score Venue Game MVP Winning Pitcher
1970 CCBL 6-3 Yankee Stadium Not Awarded Paul Mitchell, Falmouth
1971 CCBL 6-3 Veteran's Field Not Awarded Paul Mitchell, Falmouth
1972* Falmouth Commodores 8-1 Guv Fuller Field Not Awarded Mike Flanagan, Falmouth
1973 CCBL 13-7 Yankee Stadium Jim Riggleman, Falmouth Dave Schuler, Yarmouth
1974 ACBL 4-2 Guv Fuller Field Tom Sohns, ACBL Jeff Albert, ACBL
1975 CCBL 1-0 Fenway Park Steve Tipa, ACBL Kent Seaman, Yarmouth
1976 CCBL 4-1 Yankee Stadium Steve Taylor, Chatham Steve Taylor, Chatham
1977 CCBL 8-3 Fenway Park Steve Balboni, Y-D Brian Denman, Cotuit
1978 Cancelled due to weather
1979 CCBL 6-5 Fenway Park Ross Jones, Hyannis Ed Olwine, Hyannis
1980 CCBL 10-9 Yankee Stadium Ron Darling, Cotuit Joe Pursell, Cotuit
1981 TIE 4-4 Fenway Park Wade Rowdon, Orleans None
1982 ACBL 5-2 Shea Stadium Bill Ashford, ACBL Bob Layne, ACBL
1983 CCBL 6-2 Fenway Park Jamie Sims, ACBL Dennis Livingston, Wareham
1984 CCBL 7-3 Veterans Stadium Mike Loggins, Harwich Joe Magrane, Harwich
1985 CCBL 12-9 Fenway Park Ken Jackson, ACBL Mark Hatje, Y-D
1986 CCBL 6-2 Shea Stadium Jack Armstrong, Wareham Tony Ariola, Cotuit
1987 CCBL 10-1 Fenway Park Joe Hall, Y-D Andy Berg, Harwich
  • * Due to a scheduling conflict with the ACBL, the 1972 all-star game was contested between the CCBL all-stars and the defending league champion Falmouth Commodores.[22]

All-Star Game Results, 1988-present
Year Winning
Score Venue East MVP* West MVP* Home Run Hitting
Contest Champion
1988 West (1-0-0 West) 4-3 Eldredge Park J.T. Bruett, Cotuit (MVP)
Brian Ahern, Harwich (OP)
Frank Thomas, Orleans
1989 East (1-1-0) 3-0 Eldredge Park Jim Austin, Harwich (MVP)
Lance Dickson, Orleans (OP)
Mike Thomas, Orleans
1990 West (2-1-0 West) 9-1 Eldredge Park Mark Smith, Wareham (MVP)
Larry Thomas, Y-D (OP)
Mike Gropusso, Orleans
1991 East (2-2-0) 7-4 Guv Fuller Field Will Scalzitti, Brewster Doug Hecker, Hyannis Chad McConnell, Hyannis
1992 West (3-2-0 West) 3-1 Whitehouse Field Billy Wagner, Brewster Rick Ellstrom, Cotuit Todd Greene, Y-D
1993 West (4-2-0 West) 9-3 Clem Spillane Field Geoff Blum, Brewster Roy Marsh, Wareham Scott Krause, Cotuit
1994 West (5-2-0 West) 6-1 Eldredge Park Dan Kurtz, Harwich Boomer Whipple, Cotuit Todd Helton, Orleans
1995 West (6-2-0 West) 4-0 Guv Fuller Field Gary Burnham, Orleans Dan Olson, Hyannis Dan Olson, Hyannis
1996 TIE (6-2-1 West) 6-6 Red Wilson Field C.J. Ankrum, Brewster Kevin Nicholson, Wareham Eddy Furniss, Y-D
1997 West (7-2-1 West) 5-4 McKeon Park Edmund Muth, Y-D Jason Edgar, Falmouth John Scheschuk, Cotuit
1998 East (7-3-1 West) 3-2 Veteran's Field Matt Cepicky, Chatham Todd Donovan, Cotuit Matt Cepicky, Chatham
1999 West (8-3-1 West) 6-4 Clem Spillane Field Mark Teixeira, Orleans Garrett Atkins, Cotuit Doc Brooks, Falmouth
2000 East (8-4-1 West) 7-6 Cape Cod Regional
Technical High School
Ryan Stegall, Harwich Brian Stavisky, Hyannis Jason Cooper, Y-D
2001 East (8-5-1 West) 10-1 Guv Fuller Field Russ Adams, Orleans Matt Murton, Wareham Jason Cooper, Y-D
2002 West (9-5-1 West) 4-1 Whitehouse Field Tim Stauffer, Chatham Brian Snyder, Cotuit Matt Murton, Wareham
2003 East (9-6-1 West) 3-1 Guv Fuller Field Garrett Mock, Y-D Sam Fuld, Hyannis Cesar Nicolas, Orleans
2004 East (9-7-1 West) 13-0 Eldredge Park Frank Curreri, Y-D Dallas Buck, Falmouth Cesar Nicolas, Orleans
2005 East (9-8-1 West) 1-0 McKeon Park Colin Curtis, Orleans Daniel Bard, Wareham Aaron Bates, Brewster
2006 East (9-9-1) 7-2 Red Wilson Field Josh Satin, Orleans Brad Chalk, Falmouth Mitch Moreland, Bourne
2007 East (10-9-1 East) 3-2 Clem Spillane Field Dennis Raben, Orleans Aaron Crow, Falmouth Luke Murton, Wareham
2008 East (11-9-1 East) 8-6 Veteran's Field Grant Green, Chatham Ben Paulsen, Hyannis Angelo Songco, Orleans
2009 West (11-10-1 East) 3-0 Fenway Park Chris Sale, Y-D Zach Cox, Cotuit Connor Powers, Harwich
2010 West (11-11-1) 5-0 Fenway Park Caleb Ramsey, Y-D Zach Wilson, Wareham Paul Hoilman, Cotuit
2011 East (12-11-1 East) 4-1 Fenway Park James Ramsey, Y-D Konner Wade, Wareham Richie Shaffer, Chatham
2012 TIE (12-11-2 East) 1-1 Whitehouse Field Alex Blandino, Y-D Daniel Palka, Wareham JaCoby Jones, Harwich
2013 East (13-11-2 East) 9-3 Red Wilson Field J. D. Davis, Chatham Kevin Cron, Falmouth Skyler Ewing, Hyannis
2014 West (13-12-2 East) 5-0 Doran Park A.J. Murray, Chatham Ryan Perez, Hyannis Sal Annunziata, Harwich
2015 East (14-12-2 East) 1-0 Clem Spillane Field Donnie Walton, Y-D Devin Smeltzer, Hyannis
Ian Hamilton, Wareham
Logan Sowers, Wareham
2016 West (14-13-2 East) 8-0 Veteran's Field B.J. Myers, Harwich Zach Rutherford, Hyannis Kameron Esthay, Hyannis
2017 East (15-13-2 East) 5-3 Clem Spillane Field Jimmy Herron, Orleans Griffin Conine, Cotuit Stephen Scott, Orleans
2018 West (15-14-2 East) 4-3 Whitehouse Field Reid Detmers, Brewster Spencer Brickhouse, Bourne Carter Aldrete, Orleans
2019 East (16-14-2 East) 6-5 Eldredge Park Brett Auerbach, Brewster
Gage Workman, Brewster
Matt McLain, Wareham Tyler Hardman, Brewster
  • * From 1988-90, a single MVP and a single outstanding pitcher (OP) were named. Beginning in 1991, an MVP was named from each division.

Annual Award Winners

CCBL Hall of Famer and 1976 league MVP Nat "Buck" Showalter won the league batting title with a .434 average
CCBL Hall of Famer Steve Balboni, 1977 league MVP and outstanding pro prospect
CCBL Hall of Famer Walt Terrell was the league's outstanding pitcher in 1979
Steve Lombardozzi, 1980 sportsmanship award winner
CCBL Hall of Famer Joey Cora was league MVP in 1984
CCBL Hall of Famer Robin Ventura, 1987 outstanding pro prospect award winner
CCBL Hall of Famer Darin Erstad, 1994 league MVP
CCBL Hall of Famer Carlos Peña, 1997 league MVP and sportsmanship award winner
CCBL Hall of Famer Matt Wieters, 2006 outstanding pro prospect award winner
CCBL Hall of Famer Kolten Wong was league MVP in 2010
Stephen Piscotty was CCBL batting champ in 2011

The league annually presents several individual awards, including:

  • The Pat Sorenti MVP Award
  • The Robert A. McNeese Outstanding Pro Prospect Award
  • The BFC Whitehouse Outstanding Pitcher Award
  • The Russ Ford Outstanding Relief Pitcher Award
  • The Daniel J. Silva Sportsmanship Award
  • The Manny Robello 10th Player Award
  • The John J. Claffey Outstanding New England Player Award
  • The Thurman Munson Award for Batting Champion

Annual Award Winners, 1963-present
Year MVP Outstanding
Pro Prospect
Relief Pitcher
Sportsmanship 10th Player Outstanding
New Englander
Batting Champ
1963 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Ken Voges
Chatham (.505)
1964 Ken Huebner
Not Awarded Bernie Kilroy
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Harry Nelson
Bourne (.390)
1965 Ron Bugbee
Not Awarded Noel Kinski
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded John Awdycki
Orleans (.407)
1966 Ed Drucker
Not Awarded Joe Jabar
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Tom Weir
Chatham (.420)
1967 Thurman Munson
Not Awarded Joe Jabar
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Thurman Munson
Chatham (.420)
1968 Dick Licini
Not Awarded Phil Corddry
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Dick Licini
Bourne (.382)
1969 Jim Norris
Not Awarded Paul Mitchell
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Jim Norris
Orleans (.415)
MVP Pro Prospect Pitcher Relief Pitcher Sportsmanship 10th Player New Englander Batting Champ
1970 Jim Prete
Not Awarded Paul Mitchell
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Mike Eden
Orleans (.378)
1971 Joe Barkauskas
Not Awarded Bob Majczan
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Ken Doria
Chatham (.346)
1972 Brad Linden
Not Awarded John Caneira
Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Ed Orrizzi
Falmouth (.372)
1973 Steve Newell
Not Awarded John Caneira
Not Awarded Jeff Washington
Not Awarded Not Awarded Dave Bergman
Chatham (.341)
1974 Phil Welch
Not Awarded Andy Muhlstock
Not Awarded Jim Foxwell
Not Awarded Not Awarded Pete Ross
Yarmouth (.357)
1975 Paul O'Neill
Not Awarded Jerry Hoffman
Not Awarded Ed Kuchar
Not Awarded Not Awarded Paul O'Neill
Cotuit (.358)
1976 Nat Showalter
Bobby Sprowl
Steve Taylor
Mickey O'Connor
Not Awarded Joe Gurascio
Not Awarded Not Awarded Nat Showalter
Hyannis (.434)
1977 Steve Balboni
Steve Balboni
Brian Denman
Karl Steffen
Not Awarded Russ Quetti
Not Awarded Not Awarded Del Bender
Cotuit (.395)
1978 Bill Schroeder
Bill Schroeder
Chuck Dale
Not Awarded Gary Cicatiello
Randy LaVigne
Not Awarded Not Awarded Randy LaVigne
Cotuit (.370)
1979 Ron Perry Jr.
Ross Jones
Walt Terrell
Not Awarded Gary Kaczor
John McDonald
Not Awarded Not Awarded Ross Jones
Hyannis (.407)
MVP Pro Prospect Pitcher Relief Pitcher Sportsmanship 10th Player New Englander Batting Champ
1980 Ron Darling
Ron Darling
Joe Pursell
Not Awarded Steve Lombardozzi
Brick Smith
Not Awarded Not Awarded Brick Smith
Hyannis (.391)
1981 John Morris
Wade Rowdon
Greg Myers
Not Awarded Joe Sickles
Gary Melillo
Jim Sherman
Not Awarded Not Awarded Sam Nattile
Falmouth (.443)
1982 Terry Steinbach
Gary Kanwisher
Scott Murray
Not Awarded Jeff Innis
Not Awarded Not Awarded Terry Steinbach
Cotuit (.431)
1983 Greg Lotzar
Cory Snyder
Dennis Livingston
Not Awarded Jim Howard
Not Awarded Not Awarded Greg Lotzar
Cotuit (.414)
1984 Joey Cora
Mike Loggins
Bill Cunningham
Not Awarded Tom Hildebrand
Not Awarded Not Awarded Jim McCollom
Falmouth (.413)
1985 Greg Vaughn
John Ramos
John Howes
Not Awarded Dan Arendas
Casey Close
Not Awarded Not Awarded Tim McIntosh
Chatham (.392)
1986 Scott Hemond
Cris Carpenter
Jack Armstrong
Not Awarded Jim DePalo
Scott Coolbaugh
Not Awarded Scott Hemond
Harwich (.358)
1987 Mickey Morandini
Robin Ventura
Pat Hope
Not Awarded Mike Hensley
Tom Aldrich
Not Awarded Mickey Morandini
Y-D (.376)
1988 Dave Staton
Chuck Knoblauch
John Thoden
Not Awarded Will Vespe
Steve O'Donnell
Not Awarded Chuck Knoblauch
Wareham (.361)
1989 Kurt Olson
Tyler Green
Mike Hostetler
Not Awarded Brian Bark
Bob Rivell
Not Awarded Bob Rivell
Bourne (.358)
MVP Pro Prospect Pitcher Relief Pitcher Sportsmanship 10th Player New Englander Batting Champ
1990 Mark Smith
Doug Glanville
Bill Wissler
Not Awarded Mark Sweeney
Chris Demetral
Not Awarded Mark Smith
Wareham (.408)
1991 Brent Killen
Derek Wallace
Bill Wissler
Brad Clontz
Craig Mayes
Jack Stanczak
Not Awarded Mike Hickey
Wareham (.366)
1992 Rick Ellstrom
Billy Wagner
John Kelly
Scott Smith
Lou Merloni
Steve Hirschman
Not Awarded Lou Merloni
Cotuit (.321)
1993 Jason Varitek
Chris Clemons
Andy Taulbee
Don Nestor
Paul Ottavinia
Nomar Garciaparra
Not Awarded Jason Varitek
Hyannis (.371)
1994 Darin Erstad
Dave Shepard
Bob St. Pierre
Scott Winchester
Karl Thompson
Matt Quattraro
Not Awarded Jon Petke
Y-D (.379)
1995 Josh Paul
Josh Paul
Eddie Yarnall
Jason Ramsey
Brendan Sullivan
Scott Steinmann
Scott Sollmann
Not Awarded Josh Paul
Cotuit (.364)
1996 Kevin Nicholson
Matt Anderson
Billy Coleman
Drew Fischer
Clint Chrysler
Andre Champagne
Jermaine Clark
Not Awarded Lance Berkman
Wareham (.352)
1997 Carlos Pena
Kip Wells
Brent Hoard
Chris Aronson
Carlos Pena
Alex Santos
Not Awarded Jason McConnell
Y-D (.345)
1998 Bobby Kielty
Kyle Snyder
Phil Devey
Jeff Heaverlo
Tim Lavigne
Ben Johnstone
Jeff House
Not Awarded Bobby Kielty
Brewster (.384)
1999 Lance Niekro
Mark Teixeira
Rik Currier
Pat Pinkman
Derrick DePriest
Curtis Sapp
James Ramshaw
Not Awarded Jaime Bubela
Wareham (.370)
MVP Pro Prospect Pitcher Relief Pitcher Sportsmanship 10th Player New Englander Batting Champ
2000 Mike Fontenot
Bob Brownlie
Dan Krines
Ben Crockett
Taft Cable
Dan Rich
Bryan Prince
John Baker
Not Awarded Steve Stanley
Brewster (.329)
2001 Matt Murton
Russ Adams
Chris Leonard
Ryan Speier
Bill Peavey
Adam Bourassa
Ben Crockett
Eric Reed
Wareham (.365)
2002 Pete Stonard
Wes Whisler
Brian Rogers
Zane Carlson
Shaun Marcum
Ryan Hanigan
Ryan Hanigan
Ryan Hanigan
Pete Stonard
Cotuit (.348)
2003 J.C. Holt
Wade Townsend
Eric Beattie
Jarrett Santos
Richard Mercado
Justin Maxwell
Chris Lambert
J.C. Holt
Brewster (.388)
2004 Daniel Carte
Tyler Greene
Matt Goyen
Kevin Whelan
Chris Robinson
Cliff Pennington
Frank Curreri
Ryan Patterson
Brewster (.327)
2005 Evan Longoria
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller
Tim Norton
Steven Wright
Joel Collins
Brad Lincoln
Tim Norton
Chris Coghlan
Chatham (.346)
2006 Justin Smoak
Matt Wieters
Terry Doyle
Shaun Seibert
Joshua Fields
Matt LaPorta
Andrew Walker
Charlie Furbush
Matt Mangini
Hyannis (.310)
2007 Conor Gillaspie
Aaron Crow
Tom Milone
Nick Cassavechia
Shea Robin
Nate Freiman
Bill Perry
Conor Gillaspie
Falmouth (.345)
2008 A.J. Pollock
Grant Green
Nick McCully
Russell Brewer
Kevin Patterson
Andrew Giobbi
Ryan Quigley
Jimmy Cesario
Falmouth (.387)
2009 Kyle Roller
Todd Cunningham
Chris Sale
Tyler Burgoon
Pierre LePage
Pierre LePage
Mickey Wiswall
Todd Cunningham
Falmouth (.378)
MVP Pro Prospect Pitcher Relief Pitcher Sportsmanship 10th Player New Englander Batting Champ
2010 Kolten Wong
Tony Zych
Grayson Garvin
Tony Zych
Joe Panik
Clint Moore
Matt Watson
John Ruettiger
Hyannis (.369)
2011 Travis Jankowski
Victor Roache
Ryan Eades
Trevor Gott
Patrick Cantwell
Ben Waldrip
Nate Koneski
Stephen Piscotty
Y-D (.349)
2012 Phil Ervin
Sean Manaea
Sean Manaea
Dan Slania
Zak Blair
Jake Hernandez
Tyler Horan
Patrick Biondi
Y-D (.388)
2013 Max Pentecost
Jeff Hoffman
Lukas Schiraldi
Eric Eck
Connor Joe
Matt Troupe
Tommy Lawrence
Kevin Newman
Falmouth (.375)
2014 Kevin Newman
Phil Bickford
Kolton Mahoney
Phil Bickford
Adam Whitt
Anthony Hermelyn
A.J. Murray
Chris Shaw
Kevin Newman
Falmouth (.385)
2015 Nick Senzel
Nick Senzel
Mitchell Jordan
Austin Conway
Thomas Hackimer
Will Haynie
Johnny Adams
Aaron Civale
Andrew Calica
Wareham (.425)
2016 Ernie Clement
Michael Gigliotti
Jeff Passantino
Garrett Cave
Johnny Adams
Austin Filiere
Willy Yahn
Cole Freeman
Wareham (.374)
2017 Greyson Jenista
Griffin Conine
Kris Bubic
Riley McCauley
Ryan Feltner
Joshua Breaux
Marty Bechina
Mickey Gasper
Tanner Dodson
Wareham (.350)
2018 Matthew Barefoot
J.J. Bleday
Adam Laskey
Dylan Thomas
Maverick Handley
Andre Lipcius
Justin Lasko
Jacob Wallace
Matthew Barefoot
Hyannis (.379)
2019 Nick Gonzales
Austin Wells
Ian Bedell
Zachary Brzykcy
Max Troiani
Austin Masel
Jared Shuster
Zach DeLoach
Falmouth (.353)

Statistical Records

CCBL Hall of Famer Tim Teufel hit 16 home runs and had 52 RBI for Cotuit in 1979
CCBL Hall of Famer Cory Snyder slugged 22 home runs for Harwich in 1983
CCBL Hall of Famer Mickey Morandini swiped 43 bases for Y-D in 1987
CCBL Hall of Famer Eric Milton posted a 0.21 ERA with Falmouth in 1996
CCBL Hall of Famer Ryan Speier saved 16 games for Bourne in 2001

Individual season records below are for a 42-game regular season from 1963-1987 and a 44-game regular season from 1988-present.
Aluminum bats were used from 1975 through 1984.

Individual Batting, Season (1963-present)

Batting Average (AVG)
AVG Player Year
.505 Ken Voges, Chatham 1963
.443 Sam Nattile, Falmouth 1981
.434 Nat "Buck" Showalter, Hyannis 1976
.431 Terry Steinbach, Cotuit 1982
.425 Andrew Calica, Wareham 2015
.420 Thurman Munson, Chatham 1967
.420 Tom Weir, Chatham 1966
Home Runs (HR)
HR Player Year
22 Cory Snyder, Harwich 1983
16 Tyler Horan, Wareham 2012
16 Dave Staton, Brewster 1988
16 Tim Teufel, Cotuit 1979
15 Jim McCollom, Falmouth 1984
15 Bill Schroeder, Hyannis 1978
Runs Batted In (RBI)
RBI Player Year
54 Doug Fisher, Falmouth 1984
54 Terry Steinbach, Cotuit 1982
52 Mike Lopez, Wareham 1982
52 Tim Teufel, Cotuit 1979
51 Chris Morgan, Hyannis 1983

At Bats (AB)
AB Player Year
191 Paul Ottavinia, Chatham 1993
189 Donn Samra, Wareham 1983
188 Warner Jones, Wareham 2004
186 Warner Jones, Wareham 2003
Runs Scored (R)
R Player Year
50 John Morris, Wareham 1981
48 Tim Teufel, Cotuit 1979
47 Cory Snyder, Harwich 1983
47 Ron Perry Jr., Hyannis 1979
Base Hits (H)
H Player Year
75 Terry Steinbach, Cotuit 1982
70 Sam Nattile, Falmouth 1981
70 Rod Peters, Harwich 1981
69 Mark Smith, Wareham 1990
69 Ron Perry Jr., Hyannis 1979

Doubles (2B)
2B Player Year
19 Dan Olson, Hyannis 1994
19 Walt Weiss, Wareham 1984
18 Kevin Nicholson, Wareham 1996
18 Terry Steinbach, Cotuit 1982
Triples (3B)
3B Player Year
8 Bruce Thompson, Hyannis 1993
8 Ed Drucker, Harwich 1966
7 Travis Jankowski, Bourne 2011
7 Jeff Groth, Chatham 1978
Stolen Bases (SB)
SB Player Year
48 Roy Marsh, Wareham 1993
47 Jeremy Carr, Chatham 1992
43 Mickey Morandini, Y-D 1987
42 Billy Rapp, Wareham 1986

Individual Pitching, Season (1963-present)

Wins (W)
W Player Year
11 Pat Hope, Hyannis 1987
10 Noel Kinski, Sagamore 1965
9 (12 players tied)
Strikeouts (SO)
SO Player Year
126 Paul Mitchell, Falmouth 1969
122 Dan O'Brien, Chatham 1974
120 Bill Fuller, Chatham 1972
119 John Caneira, Bourne 1972
118 John Caneira, Chatham 1973
Earned Run Average (ERA)
ERA Player Year
0.21 Mitchell Jordan, Orleans 2015
0.21 Eric Milton, Falmouth 1996
0.39 Shaun Seibert, Brewster 2006
0.39 Eric Beattie, Bourne 2003
0.40 Brian Rogers, Orleans 2002
0.43 Jonathan Gonzalez, Wareham 2000
0.45 Ed Baird, Chatham 1965
0.55 Kyle Schmidt, Bourne 2003
Minimum 34 innings pitched

Games (G)
G Player Year
30 Jeff Innis, Cotuit 1982
29 Ryan Cahalan, Cotuit 2004
29 Mike Dennison, Bourne 2001
27 Donnie Bivens, Y-D 1996
Innings Pitched (IP)
IP Player Year
123 Walt Terrell, Chatham 1979
115 Pat Hope, Hyannis 1987
111 John Caneira, Bourne 1972
110 Dan O'Brien, Chatham 1974
110 Oz Griebel, Harwich 1970
Saves (SV)
SV Player Year
16 Ryan Speier, Bourne 2001
15 Derrick DePriest, Chatham 1999
13 Josh Fields, Y-D 2006
13 Clint Chrysler, Wareham 1996
13 Drew Fischer, Brewster 1996
13 Scott Winchester, Falmouth 1994

League Presidents and Commissioners

Longtime Springfield College head coach Archie Allen was CCBL Commissioner in 1983. He is shown here coaching the Dutch national team in the 1964 European Baseball Championship.
League Presidents
Years in Office Name
1968 - 1970 Charles F. Moore
1970 - 1971 Elwood C. Kastner
1972 - 1976 Robert A. McNeece
1976 - 1977 Mike Curran
1978 - 1983 Russ Ford
1984 - 1986 Dick Sullivan
1986 - 1987 Chuck Smith
1988 - 1989 Dave Mulholland
1990 - 1991 John Claffey
1991 - 2015 Judy Walden Scarafile
2015 - Chuck Sturtevant
League Commissioners
Years in Office Name
1962 - 1968 Danny Silva
1968 - 1970 Bernie Kilroy
1970 - 1974 Larry Upton
1974 Robert Kessler
1975 - 1978 Dick Sullivan
1978 - 1982 G. Arthur Hyland
1983 Archie Allen
1984 - 1996 Fred Ebbett
1997 - 1998 Dick Marr
1999 - 2003 Bob Stead
2003 - 2019 Paul Galop
2019 - Eric Zmuda

Hall of Fame and Museum

CCBL Hall of Famer Thurman Munson
CCBL Hall of Famer Peter Gammons
CCBL Hall of Famer Kyle Schwarber

The CCBL Hall of Fame and Museum is a history museum and hall of fame honoring past players, coaches, and others who have made outstanding contributions to the CCBL.[23] Since its inaugural class in 2000, the hall of fame has held annual inductions of new members, enshrining over 160 members to date.

Originally opened to the public in 2003 at the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich,[24] the hall of fame and museum moved in 2008 to the lower level of the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum in Hyannis, Massachusetts.[25] In 2017, it moved from this location, and is currently awaiting the completion of its new home within the planned Total Athletics of Cape Cod sports training facility in Hyannis.[26]

Inductees (by year):

CCBL Players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The following former CCBL players have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Player Year Inducted CCBL Team
Pie Traynor
Pie Traynor 1948 Falmouth
Carlton Fisk
Carlton Fisk 2000 Orleans Cardinals
Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas 2014 Orleans Cardinals
Craig Biggio
Craig Biggio 2015 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell 2017 Chatham A's
1987, 1988

In popular culture

Freddie Prinze Jr, star of the movie Summer Catch
  • Baseball by the Beach (ISBN 0-9719547-4-7) by Christopher Price was published in 1998 and discusses the league and its history.
  • The Cape Cod League was the setting for the 2001 Hollywood film Summer Catch, directed by Michael Tollin and starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessica Biel, and Matthew Lillard.[46]
  • In 2002, writer Jim Collins followed the Chatham Athletics (now the Chatham Anglers) for the season and wrote The Last Best League (ISBN 0-306-81418-8) about the team and its players.
  • The 2003 documentary film Touching the Game by Jim Carroll chronicled the 2003 CCBL season and explored the league's history.[47]
  • Baseball on Cape Cod (Images of Baseball) (ISBN 978-0-7385-3508-1) (2004) by Dan Crowley has many photos of the early and modern Cape League eras.
  • The 2004 novel Slider (ISBN 0-06-058033-X) by Patrick Robinson takes place in a Maine summer league, but is actually based on the Cape League.
  • In 2005, Beach Chairs and Baseball Bats (ISBN 1-4196-0508-9) by author Steve Weissman and Cape Crusaders (ISBN 1-4137-6232-8) by author Mike Thomas were published. The latter focuses on player interviews, while the former goes behind the scenes of a typical Cape League season.
  • The 2014 independent documentary Summer Heat by Nick Johnson and D.J. Jamiel followed the lives of several Hyannis Harbor Hawks players.[48]
  • In 2015, Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports aired a feature on the CCBL.[49]
  • In 2016, WPRI-TV produced the feature The Cape Cod Baseball League Story.[50]
  • In 2017, RGTV's Focused: Conversations with Fran Healy produced a 22-minute feature on the CCBL.[51]
  • In 2018, Fox Sports produced the documentary Cape Cod: Journey to the Bigs.[52]

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