Caitlin & Will
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Caitlin & Will
Gender Female
Language(s) Irish and Welsh
Word/name Caitln
Other names
Alternative spelling Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Kathleen, Cathleen, Kaitlyn, Catelin, Catelyn, Caitlynn, Catelynn, Katelyn, Katelynn, Kaitlynn, et al.

Caitln or Kaitlin or Caitlyn (pronounced ['kat?l?i:n?] Kate-leen) is a female given name of Irish origin. It is the Irish version of the Old French name Cateline [katlin], which comes from Catherine, which in turn comes from the Ancient Greek ? (Aikaterine). Catherine is attributed to St. Catherine of Alexandria.[1] Along with the many other variants of Catherine, it is generally believed to mean "pure" because of its long association with the Greek adjective ? katharos (pure), though the name did not evolve from this word.[2]

Historically, the name was only anglicized as Cathleen or Kathleen. In the 1970s, however, non-Irish speakers began pronouncing the name as KAYT-lin, which led to many variations in spelling.[3][4][5]

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