Blood For Blood
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Blood For Blood
Blood for Blood
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Erick "Buddha" Medina, "White Trash" Rob Lind, Ian McFarland, and former drummer Mike "Cap'n" Mahoney.
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Heavy hardcore
19942004 (hiatus) 2010
Labels Victory Records
Thorp Records
I Scream Records
Buddah & the Boys
The Enemy Within
The Ducky Boys
Sinners and Saints
Members Billy Graziadei
Ian McFarland
Robert Falzano
"White Trash" Rob Lind
Erick "Buddha" Medina
Mike "Cap'n" Mahoney
Gina Benevides
Greg Dellaria
Jeremy Wooden
Craig Silverman
Dustin Hengst
Neal Dike

Blood for Blood is an American hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. It was formed in 1994 by Erick "Buddha" Medina and Rob Lind, drawing inspiration from the hardcore scene in Boston and New York. In 1997, they were signed to Victory Records. The band describes its sound as influenced by Sheer Terror, Breakdown, Carnivore and Killing Time.

After their 2004 album the band went on a hiatus till 2010. Guitarist and song writer Rob Lind decided touring with the band was a bad idea due to him focusing on his sobriety. He was a heroin addict and an alcoholic for many years and thought going back to the band would be cause for him to relapse. Instead, for the sake of touring, the band called upon NYHC vet Billy Graziadei from the legendary Biohazard to fill-in guitar duties in Rob's absence.

In 2011 the band spoke of Rob's return for another full length album. But in June of 2012, vocalist Erick Medina was kicked out of the band due to being charged with raping a minor. [1][2]

As Rob went on to make new music for his side project Ramallah. Blood for Blood seem to have been abandoned completely. But in 2016 Rob (being the sole song writer of all Blood for Blood albums since Revenge on Society) decided to start doing Blood for Blood songs while on stage as Ramallah.


  • "White Trash" Rob Lind - guitar, vocals
  • Ian McFarland - bass
  • Robert Falzano - drums (2012)

Previous members

  • Erick "Buddha" Medina - vocals (1994-2012)
  • Mike "Cap'n" Mahoney - drums (1994-1999)
  • Gina Benevides - bass (1996-1997)
  • Greg Dellaria - bass (1995)
  • Jeremy Wooden - bass (1994-1995)
  • Dustin Hengst - drums (Outlaw Anthems)
  • Neal Dike - drums (2004-2012)
  • Craig Silverman - guitar (live) (2010-2012)
  • Billy Graziadei - guitar (live) (2010-)


Title Date of Release (Original) Label
1st Demo (Cassette) 1994 (Unreleased)
Hurt You Demo (Cassette) 1995 Self-released
Soulless 7 1996 Devour Records
Enemy 7 1997 Lost Disciple Records/Open Handed Records (vinyl)
Spit My Last Breath June 22, 1997 Victory Records
Revenge on Society April 17, 1998 Victory Records
Livin' in Exile July 13, 1999 Victory Records
Wasted Youth Brew April 24, 2001 Victory Records
Outlaw Anthems January 15, 2002 Victory Records[3]
Serenity June 22, 2004 Thorp Records


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