Black (Bangladeshi Band)
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Black Bangladeshi Band

Black (?)
Black Bands member.jpg
Current members of the band
Background information
Origin Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genres Alternative Rock, Grunge
Labels G Series
Aashor, Purbo-Poshchim, The Watson Brothers, Indalo, Highway, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Radio Head
  • Rubayet Chowdhury
  • Mushfeque Jahan
  • Mehmood Tony
  • Charles Francis

Black (Bengali: ?) is a Bangladeshi rock band, formed in Dhaka, Bangladesh which was founded by Kazi Jahangir Kabir. They had to face a massive road accident on Dhaka-Chittagong road.All the band members were injured except Tahsan. Tahsan wasn't there. After a while, he left from Black(2005).Jon Kabir and Mehmood Tony continued till 2012.In 2012, Jon Kabir the vocal has left from Black but Mehmood Tony is still in this band.


Formation (1997-1998)

Childhood friends and schoolmates Jahangir Kabir, Mushfeque Jahan and Tony Vincent always shared a similar passion towards music. Their time was mostly spent at each other's houses listening to records from bands such as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden. Pearl Jam's debut album Ten had a profound effect on the three and is said to have been the tipping point at which they decided to take up music professionally. After convincing each other about their musical skills the trio decided to form a band and soon enough they were jamming at their friends homes. Initially they decided to name their group Dope Smuglazz, as a wink to the irreverent parental fears of rock music and its supposed concurrent substance abuse, but soon enough shifted to the name Black by a suggestion from friend, classmate and future band member Asif Haque. The band would then be introduced to Zubair Hossain Imon, an old acquaintance of guitar player Asif, whom the band considers to be "the stalwart member" and their "philosophical mentor". He is widely known for helping the band with their songwriting, often directly contributing words and ideas.

Black was formed in 1998 with the five members of Jon in vocals, Jahan in guitar, Tony in drums, Asif for additional guitar work and Tamzid Siddiq Spondon in bass. Soon enough Spondon and Asif parted ways with the band to follow each other's interests.


Amar Prithibi (2001-2002)

In 2002 Black would release their debut record titled Amar Prithibi. Work began on the album in fall of 2001, between which they had also released several other singles in various compilation albums, and came into completion fall of 2002.[] Notable singles include "Amra", "Obhimaan", "Amar Prithibi" and "Kothay". The album also displayed Black's earlier heavy music influences in songs like "Kobor" and "Ondhokarer Pashe".[]

Utshober Por and Offbeat (2003-2004)

Shortly after the release of Amar Prithibi Black rushed into studio and began working on their sophomore followup under the title Utshober Por. This album was completed at a much shorter time since the band already had enough material from Amar Prithibi for a second album. The album was a departure from Black's usually heavy and alternative styling and instead focused on more mellow and folk oriented tunes and dealt with more self-exploratory writing. Notable singles from the album include "Utshober Por" (title track) and "Shloak", which received frequent playback in commercial radio stations.[]

Considering the sudden emergence of piracy in music, the album had sold well enough to have superseded Amar Prithibi. The album was received fairly well by critics despite having sold so well. Soon after releasing Utshober Por, the band took a stab at acting. The members of Black were cast as a ragtag group of street urchins in the teleplay Offbeat. The soundtrack to the song Shey Je Boshe Achhe had been a collaborative effort between Black and Arnob, of the folk group Bangla.

Death of Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin

On 20 April 2005, returning home after successfully completing a tour in Chittagong the bus in which the band was on, crashed near a ditch on the road. The crash caused the death of Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin, a prominent sound engineer in the Bangladesh music industry and a close friend of the band. Band members Jon, Jahan and Tahsan suffered minor bruises and cuts while Tony and Miraz had to be hospitalised. The members of the band announced a hiatus until further notice. Miraz had been diagnosed with a permanently damaged patella and had to leave the band indefinitely.

Abar (2007-2008)

After a five-year hiatus Black released their third studio album Abar at 10 July 2008. Under the sponsorship of Warid Telecom a press conference was held at Bashundhara City shopping mall, followed by a gala event for the album's launch. A documentary chronicling Black's career, including Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin's death, was shown and released publicly prior to Abar being launched. It was produced under Black's supervision and released through the G-Series label. The documentary features interviews by notable artists and figures amongst the Bangladesh music industry such as, Isha Khan Duray, Azam Khan, Sumon, Tipu and Iqbal Asif Jewel. This album was stated as one of the most commercially successful album in the history of Bangladeshi Band music.[]

Black (2009-2011)

In late 2009 Black stated on their official Facebook page they had started working on their fourth studio album since June and that it is planned to be self-titled, a first for the band. In mid 2010 bass player Shahriar Sagar parted with the band paving the way for former Aashor member Rafiqul Ahsan Titu to take the helm. Upon his joining vocalist Jon Kabir says:

Its like having someone like Robert DeLeo (referring to the Stone Temple Pilots bass player) take time off of his obviously busy schedule and jam with the mere mortals we are. Every piece of music that he brings in leaves the rest of us feeling flaccid ... musically speaking of course, in short he has been a tremendous and overwhelming influence on us and fits more than perfectly in our musically misfit jigsaw puzzle

Black has released their 4th album, Black which is self-titled on 21 August 2011. Just after that Jon Kabir took a break from the band for an indefinite time of period. He stated that he along with his wife is going for higher studies in the end of 2012. As a part of that, he's getting prepared and in the meantime Black would perform with guest vocalists in concerts if they want to do so. Besides Jon also stated via Black's official Facebook fan page that he was working on a side project on music but not forming a band neither going solo. After a couple of months Jon opened a fan page on Facebook named "Indalo". It stated that he was working with Dio Haque (Nemesis) on drums, Zubair Hasan (Aashor) on guitar and vocals, Rafiqul Ahsan Titu (Black) on bass. The band will go for live shows after the month of Ramadan.


Black has released their fifth studio album, named Unomanush, on November 26, 2016, under G series. There are a total of eight songs in this album. All the songs are recorded in Acoustic Artz Studio. The album was officially launched at RCC with the physical CD. Eventually this is first album recorded by the newly included members Rubayet Chowdhury (on vocal) and Charlz Francis (on bass guitar). Three of the songs have already been released with the music video: "Akkhep", "Gohine" and Odhora".


Studio albums

Compilation albums (contributed singles)

  • 2000: Charpotro
  • 2001: Anushilon
  • 2002: Projonmo
  • 2003: Din Bodol, Agontuk
  • 2004: Lokayot, Agontuk 2, Shopnochura, Offbeat (Teleplay Soundtrack)
  • 2005: Agontuk 3
  • 2006: Shopnochura 2, Underground
  • 2007: Shopnochura 3, Live Now
  • 2008: Rock 101
  • 2009: Rock 202
  • 2010: Rock 505
  • 2011: Cholo Bangladesh, Rock 606
  • 2012: Hatiar
  • 2014: Shopnochura 4
  • 2015: Rock 909

Black Band members

Music videos

  • "Aundho" performed by Black (2002)
  • "Utshober Por" performed by Black (2004)
  • "Kothae" performed by Black (2004)
  • "Abar" performed by Black (2008)
  • "35" performed by Black (2008)
  • "Ajo..." performed by Black (2011)


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