Bight (geography)
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Bight Geography
A stretch of coastline of the Great Australian Bight

In geography, a bight is a bend or curve in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature,[1] or it may refer to a bay formed by such a feature.[2] Such bays are typically broad, open, shallow and only slightly recessed.[3] Bights are distinguished from sounds, in that sounds are much deeper. Traditionally, explorers defined a bight as a bay that could be sailed out of on a single tack in a square-rigged sailing vessel, regardless of the direction of the wind[] (typically meaning the apex of the bight is less than 25 degrees from the edges).

The term is derived from Old English byht ("bend, angle, corner; bay, bight") and is not etymologically related to "bite" (Old English b?tan).

Notable bights


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