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BSAT-3c (JCSAT-110R)
NamesBSAT-3c JCSAT-110R
Mission typeCommunication
COSPAR ID2011-041C[1]
SATCAT no.37776
WebsiteJSAT Official Page
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerLockheed Martin[3]
Launch mass2,906 kg (6,407 lb)
Dimensions5.3 m × 2.0 m × 1.9 m (17.4 ft × 6.6 ft × 6.2 ft)[4]
Power7.5 kW[5]
Start of mission
Launch date22:52:00, August 6, 2011 (UTC) (2011-08-06T22:52:00Z)[6]
RocketAriane 5 ECA
Launch siteGuiana Space Center ELA-3
Orbital parameters
Longitude110° East[7]
BandB-SAT: 12 Ku band
JSAT: 12 × 36 MHz Ku band
TWTA powerB-SAT: 120 Watts
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BSAT-3c, also known as JCSAT-110R, is a geostationary communications satellite operated by SKY Perfect JSAT Group (JSAT) which was designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin on the A2100 platform.[8][9][10]

Satellite description

The spacecraft was designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin on the A2100 satellite bus for B-SAT and SKY Perfect JSAT Group (JSAT). It had a launch mass of 2,906 kg (6,407 lb) and a 16-year design life.[4] As most satellites based on the A2100 platform, it uses a 460 N (100 lbf) LEROS-1C LAE for orbit raising.[8]

It measures 5.3 m × 2.0 m × 1.9 m (17.4 ft × 6.6 ft × 6.2 ft) when stowed for launch. Its dual wing solar panels can generate 7.5 kW of power at the end of its design life, and span 18.9 m (62 ft) when fully deployed.[4]

It has two payloads, both in the Ku band with 12 transponders each (a total of 24), each payload is dedicated to each of the owners. The B-SAT payload has 12 transponders with a TWTA output power of 120 Watts.[2] The JSAT payload has twelve 36 MHz transponders.[11]


On September 18, 2007, SKY Perfect JSAT Group (JSAT) announced an agreement with B-SAT to jointly procure an hybrid broadcast and communication satellite. Thanks to a decision of the Japanese government that effectively lifted a ban on such mixed satellites, both companies would share a spacecraft to act as backup of JCSAT-110 on the 110°East slot. Named BSAT-3c by B-SAT and JCSAT-110R by JSAT, it was to be launched in 2011, and it would be managed by B-SAT.[12] On September 19, 2007, they closed a deal with Arianespace for a launch slot with an Ariane 5 for its launch.[13][14]

On December 15, 2008, JSAT and B-SAT placed a joint order with Lockheed for another A2100-based satellite. Designated JCSAT-110R by JSAT and BSAT-3c by B-SAT, it was to be launched by an Ariane 5 in the second quarter of 2011. The satellite would have two 12 Ku band payloads, one for each of the owners.[15][8]

Intended to launch on August 1, 2011, an anomaly on a valve of the EPC stage of the Ariane 5 ECA rocket, aborted the first launch attempt while the rocket was returned to its integration building for maintenance.[16] On August 6, 2011, at 22:52 UTC, JCSAT-110R/BSAT-3c and its launch companion Astra 1N launched aboard the Ariane 5 ECA from Guiana Space Center ELA-3 launch pad.[8] At 23:30 UTC, BSAT-3c, which was riding on the lower berth under the SYLDA adapter, separated from the upper stage and successfully finishing the launcher mission. The first signals from the satellite were received at 23:52 UTC, and the process of transferring to its definitive orbital position at 110°East and verifying its performance was started.[17] It was introduced into operational service on September 21, 2011.[2]

It was to become the last of the third generation of B-SAT three-satellite fleet, and the on-orbit spare for the JSAT fleet.[17][2]


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