BBC2 Playhouse
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BBC2 Playhouse

BBC2 Playhouse
GenreDrama, Anthology, television plays
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
Original networkBBC 2
Picture format576i PAL
Original releaseMarch 13, 1974 (1974-03-13) -
May 20, 1983 (1983-05-20)

BBC2 Playhouse is a UK anthology television series of one-hour episodes produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Among its many performers were Helen Mirren, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Liam Neeson, Paul Scofield, Deborah Kerr, Ben Kingsley, Donald Pleasence, Brenda Blethyn, Peggy Ashcroft and Margaret Whiting.

It premiered in the UK on 13 March 1974 and ran until 20 May 1983.


This table is based on records in the BBC Genome archive of the Radio Times[1] and the BFI database.[2]

Original UK
transmission date
Title Author Producer Director Performers Notes
13 Mar 1974 Sizwe Bansi is Dead Athol Fugard, John Kani, Winston Ntshona Graeme McDonald John Davies John Kani
Winston Ntshona
Adapted from the play.
6 Aug 1974 The Joke Isaac Bashevis Singer, dramatised by Rhys Adrian Irene Shubik Voytek Donald Pleasence
Hugh Griffith
Miriam Karlin
Repeated 26 May 1976.
13 Aug 1974 The Cafeteria Silvio Narizzano Donald Pleasence
Oscar Homolka
Sara Kestelman
Repeated 19 May 1976.
8 Jan 1975 The Breakthrough Daphne du Maurier, dramatised by Clive Exton Irene Shubik Graham Evans Simon Ward Repeated 10 November 1976.
15 Jan 1975 Mrs Acland's Ghosts William Trevor Irene Shubik Mike Newell Sara Kestelman
John Bluthal
9 Jul 1975 Diane David Agnew Mark Shivas Alan Clarke Janine Drzewicki Not billed as Playhouse in RT but listed by BFI.
19 Mar 1976 Kites Don Shaw Innes Lloyd Christopher King Hugh Burden
26 Mar 1976 An Accident of Class and Sex Maggie Wadey Innes Lloyd Brian Parker Peter Barkworth
Patricia Garwood
Sam Dale
Repeated 5 September 1977.
2 Apr 1976 A Martyr to the System Andrew Davies Innes Lloyd Peter Smith Mike Grady
David Hill
9 Apr 1976 The Button Man Ewart Alexander Innes Lloyd Kenneth Ives Robert Urquhart
Philip Madoc
16 Apr 1976 Practical Experience Alan Plater Innes Lloyd Bill Hays Barry Foster
23 Apr 1976 Dad Don Taylor Innes Lloyd Don Taylor Kenneth Haigh
Rosemary Leach
David Waller
30 Apr 1976 The Chauffeur Denis Plimmer and Charlotte Plimmer Innes Lloyd Brian Gibson Joe Gladwin
David de Keyser
Repeated 31 January 1977.
7 May 1976 Play Things Peter Prince Innes Lloyd Stephen Frears Jonathan Pryce
Nigel Hawthorne
Adapted from the novel. Repeated 12 September 1977.
14 May 1976 Jumbo Don Shaw Innes Lloyd Bill Hays James Grout
John Fortune
Norman Rossington
29 Sep 1976 to 3 Nov 1976 Playhouse: The Mind Beyond (6 episodes) - see separate article.
12 Jan 1977 The Achurch Letters Don Taylor Rosemary Hill Don Taylor Sian Phillips
Gary Watson
Brian McGrath
7 Nov 1979 School Play Frederic Raphael Richard Broke James Cellan Jones Denholm Elliott
Jeremy Kemp
Michael Kitchen
Tim Pigott-Smith
Jenny Agutter
Repeated under Playhouse Special, 12 December 1981.
14 Nov 1979 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Tom Stoppard and André Previn Mark Shivas Roger Bamford and Trevor Nunn Ian McKellen
Ben Kingsley
First shown 9 May 1979.
21 Nov 1979 The Brylcreem Boys Peter Durrant Innes Lloyd Roger Bamford David Threlfall Repeated 11 September 1981.
28 Nov 1979 An Affinity With Dr Still David Snodin Anne Head Derek Lister Nicholas Le Prevost
5 Dec 1979 Home-Movies Denis Cannan Rosemary Hill Philip Dudley Frederick Jaeger
Clive Swift
12 Dec 1979 Sweet Wine of Youth Darrol Blake, from the letters and poems of Rupert Brooke Cedric Messina Darrol Blake Graham Simpson
Paul Sherman
Monica Kendall
Matthew Marsh
19 Dec 1979 Speed King Roger Milner Innes Lloyd Ferdinand Fairfax Robert Hardy
Jennifer Hilary
Jack Galloway
Repeated 24 June 1981.
12 Jan 1980 Pews Chaim Bermant Graham Benson Barry Davis John Bennett
19 Jan 1980 Gentle Folk Alexander Baron Innes Lloyd Rodney Bennett Anthony Dutton
Christopher Strauli
Denholm Elliott
Repeated under Playhouse Special, 19 December 1981.
26 Jan 1980 Lifelike John Challen Anne Head Peter Bartlett Peter Clay
Alun Lewis
Matthew Guinness
9 Feb 1980 The Enigma John Fowles, adapted by Malcolm Bradbury David Rose Robert Knights Michael Thomas
Barbara Kellerman
From BBC Birmingham.
16 Feb 1980 Hesther for Example Michael Sullivan David Rose Carol Wiseman Geraldine James From BBC Birmingham.
23 Feb 1980 Trouble With Gregory Stephen Davis Michael Wearing John Glenister Richard Pasco
Elizabeth Bell
From BBC Birmingham.
8 Mar 1980 The Best of Friends Frederic Raphael Anne Head Derek Lister Keith Barron
15 Mar 1980 In Hiding Don Taylor Innes Lloyd Don Taylor Roger Burnett
Doreen Mantle
Denholm Elliott
Alan Rowe
Tim Pigott-Smith
Repeated under Playhouse Special, 28 Nov 1981.
22 Mar 1980 Rottingdean Richard Crane Anne Head Mark Cullingham Pat Heywood
Trevor Peacock
18 Apr 1980 The Dig James Robson David Rose Carol Wilks Eric Allan
Jennie Stoller
From BBC Birmingham.
25 Apr 1980 Happy Derrick Buttress Peter Ansorge Derek Lister Paul Copley
Max Hafler
From BBC Birmingham.
2 May 1980 Mary's Wife David Cook Peter Ansorge Peter Jefferies Robert Gillespie
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
From BBC Birmingham.
9 May 1980 Games Without Frontiers Mike Bradwell Peter Ansorge Mike Bradwell Philip Jackson
Jim Broadbent
From BBC Birmingham.
16 May 1980 The Unborn Philip Martin Peter Ansorge Michael Custance Tack Shepherd
Mary Larkin
From BBC Birmingham.
23 May 1980 Electric in the City Tony Bicat David Rose Tony Bicat Will Knightley
Stephen Murray
From BBC Birmingham.
30 May 1980 Blue Remembered Hills Dennis Potter Kenith Trodd Brian Gibson Colin Welland First shown as a Play for Today on BBC1, 30 January 1979. Winner of the 1979 BAFTA Awards for Best Director and Best Play. Repeated 6 November 1986, and on BBC4 25 December 2004 and 5 June 2008.
6 Jun 1980 Thank You Comrades Jim Hawkins Graham Benson Jack Gold Ben Kingsley
Connie Booth
First shown on BBC1, 19 December 1978.
13 Jun 1980 Coming Out James Andrew Hall Kenith Trodd Carol Wiseman Anton Rodgers First shown as a Play for Today on BBC1, 10 April 1979.
20 Jun 1980 Crest of a Wave Douglas Livingstone Graham Benson Peter Bartlett Denholm Elliott
Ian Hendry
Wendy Seely
First shown 18 September 1978 under Premiere 2.
Freedom of the Dig Peter Everett Terry Bedford Peter Vaughan
David Collings
Alun Armstrong
First shown 23 October 1978 under Premiere 2.
6 Jul 1980 A Walk in the Forest Jeremy Paul Carol Robertson Jack Gold John Alderton First shown as a Play for Today on BBC1, 14 May 1980.
13 Jul 1980 Halleluiah, Mary Plum Rose Tremain Rosemary Hill Peter Hammond Chrissy Iddon
20 Jul 1980 One of These Nights I'm Gonna Get an Early Day Trevor Preston Graham Benson Peter Ellis Bryan Marshall
Michael Gambon
First shown 16 October 1978 under Premiere 2.
Travellers Stan Barstow Keith Evans Paul Copley
William Biggs
First shown 9 October 1978 under Premiere 2.
3 Aug 1980 Dalhousie's Luck Aeneas MacBride Pharic MacLaren Alan Cooke Brian Cox From BBC Scotland.
10 Aug 1980 An Ordered Life Stephen Deutsch Rosemary Hill Peter Smith Colin Jeavons
31 Oct 1980 Caught on a Train Stephen Poliakoff Kenith Trodd Peter Duffell Peggy Ashcroft
Michael Kitchen
BAFTA Best Single Play, 1981. Repeated on BBC1 14 April 1981, on BBC2 18 September 1989 and 5 May 2001, and on BBC4 20 January 2003 and 15 January 2006.
7 Nov 1980 The Fatal Spring George Baker Anne Head Michael Darlow David Sibley
Charles Dance
Michael Troughton
UN Media Peace Prize Award for Merit
14 Nov 1980 The Black Madonna Muriel Spark, adapted by Russell Harty Alan Shallcross Michael Simpson Helen Fraser
Edward Peel
21 Nov 1980 The Happy Autumn Fields Elizabeth Bowen, dramatised by William Trevor Rosemary Hill Peter Hammond Gillian Blake
Stephen Moore
28 Nov 1980 Grown-Ups Mike Leigh Louis Marks Mike Leigh Lesley Manville
Brenda Blethyn
Lindsay Duncan
Sam Kelly
Janine Dlvitski
Repeated 9 September 1982.
5 Dec 1980 My Dear Palestrina Bernard MacLaverty Neil Zeiger Diarmuid Lawrence Eleanor Bron From BBC Northern Ireland.
12 Dec 1980 Shaping Up Sarah Pia Anderson Anne Head Peter Bartlett Veronica Roberts
Dinah Stabb
19 Dec 1980 Standing In For Henry Malcolm Bradbury Rosemary Hill Michael Heffernan Simon Cowell-Parker
9 Jan 1981 Fothergill Robert Holles, based on a book by John Fothergill Innes Lloyd Claude Whatham Robert Hardy
16 Jan 1981 One Hundred and Eighty!!! Rita May John Norton Jim Hill Barry Hart
Peter Martin
Brenda Castle
23 Jan 1981 The Kindness of Mrs Radcliffe Noel Coward, dramatised by Stanley Price Alan Shallcross Chris Menaul Elizabeth Spriggs
30 Jan 1981 A Last Visitor for Mr Hugh Peter Don Taylor Anne Head Don Taylor Peter Vaughan
6 Feb 1981 The Journal of Bridget Hitler Beryl Bainbridge and Philip Saville Anne Head Philip Saville Siobhan McKenna
Maurice Roeves
13 Feb 1981 Days at the Beach Malcolm Mowbray David Rose Malcolm Mowbray Sam Kelly
Stephen Bill
Mark Aspinall
From BBC Birmingham. Repeated 5 July 1992.
20 Feb 1981 Bobby Wants to Meet Me Janey Preger Peter Ansorge Tony Smith Philip Sayer From BBC Birmingham.
27 Feb 1981 Days Eva Figes David Rose Michael Rolfe Anna Calder-Marshall From BBC Birmingham.
6 Mar 1981 Clapperclaw Jack Shepherd Peter Ansorge Michael Wearing Lynn Farleigh
Maggie Steed
Lesley Clare O'Neill
From BBC Birmingham.
13 Mar 1981 The Potsdam Quartet David Pinner Michael Rolfe David Giles Peter Eyre
Frederick Jaeger
Clive Swift
Jerome Willis
From BBC Birmingham.
20 Mar 1981 Unity John Mortimer, based on the biography of Unity Mitford by David Pryce-Jones. Louis Marks James Cellan Jones Lesley-Anne Down
Nigel Havers
Jeremy Kemp
James Villiers
Ernst Jacobi
27 Mar 1981 Sky Lark Julian Bond Chris Cherry Chris Lovett Wendy Morgan
David Sibley
3 Apr 1981 Elizabeth Alone:
Part 1
William Trevor Ann Kirch Brian Parker Barbara Ferris
Gawn Grainger
Joss Ackland
Doreen Mantle
David Neal
Sylvia Coleridge
Harry Towb
Elizabeth Estensen
10 Apr 1981 Elizabeth Alone:
Part 2
Barbara Ferris
Gawn Grainger
Doreen Mantle
David Neal
Ian Marter
17 Apr 1981 Elizabeth Alone:
Part 3
Barbara Ferris
Gawn Grainger
Sylvia Coleridge
Harry Towb
Elizabeth Estensen
24 Apr 1981 The Man Who Almost Knew Eamonn Andrews John Heilpern John Norton Peter Bartlett Doug Fisher
1 May 1981 You're All Right - How Am I? William Douglas Home Innes Lloyd Paul Ciappessoni Repeated under Playhouse Special, 5 December 1981.
15 May 1981 The Day War Broke Out Peter Tinniswood Peter Ansorge Mike Bradwell Kenneth MacDonald
Dee Anderson
From BBC Birmingham.
22 May 1981 Random Moments in a May Garden James Saunders Terry Coles Bill Hays Barry Foster
Zena Walker
T P McKenna
5 Jun 1981 Going Gently Thomas Ellice, from the novel by Robert C.S. Downs Innes Lloyd Stephen Frears Norman Wisdom
Judi Dench
Fulton MacKay
BAFTA Best Single Play, 1982. Repeated on BBC1 24 August 1982.
10 Jul 1981 Marriage Nikolai Gogol, English version by Eric Bentley Ann Kirch Michael Simpson John Wood
Margaret Tyzack
Gawn Grainger
Norman Rodway
Stratford Johns
Dinah Stabb
30 Oct 1981 Mrs Reinhardt Edna O'Brien Alan Shallcross Piers Haggard Helen Mirren
Brad Davis
Ralph Bates
6 Nov 1981 Last Summer's Child Susan Hill Rosemary Hill Giles Foster Billie Whitelaw
Anthony Bate
Repeated 4 March 1983.
13 Nov 1981 Autumn Sunshine William Trevor Alan Shallcross Rodney Bennett Christopher Casson
Mary Larkin
Robert Hamilton
Repeated 25 February 1983.
27 Nov 1981 The Grudge Fight John Hale Rosemary Hill Mike Vardy Jamie Roberts
Michael Packer
4 Dec 1981 Virginia Fly Is Drowning Angela Huth, dramatised from her novel Anne Head Mark Cullingham Anna Massey
Noel Dyson
Richard Wilson
11 Dec 1981 Findings on a Late Afternoon Rose Tremain June Roberts Richard Martin John Nettles
Joss Ackland
18 Dec 1981 Dancing Country Peter Buckman Brenda Reid Michael Darlow Elsie Randolph
Nat Jackley
John Junkin
8 Jan 1982 The Combination Tim Preece Rosemary Hill Peter Hammond Dorothy Tutin
Gary Raymond
Henry Milner
Julian Davies
Repeated 18 February 1983.
15 Jan 1982 A Silly Little Habit Carol Bunyan Anne Head Sarah Pia Anderson Margaret Tyzack
Pauline Jameson
22 Jan 1982 Aubrey John Selwyn Gilbert Rosemary Hill Peter Hammond John Dicks
Rula Lenska
29 Jan 1982 Preview Sylvia Clayton Rosemary Hill Jon Amiel Anton Rodgers
Anna Cropper
Cherie Lunghi
Will Knightly
5 Feb 1982 Out Of Step Carol Bunyan Terry Coles Bill Hays Jacqueline Tong
Carol Leader
12 Feb 1982 A Shilling Life Guy Meredith Rosemary Hill Michael Heffernan Eric Porter
Julie Covington
19 Feb 1982 The Workshop Jean-Claude Grumberg, adapted by Tom Kempinski Carol Robertson Nicolas Kent Lynn Farleigh
Lee Montague
26 Feb 1982 How Many Miles to Babylon? Jennifer Johnston, adapted by Derek Mahon Innes Lloyd Moira Armstrong Sian Phillips
Barry Foster
Alan MacNaughtan
Daniel Day-Lewis
Christopher Fairbank
5 Mar 1982 The Pigman's Protege Thomas Ellice Terry Coles John Madden Victoria Fairbrother
Patrick Troughton
12 Mar 1982 Pocketful Of Dreams Jim Hill Terry Coles Stuart Urban Michael Elphick
Philip Jackson
Repeated 11 March 1983.
19 Mar 1982 Keeping in Touch Alan Drury Terry Coles Terence Deyaney Doug Fisher
Margery Mason
26 Mar 1982 The Guest Pauline MacAulay, from a short story by Gerald Durrell. Terry Coles Paul Bamborough Anton Rodgers
Judy Cornwell
Repeated 25 March 1983.
2 Apr 1982 The Sidmouth Letters Jane Gardam, dramatised by Paula Milne Terry Coles Nicholas Renton Jane Wymark
Patience Collier
Philip O'Brien
16 Apr 1982 The Queen of Annagh Terence Hodgkinson Terry Coles Jane Jackson Diane Fletcher
Eamon Boland
23 Apr 1982 By George! Dennis Cannan Rosemary Hill Nicholas Renton Benjamin Whit-Row
30 Apr 1982 Lunch Elaine Feinstein Rosemary Hill Jon Amiel Rosemary Martin
Jennifer Hilary
7 May 1982 Passing Through Rhys Adrian Rosemary Hill Desmond Davis Ian Richardson
Lee Montague
Rosalie Crutchley
14 May 1982 Jake's End Desmond Lowden Michael Wearing Jim O'Brien Maurice O'Connell
Coral Atkins
Christine Hargreaves
From BBC Birmingham.
21 May 1982 Housewarming Stephen Bill Peter Ansorge Robin Midgley Penelope Nice
Nigel Bennett
Carolyn Moody
David Collings
From BBC Birmingham.
28 May 1982 Easy Money Michael Abbensetts Peter Ansorge Gillian Lynne Gary Shail
Kim Thomson
From BBC Birmingham.
4 Jun 1982 Potatohead Blues Bill Morrison Peter Ansorge Michael Rolfe Tony Rohr
Valerie Lilley
From BBC Birmingham.
11 Jun 1982 The Man Who Married a French Wife Irwin Shaw, dramatised by Kenneth Cavander Alan Shallcross John Glenister
The Monument Lindsay Law Nick Havinga A WNET New York production.
The Girls in their Summer Dresses Lindsay Law Nick Havinga A WNET New York production.
18 Jun 1982 Chains Janey Preger Terry Coles Graham Theakston Michael Elphick
7 Jul 1982 Come into the Garden Maud Noel Coward Rosemary Hill Cedric Messina Geraldine McEwan
9 Jul 1982 A Song at Twilight Noel Coward Rosemary Hill Cedric Messina Deborah Kerr
Paul Scofield
14 Jan 1983 Fraulein Else Thomas Ellice, from a story by Arthur Schnitzler Terry Coles Bill Hays Georgia Slowe
Brewster Mason
Not billed as Playhouse in RT but listed by BFI.
1 Apr 1983 Imaginary Friends George Baker, adapted from a play by Robert King Neil Zeiger Michael Darlow Peter Ustinov
Lilli Palmer
Roger Rees
Not billed as Playhouse in RT but listed by BFI.
20 May 1983 Possibilities Jonathan Raban Innes Lloyd Kenneth Ives Tim Brooke-Taylor Not billed as Playhouse in RT but listed by BFI.
Playhouse Presents
17 Feb 1980 The Lost Boys 1: We Set Out to Be Wrecked Andrew Birkin Louis Marks Rodney Bennett Ian Holm First shown under Play of the Week, 11 October 1978. Repeated 27 December 1991.
24 Feb 1980 The Lost Boys 2: Dark and Sinister Man First shown under Play of the Week, 18 October 1978. Repeated 28 December 1991.
2 Mar 1980 The Lost Boys 3: An Awfully Big Adventure First shown under Play of the Week, 25 October 1978. Repeated 30 December 1991.
9 Mar 1980 Law and Order 1: A Detective's Tale G.F. Newman Tony Garnett Leslie Blair Derek Martin
Ken Campbell
First shown 6 April 1978. Repeated on BBC4 24 March 2009.
16 Mar 1980 Law and Order 2: A Villain's Tale Peter Dean
Derek Martin
First shown 13 April 1978. Repeated on BBC4 31 March 2009.
23 Mar 1980 Law and Order 3: A Brief's Tale Ken Campbell
Peter Dean
First shown 20 April 1978. Repeated on BBC4 7 April 2009.
30 Mar 1980 Law and Order 4: A Prisoner's Tale Peter Dean
Deirdre Costello
First shown 27 April 1978. Repeated on BBC4 14 April 2009.
13 Sep 1980 Langrishe, Go Down Harold Pinter, based on the novel by Aidan Higgins David Jones Judi Dench
Jeremy Irons
Annette Crosbie
Harold Pinter
Margaret Whiting
First shown under Play of the Week, 20 September 1978. Repeated on BBC4 26 December 2002, and on BBC2 16 August 2005 and 11 February 2005.
12 Jun 1981 Big Blonde Dorothy Parker, adapted by Ellen M. Violett Ann Blumenthal Kirk Browning Sally Kellerman A WNET production

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