Augmented Third
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Augmented Third
Augmented third on C About this soundPlay .

In classical music from Western culture, an augmented third (About this soundPlay ) is an interval of five semitones. It may be produced by widening a major third by a chromatic semitone.[1][3] For instance, the interval from C to E is a major third, four semitones wide, and both the intervals from C to E, and from C to E are augmented thirds, spanning five semitones. Being augmented, it is considered a dissonant interval.[4]

Its inversion is the diminished sixth, and its enharmonic equivalent is the perfect fourth.

The just augmented third, E#, is 456.99 cents or 125:96. About this soundPlay  The Pythagorean augmented third, E+++, is 521.51 cents or 177147:131072, eleven just perfect fifths. About this soundPlay 


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