Assen Railway Station
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Assen Railway Station
w:Nederlandse Spoorwegen
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Coordinates52°59?30?N 6°34?14?E / 52.99167°N 6.57056°E / 52.99167; 6.57056Coordinates: 52°59?30?N 6°34?14?E / 52.99167°N 6.57056°E / 52.99167; 6.57056
Line(s)Meppel-Groningen railway
  • Bus transport VMNN: 1, 2, 3, 4 (shared with Qbuzz), 12, 53
  • Bus transportQbuzz: 4 (shared with VMNN), 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 50, 58, 83, 110, 419, 603, 807
Other information
Station codeAsn
Opened1 May 1870
Assen is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Assen (Dutch pronunciation: ['?s?n] ; abbreviation: Asn) is a railway station located in Assen, Netherlands. The station was opened on 1 May 1870 and is located on the Meppel-Groningen railway. The station is operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. A modern looking, new station building was built in 1988. From 1902 until 1947 there was also a railway line to Gasselternijveen, where trains connected to the railway line to Stadskanaal.


The railway station and station area, is to be upgraded along with other public works around the city of Assen, such as the creation of a harbour quarter, joining up the canal system through the city and creation of a city boulevard. The road that passes outside the station will become an underground section. While above ground it will become pedestrianised towards the city centre and the new harbour quarter.

The upgraded station will accommodate an underground bicycle storage area, and cycle shop (?) replacing the current outside stalls for rail users. The contract to re-design Assen station was won by the Powerhouse Company and De Zwarte Hond.

FlorijnAs is overseeing the wider works of improvement in the city and their website (which is available in Dutch and English) explains that: "Towards the end of 2015 the relocation of the cables and pipes for the station begins. Then the implementation of the road tunnel is planned for 2016, and In mid- 2016 ProRail is to start work with the tracks and the platform tunnel." However 27 August 2015 saw the website spoorPRO release an article, stating that the works on the tracks have been pushed back till 2017, due to "hard work being scheduled elsewhere on other projects in 2016", while further in the article ProRail and contractors are stated to have said they are "currently working on the biggest track renewal since the birth of the railways".

While there is expected to be disruption from these works for everyday users, the station is currently not due to close during the scheduled works.

There are plans to open a station south of this one, called Assen Zuid, which will serve southern Assen as well as the TT Circuit Assen.

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Zwolle - Meppel - Groningen Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour - On Sundays, this train operates 1x per hour until 16:00, then 2x per hour after
Zwolle - Meppel - Hoogeveen - Assen - Groningen Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour
Groningen - Assen - Zwolle - Amersfoort - Utrecht - Gouda - Rotterdam Express ("Intercity") NS 1x per hour
Groningen - Assen - Zwolle - Lelystad - Almere - Schiphol - Leiden - Den Haag Express ("Intercity") NS 1x per hour
Groningen - Haren - Assen Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour - rush hours only.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
1 Assen TT-circuit - Ziekenhuis (Hospital) - Station - Centrum (town centre) - Industriegebied - Marsdijk Qbuzz and CTS
7 Assen Kloosterveen - Pittelo - De Lariks - Centrum (town centre) - Station - Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (Hospital) - Vredeveld - Anreep CTS No service on evenings and Sundays.
8 Assen Kloosterveen - Baggelhuizen - Ziekenhuis (Hospital) - Station - Centrum (town centre) - De Lariks - Noorderpark - Peelo - Marsdijk CTS No service on evenings and Sundays.
14 Leeuwarden - Garyp - Nijega - Drachten - Ureterp - Wijnjewoude - Donkerbroek - Oosterwolde - Weper - Veenhuizen - Huis ter Heide - Assen Arriva After 21:00 and on Sunday mornings, the route between Oosterwolde and Assen is only served if called one hour before its supposed departure ("belbus"). The rest of the route is operated normally.
20 Assen - Smilde - Dieverbrug - Diever/Dwingeloo - Dieverbrug - Uffelte - Havelte - Meppel Qbuzz and CTS
21 Assen - Rolde - Grolloo - Schoonloo - De Kiel - Schoonoord - Sleen - Erm - Emmen Qbuzz and Taxi Dorenbos
22 Assen - Graswijk - Hooghalen - Beilen - Westerbork - Wezup - Zweeloo (- Emmen) Qbuzz and CTS The route between Zweeloo and Emmen is only served during rush hours (excluding school breaks).
24 Assen - Rolde - Papenvoort - Borger - Buinen - Buinerveen - Nieuw Buinen - Stadskanaal - Nieuwe Pekela - Oude Pekela - Winschoten Qbuzz No service on Sundays. On Saturdays, this bus only operates between 1x per 2 hours between Assen and Stadskanaal.
50 Groningen - Haren - Glimmen - De Punt - Vries - Ubbena - Assen Qbuzz
51 Groningen - Haren - Onnen - Noordlaren - Zuidlaren - Schuilingsoord - Annen - Gieten/Anloo - Gasteren - Loon - Assen Qbuzz and CTS No service between Onnen and Assen on evenings and weekends.
83 Assen - Ter Aard - Zeijen - Peest - Norg - Langelo - Alteveer - Roden - Nietap - Leek Qbuzz and Taxi Nuis
84 Heerenveen - Lijnjeberd - Tjalleberd - Tijnje - Nij Beets - Boornbergum - Drachten - Ureterp - Frieschepalen - Bakkeveen - Waskemeer - Haulerwijk - Een - Norg - Zuidvelde - Huis ter Heide - Assen Arriva On Saturdays and off-peak hours during school breaks, this bus only operates between Heerenveen and Drachten Transferium Oost if called one hour before its supposed departure ("belbus"). The rest of the route is operated normally. On evenings and Sundays, the entire route is operated as a "belbus".
110 Veendam - Wildervank - Bareveld - Gieten - Rolde - Assen Qbuzz
114 Leeuwarden - Garyp - Nijega - Drachten - Wijnjewoude - Donkerbroek - Oosterwolde - Appelscha - Hijkersmilde - Smilde - Bovensmilde - Assen Arriva Mon-Fri during daytime hours only.
115 Heerenveen - Oudeschoot - Mildam - Katlijk - Nieuwehorne - Oudehorne - Jubbega - Hoornsterzwaag - Donkerbroek - Oosterwolde - Appelscha - Hijkersmilde - Smilde - Bovensmilde - Assen Arriva
419 Groningen - Assen Qbuzz 2 runs during Friday late nights and 1x per hour during Saturday late nights.

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