Amarna Letter EA 5
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Amarna Letter EA 5
Amarna letter EA 5
TablillaAmenhotepIIIABabilonia (46200275501).jpg
SizeHeight: 5.51 in (14.0 cm)
Width: 2.75 in (7.0 cm)
Thickness: 0.788 in (2.00 cm)
(Akkadian language)
Created~1375-1335 BC (Amarna Period)
Period/cultureMiddle Babylonian
Present locationBritish Museum, London
BM 29787

Amarna Letter EA5 is a correspondence between Kada?man-Enlil I and Amenhotep III.

The letter exists as two artifacts, one at the British Museum (BM29787) and one in the Cairo Museum (C12195).[1][2]

The letter is part of a series of correspondences from Babylonia to Egypt, which run from EA2 to EA4 and EA6 to EA14. EA1 and EA5 are from Egypt to Babylonia.[1][3]

The inscription translated reads:[1]

The letter

EA 5: "Gifts of Egyptian Furniture for the Babylonian Palace"

EA 5, letter five of five, Pharaoh to Kadashman-Enlil. (Not a linear, line-by-line translation.)[4]

Obverse: (see here [1])

Paragraph 1
(Lines 1-12)--[Thus Nibmuar]ey[a1Great King, the king of Egypt. Say to] Ka[da?man-Enlil, the king of Karadunniya?,2my brother: For m]e all goes (well). For you may all go well. For you]r [household, your] wives, [your sons, yo]ur [magnates], yo[ur] troops, [yo]ur [horses], your [chariots], and i[n your countries, may all go] well. [For me al]l goes well. For my household, [my] wives, [my sons], my magnates, my ma[ny] troops, my [horses], my chariots, and in [m]y [countries] all goes very, very well.
Paragraph 2
(13-33)--I have [just]3heard that you have built some n[ew] quarters.4I am sending herewith some furnishings for your house. Indeed I shall be preparing everthing possible5before the arrival of your messenger who is bringing your daughter. When6your messenger returns, I will send (them) to [yo]u. I herewith send you , in the charge of ?utti, a greeting-gift of things for the new house: 1 bed7of ebony, overlaid with ivory and gold; 3 beds of ebony, overlaid with gold; 1 uruu of ebony, overlaid with gold; 1 lar[ge] chair [o]f ebo[ny], overlaid with gold.8These things, the weight of all the gold: 7 minas, 9 shekels, of silver9(In addition), 10 footrests of ebony; [ . . . ] of ebony, overlaid with gold; [ . . . ] footrests of ivory, overlaid with gold; [ . . . ] . . . of gold. [Total10x] minas, 10 and 7 shekels, of gold.--(complete, lacunas throughout, lines 1-33)

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