Amarna Letter EA 325
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Amarna Letter EA 325
EA 362, from Rib-Haddi, an Amarna letter, approximately 2x larger than EA 325.
(very high-resolution expandable photo)

Amarna letter EA 325, titled: "Preparations Completed (2),"[1] is a shorter-length clay tablet Amarna letter from Yidya the governor-'mayor' of A?qaluna-(Ashkelon). It is a letter addressing the Pharaoh in high terms, as well as stating the 'governor of A?qaluna' is making preparations for the arrival of the Pharaoh's archer-army, the archers (Egyptian pitati). EA 325 is a vassal-state letter (from Canaan), and has some similar appearances, for example appearing like letters EA 270 and EA 271.

The letter

EA 325: "Preparations Completed (2),"

EA 325, letter five of seven, by Yidya. (Not a linear, line-by-line translation, and English from French.)[2]

(Lines 1-9)--[To] the king, my lord, my god, my Sun, the Sun fr[om the s]ky; Message of Yidya, your servant, the dirt at your feet, the groom of [yo]ur horses. I indeed prostrate myself, on the back and on the stomach, at the feet of the king, my lord, 7 times and 7 times.
(10-14)--I am indeed guarding the place of the king, my lord, and the city of the king, my lord, [w]here I am. Who is the dog that would not obey the orders of the king, the Sun from the sky?
(15-19)--I have indeed prepared absolutely everything — [f]ood, strong drink, oxen, sheep, and goats,1grain, straw, absolutely everything that the king, my lord, commanded. I have indeed prepared it.
(20-22)--And I am indeed p[reparing] the tribute of the Sun, in accordance with the comma[nd] of the king, my lord, the Sun fr[om the sky].

Akkadian text

The Akkadian language text:[3]


(Line 1)--A-na 1.di?-LUGAL-EN-ia dingir-ME?-IA--(B839 (Old Assyrian and Hittite a).jpgB110ellst.png–1–: LUGAL-B164ellst.pngB260ellst.png,.. B010 (Old Assyrian an - FreeIdg dingir).jpg-ME?-B260ellst.png,..)
(2)--dingir-UTU-IA dingir-UTU ?a i?-tu [ an-?a10-mi ]--(B010 (Old Assyrian an - FreeIdg dingir).jpg-UTU-B260ellst.png,.. B010 (Old Assyrian an - FreeIdg dingir).jpg-UTU ?a B357ellst.pngB086 (Old Babylonian tu-v1).jpg B010 (Old Assyrian an - FreeIdg dingir).jpg-?a10-mi!...)
(3)--umma 1.di?-(pi=yi)-YI-iD-(i)Ya ARAD-ka--(B238ellst.pngBrockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary b9 323-0.jpg–1,– Yi-C+B-Babylonia-CuneiformImage13.PNG-B260ellst.png,.. B018 (Old Babylonian arad-v2).jpgB024 Hittite ka.jpg,...)
(4)--ip-ri ?a 2.di?-GÌR-ME?-ka--(B148 (Old Babylonian kab v1).jpgB142ellst.png,.. ?a 2(1-1).-GÌR-ME?-B024 Hittite ka.jpg,...)
(5)-- qar-tab-bi ?a 2.di? AN?E.KUR.RA.ME?-ka--(Cuneiforme, Lú.png,.. qar-B209ellst.png--B358ellst.png ?a 2.-AN?E-C+B-Assyria-CuneiformImage4.PNG-RA-ME?-B024 Hittite ka.jpg,...)
(6)--ana 2.di?-GÌR-ME? LUGAL-EN-ia am--ut--(B839 (Old Assyrian and Hittite a).jpgB110ellst.png 2.-GÌR-ME?,.. LUGAL-B164ellst.pngB260ellst.png,.. B309ellst.png-qú-ut!... )
(7)--7.di?-?u ù 7.di?-ta-na--(7.-B567 Hittite su.jpg,.. ú 7,.. B184ellst.png-B110ellst.png,.. )
(8)--lu-ú i?-tu-hu-hi-in--(lu-ú,.. B357ellst.png-B086 (Old Babylonian tu-v1).jpg-hu-hi-in!...)
(9)--?i-ru-ma ù ka-ba-tu-ma
(single line ruling)(=paragraph)
(10)--a-nu-ma i-na-?a-ru a-?ar
(11)--LUGAL-EN-ia ù URU-kiLUGAL-EN-ia
(12)--?a it-ti-ia mi-la-mi
(13)--lu-ú-ur-gi12ù la-a (pi=yi) yi-i?-te-mu
(14)--a-wa-ti7LUGAL dingir-UTU i?-tu an- { ?a10-mi }
(single line ruling)(=paragraph)
(15)--a-nu-ma ?u-?i-ir-ti gáb-bi mi-im-mi
(16)--[ NÌG-]-ME? KA?-ME? (gu4)GUD-ME? ud5-ME?
(17)--?E-ME? IN-ME? gáb-bi mi-im-[ mi ]


(Line 1)--(To:.. 1.-King-Lord-Mine,.. (of) Gods(pl)-Mine,.. )
(2)--(God-'Sun-God'-Mine,.. God 'Sun-God' 'which' from "Sky"(Heaven),.. )
(3)--('message thus' 1.-Yi-iD-iYa(Yidya),.. Servant-Yours,.. )
(4)--(dust,.. 'which at' 2.-feet(pl)-yours,.. )
(5)--((the) Groom,.. 'which of' 2.-Horses(pl)-Yours,.. )
(6)--(at 2. Feet(pl),.. King-Lord-Mine,.. (I) bow!... )
(7)--(7. times and 7, times,.. )
(8)--("may it be",.. (that I) prostrate (myself),.. )
(9)--((on my) Back and Front(liver),.. )

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