2020 in LGBT Rights
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2020 in LGBT Rights

This is a list of notable events in the history of LGBT rights that took place in the year 2020.




  • 7 - Croatia's top court has ruled blocking gay couples from fostering children is unconstitutional, making fostering legal for gay couples in Croatia effective immediately, by overruling part of a law regarding the foster system introduced in 2018 that barred gay couples from fostering. [3]
  • 9 - Switzerland has banned discrimination on the basis of sexuality based on a referendum, putting into effect a law previous introduced in 2018, that was subsequently blocked by the government that requested a referendum to be held on the matter first. [4]
  • 11 - In Northern Ireland the first same-sex couple married, after legislation to allow this took affect in January to allow such to happen. Same-sex couples will be able to file for marriage from this day onwards in Northern Ireland. [5]
  • 25 - In Israel a change of gender on a passport no longer requires surgery to have occurred and the age for which this change is possible has been lowered from 18 to 16 year old. [6]
  • 27 - The Supreme Court of Israel rules that the country's current surrogacy law, which denies access to surrogacy for same-sex couples is discriminatory and unconstitutional, and instructs the government to amend it within one year.[7]


  • 4
    • In Hong Kong the High Court has struck down discriminatory public housing policies quoting the authority "has not been able to point to any difference between [the applicant's] marriage and other foreign opposite-sex marriages." and "There is no reason to believe that low-income families constituted by same-sex couples have any lesser need for housing than low-income families constituted by opposite-sex couples without children." This ruling effectively means public housing for families will now be available to Same Sex Couples in Hong Kong, and so long otherwise eligible foreigners who reside in Hong Kong with a valid marriage license above who are in a same-sex relationship. [8]
    • In Virginia the governor has signed a bill into law that bans conversion therapy for minors after it passed in both the Senate and the House. [9]
  • 5 - In Washington the governor has signed a bill into law after both the house and senate passed it, to remove the "gay panic defence" as a defence for committing a crime (usually a homicide), making the discovery of someone's sex, gender or sexuality no longer a legally valid defence for committing a crime in the state. Before the passing of this bill, one could claim "reduced capacity" to judge the severity of their actions based on a discovery of sex, gender or sexuality. [10]



  • 4 - In Ireland (female) same sex couples who chose to have a child via a DAHR procedure (Artificial Insemination with a traceable donor) can now both be co-registered as parents of the child, as is also done with this procedure when it's for opposite sex couple. [13]
  • 7 - German parliament Bundestag banned nationwide conversion therapy for minors until 18 years and forbids advertising of conversion therapy. It also forbids conversion therapy for adults, if they decided by force, fraud or pressure.[14]
  • 9 - In Brazil the supreme court have struck down a law that banned LGBT people from donating blood for 1 year after having sex as unconstitutional. [15][16]
  • 16 - Albania becomes third European country to ban conversion therapy.[17]
  • 21 - Hungary ends recognition of changes of sex for legal purposes including on documents for those who are Transgender and Intersex [18]
  • 22 - The president of Zambia has pardoned nearly 3000 inmates that were convicted for Homosexuality in the past decade(s). Homosexuality does remain illegal in Zambia.[19]
  • 26 - In Costa Rica same-sex marriages became legal.[20][21][22]
  • 27 - In Malaysia which has a dual-track legal system, with Islamic criminal and family laws applicable to Muslims running alongside civil laws. Federal Court of Malaysia has given the go-ahead for a man to challenge an Islamic ban on sex "against the order of nature".[23]


  • 12 - In USA the Department of Health and Human Services has rolled back an Obama-era executive order which made it so transgender individuals were protected from discrimination in healthcare. This executive order made it so discrimination of the basis of sex also included discrimination of sex-stereotypes in relation to HHS guidelines, effectively making it illegal for healthcare providers and insurance to discriminate against transgender individuals for being transgender. The rolling back of this executive order means transgender people in the US can legally be discriminated against in access and price of healthcare and healthcare insurance on the basis of being transgender.
  • 15 - The US Supreme Court extended federal job protections provided to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender workers in 6-3 ruling.[24][25][26] In the case R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that discrimination of employees due to gender identity is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In the case Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia ruled that discrimination of employees due to sexual orientation is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


  • 1
    • Montenegro voted to legalise same-sex civil partnerships.[27]
    • In Russia a referendum on more than 200 constitutional amendments resulted in a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.[28]
  • 7 - The President of Gabon signed a law decriminalizing same-sex sexual activity in the country.[29]
  • 17 - Sudan has lifted the death penalty for Homosexuality. Homosexuality does remain criminalised.[30]
  • 24 - In Mexico, Mexico city becomes the first state to ban conversion therapy.[31][32]


  • 1 - In South Africa state marriage officers and magistrates can no longer decline to wed same-sex couples. A consciousness clause had previously in place allowing individual magistrates and state marriage officers to decline. [33]


  • 18 - In Hong Kong the high court ruled that the inheritance and intestacy laws of the city have to apply equally to same-sex couples as they do for opposite-sex couples.[34][35]


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