2007 CARIFTA Games
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2007 CARIFTA Games
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Host cityProvidenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
Date(s)April 7-9
Main stadiumNational Stadium
LevelJunior and Youth
Participationabout 454
(254 junior,
200 youth) athletes from
about 26 nations
(35 junior
(incl. 5 open),
31 youth)
Records set12 games
14 national (senior)

The 36th CARIFTA Games was held in the National Stadium on the island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, on April 7-9, 2007.[1] Detailed reports on the results were given.[2][3][4]

Participation (unofficial)

Result lists can be found on the CACAC website,[5] on the C.F.P.I. Timing website,[6] on the IslandStats website,[7][8] and on the World Junior Athletics History website.[9] An unofficial count yields the number of about 454 athletes (254 junior (under-20) and 200 youth (under-17)) from about 26 countries:

Anguilla (7), Antigua and Barbuda (4), Aruba (4), Bahamas (59), Barbados (31), Belize (2), Bermuda (18), British Virgin Islands (7), Cayman Islands (18), Dominica (7), French Guiana (1), Grenada (13), Guadeloupe (18), Guyana (2), Haiti (12), Jamaica (70), Martinique (34), Montserrat (2), Netherlands Antilles (11), Saint Kitts and Nevis (33), Saint Lucia (5), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (3), Suriname (3), Trinidad and Tobago (46), Turks and Caicos Islands (35), U.S. Virgin Islands (9).


A total of 12 new games records were set.

In the boys' U-20 category, Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake already set the new 100m record to 10.18s (1.5 m/s) in the heat, before improving it again to 10.11s in the final.[2]Ryan Brathwaite from Barbados also improved (his own) 110 metres hurdles games record twice: first, he achieved 13.65s (-1.0 m/s) in the heat, before setting the final mark to 13.42s in the final.[4]Jamaal Wilson from the Bahamas defended his high jump title jumping the new record height of 2.20m.[2]Raymond Brown won the shot put establishing the new games record of 18.27m.[4] And the Jamaican 4x400 metres relay team set the new games record to 3:07.10.[4]

In the girls' U-20 category, the 100 metres hurdles record was improved to 13.51s (1.3 m/s) by Shermaine Williams from Jamaica.[4]

In the boys' U-17 category, Dexter Lee of Jamaica set two new games records, both in 100 metres (10.34s),[2] and in 200 metres (21.09s).[4] His compatriot Kemoy Campbell also set two new games records in 1500 metres (4:00.04),[2] and 3000 metres (8:46.49).[3] And as in the U-20 category, the records fell in high jump and shot put: Raymond Higgs from the Bahamas jumped 2.13m,[2] whereas Quincy Wilson from Trinidad and Tobago reached 16.27m.[2]

In the girls' U-17 category, Deandra Dottin from Barbados threw 42.90m, a width that has not been reached before at the games with the new javelin introduced in 1999.

Moreover, a total of 14 national (senior) records were set by the junior and youth athletes.[5]

The most prominent is the new Barbadian record by Shakera Reece in the women's 100m in 11.34s (1.3 m/s). The new Anguillian record in high jump was set by youngster Shinelle Proctor to 1.60m. Amanda Edwards set the new record for Antigua and Barbuda for women in javelin throw to 41.11m. There were two new women's national records for the British Virgin Islands: Chantel Malone reached 12.29m in triple jump, and the 4x100 metres relay team finished in 46.69s. The 37.44 metres by Alexandra Terry were a new Caymanian record for women in discus throw. Sandisha Antoine set the women's record for Saint Lucia in triple jump to 12.11m.

Finally, there were a total of 7 new national records for the host nation Turks and Caicos Islands: in the men's sector, Robert Jennings needed 10:17.94 for 3000 metres, and the 4x100 metres relay finished in 42.04s. The new women's records were set by Kadisha Wickham (59.36s for 400 metres), Shanricka Williams (10:59.56 for 3000 metres), Israel Ramsey (4.80m in long jump), Marquita Carter (26.33m in discus throw), and the 4x100 metres relay team in 50.02s.

Austin Sealy Award

The Austin Sealy Trophy for the most outstanding athlete of the games was awarded to Yohan Blake of Jamaica.[10][11][12] He won 2 gold medals (100m, and 4 × 100 m relay) in the junior (U-20) category, setting the new 100m games record to 10.11s.

Medal summary

Medal winners are published by category: Boys under 20 (Junior), Girls Under 20 (Junior), Boys under 17 (Youth) and Girls under 17 (Youth). Complete results can be found on the CACAC website,[5] on the C.F.P.I. Timing website,[6] on the IslandStats website,[7][8] and on the World Junior Athletics History website.[9]

Boys under 20 (Junior)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(1.2 m/s)
 Yohan Blake (JAM) 10.11 CR  Keston Bledman (TRI) 10.41 Guadeloupe/ Nyls Nubret (GLP) 10.51
200 metres
(0.7 m/s)
 Ramone McKenzie (JAM) 20.58  Kemar Hyman (CAY) 21.10  Jovon Toppin (TRI) 21.30
400 metres  Zwede Hewitt (TRI) 47.14  Oshane Barham (JAM) 47.28  Ade Alleyne-Forte (TRI) 47.31
800 metres  Gavyn Nero (TRI) 1:52.12  Theon O'Connor (JAM) 1:52.73  Dwayne Ferguson (BAH) 1:52.74
1500 metres  Gavyn Nero (TRI) 4:01.46  Andre Thomas (JAM) 4:02.30  Conroy Crossman (GRN) 4:02.60
5000 metres  Ageyan Robinson (JAM) 16:08.26  Christian Rock (BAR) 16:13.58  Pierre Barreau (HAI) 16:14.04
110 metres hurdles
(0.2 m/s)
 Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 13.42 CR  Keiron Stewart (JAM) 13.49  Andre Collins (JAM) 13.85
400 metres hurdles  Nathan Arnett (BAH) 51.11  Keiron Stewart (JAM) 51.52  Riker Hylton (JAM) 51.48
High Jump  Jamaal Wilson (BAH) 2.20 CR  Julian Reid (JAM) 2.08  Therrold Murray (BAR) 2.00
Pole Vault  Lorenzo Johnson (JAM) 4.00  Vernal McIntosh (BAH) 3.30
Long Jump  Julian Reid (JAM) 7.39
(-0.9 m/s)
 Nicholas Gordon (JAM) 7.28
(-1.0 m/s)
 Kyron Blaise (TRI) 7.17
(-1.8 m/s)
Triple Jump  Ronson Small (BAR) 15.43
(-1.1 m/s)
 Kyron Blaise (TRI) 15.34
(-1.5 m/s)
Martinique/ Jérémie Varsovie (MTQ) 15.30
(-0.4 m/s)
Shot Put  Raymond Brown (JAM) 18.27 CR  Shane Evans (CAY) 14.28  Emmanuel Stewart (TRI) 14.10
Discus Throw  Raymond Brown (JAM) 49.95  Emmanuel Stewart (TRI) 48.04 Martinique/ Jhovanie Legendart (MTQ) 47.39
Javelin Throw  Albert Reynolds (LCA) 58.13  Trevor Ifill (BAR) 57.79  Jeffery Williams (TRI) 57.12
Heptathlon  Kurt Felix (GRN) 4675  Andrew Riley (JAM) 4601  Rashad Clarke (BAH) 4498
4 x 100 metres relay*  Jamaica
Kemar Marsden
Ramone McKenzie
Cawayne Jervis
Yohan Blake
39.47  Saint Kitts and Nevis
Miles Walters
Allister Clarke
Withley Williams
Antoine Adams
40.71 Guadeloupe/ Guadeloupe
Nyls Nubret
Yohan Dambas
Matthieu Boa
Carl Lhomond
4 x 400 metres relay  Jamaica
Kevin Williams
Riker Hylton
Oshane Barham
Ramone McKenzie
3:07.10 CR  Trinidad and Tobago 3:07.11  Bahamas 3:09.28

* Result corrected because of disqualification.[13] See Doping (below).

: Open event for both junior and youth athletes.

Girls under 20 (Junior)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(1.3 m/s)
 Shakera Reece (BAR) 11.34 NR  Schillonie Calvert (JAM) 11.61  Krystal Bodie (BAH) 11.63
200 metres
(1.3 m/s)
 Nivea Smith (BAH) 23.45  Britney St. Louis (TRI) 23.68  Shakera Reece (BAR) 23.75
400 metres  Bobby-Gaye Wilkins (JAM) 53.01  Kayan Robinson (JAM) 53.98  Janeil Bellille (TRI) 54.37
800 metres  Keno Heavens (JAM) 2:11.66  Vanessa Boyd (JAM) 2:12.16 Martinique/ Cynthia Anais (MTQ) 2:12.68
1500 metres  Teneisha Davis (JAM) 4:41.16  Kimberly Brown (JAM) 4:44.48  Alika Morgan (GUY) 4:44.56
3000 metres  Teneisha Davis (JAM) 10:12.64  Alika Morgan (GUY) 10:12:94  Kimberly Brown (JAM) 10:32.38
100 metres hurdles
(1.3 m/s)
 Shermaine Williams (JAM) 13.51 CR  Natasha Ruddock (JAM) 13.95  Kierre Beckles (BAR) 14.03
400 metres hurdles  Shana-Gaye Tracey (JAM) 58.77  Andrea Reid (JAM) 59.79  Janeil Bellille (TRI) 59.88
High Jump  Misha-Gaye Da Costa (BER) 1.74 Guadeloupe/ Karen Jean-François (GLP) 1.71 Guadeloupe/ Lyvie-Paola Laurent (GLP) 1.65
Long Jump  Shara Proctor (AIA) 6.17
(-0.3 m/s)
 Kimberly Williams (JAM) 6.15
(-0.1 m/s)
 Tameka Williams (SKN) 6.14
(-0.6 m/s)
Triple Jump  Kimberly Williams (JAM) 12.85
(-1.6 m/s)
 Roseann Jones (JAM) 12.41
(-2.3 m/s)
Martinique/ Keshia Willix (MTQ) 12.29
(-2.2 m/s)
Shot Put Martinique/ Myriam Lixfe (MTQ) 15.16 Martinique/ Gianni Robard (MTQ) 13.52  Akeela Bravo (TRI) 12.92
Discus Throw  Latanya Nation (JAM) 42.25  Keneisha Throughsingh (JAM) 40.68  Gabrielle Nixon (BAH) 47.86
Javelin Throw  Taneisha Blair (JAM) 43.64  Amanda Edwards (ATG) 41.11 NR  Venice Frederick (TRI) 34.29
Pentathlon  Salcia Slack (JAM) 3553 Martinique/ Audilia Da Veiga (MTQ) 3452  Latanya Nation (JAM) 3305
4 x 100 metres relay  Bahamas
Iesha White
Krystal Bodie
Tia Rolle
Nivea Smith
44.94  Jamaica 45.02  Trinidad and Tobago 45.50
4 x 400 metres relay  Jamaica
Shana-Gaye Tracey
Kayan Robinson
Andrea Reid
Bobby-Gaye Wilkins
3:36.26  Trinidad and Tobago 3:42.79 Martinique/ Martinique 3:48.78

: Open event for both junior and youth athletes.

Boys under 17 (Youth)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(1.0 m/s)
 Dexter Lee (JAM) 10.34 CR  Warren Fraser (BAH) 10.51  Jermaine Brown (JAM) 10.65
200 metres
(1.2 m/s)
 Dexter Lee (JAM) 21.09 CR  Jermaine Brown (JAM) 21.25  Shermund Allsop (TRI) 21.58
400 metres  Kirani James (GRN) 47.86  Kadeem Smith (SKN) 48.00  Dwayne Extol (JAM) 49.01
800 metres  Kenneth Wallace-Whitfield (BAH) 1:58.91  Donahue Williams (JAM) 1:59.60  Kadeem Smith (SKN) 2:00.14
1500 metres  Kemoy Campbell (JAM) 4:00.04 CR  Donohue Williams (JAM) 4:00.73  Matthew Spring (BER) 4:01.04
3000 metres  Kemoy Campbell (JAM) 8:46.49 CR  Matthew Spring (BER) 9:10.62  Delohni Nichol-Samuel (VIN) 9:11.19
100 metres hurdles
(0.5 m/s)
 Kimarley Henry (JAM) 13.28  Greggmar Swift (BAR) 13.39  D'Omar Boyden (JAM) 13.39
400 metres hurdles  Dwayne Extol (JAM) 55.75  Nejmi Burnside (BAH) 56.30  Kavean Smith (JAM) 56.87
High Jump  Raymond Higgs (BAH) 2.13 CR  Machell Baker (JAM)
 Jovan Hardware (JAM)
Long Jump  Lenyn Leonce (LCA) 6.99
(0.0 m/s)
 Dexter McKenzie (JAM) 6.94
(0.9 m/s)
 Raymond Higgs (BAH) 6.83
(0.0 m/s)
Triple Jump  Raymond Higgs (BAH) 14.79
(-2.0 m/s)
Martinique/ Kévin Luron (MTQ) 14.27
(-1.9 m/s)
 Seon Stafford (TRI) 13.97
(-2.2 m/s)
Shot Put  Quincy Wilson (TRI) 16.27 CR  Shane Nedd (ARU) 14.96  Robert Collingwood (TRI) 14.57
Discus Throw  Quincy Wilson (TRI) 52.79  Dillon Simon (DMA) 42.99  Richard Collingwood (TRI) 42.36
Javelin Throw  Jamel Paul (TRI) 52.83  Jerron Franklyn (TRI) 52.40  Daneal Marshall (BAR) 51.40
4 x 100 metres relay  Jamaica 41.11  Trinidad and Tobago 42.08  Grenada 42.14
4 x 400 metres relay  Jamaica 3:16.31  Bahamas 3:18.84  Trinidad and Tobago 3:22.57

Girls under 17 (Youth)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(0.5 m/s)
 Michelle-Lee Ahye (TRI) 11.76  Shanice Hazel (ISV) 11.78  Antonique Campbell (JAM) 11.86
200 metres
(0.6 m/s)
 Antonique Campbell (JAM) 23.78  Danesha Morris (JAM) 23.87  Mara Weekes (BAR) 24.17
400 metres  Mara Weekes (BAR) 54.71  Sade Sealy (BAR) 55.47  Jody-Ann Muir (JAM) 55.51
800 metres  Natoya Goule (JAM) 2:11.68  Jessica James (TRI) 2:14.89  Sade Sealy (BAR) 2:15.65
1500 metres  Natoya Goule (JAM) 4:36.26  Mackola Joseph (JAM) 4:42.75  Samantha Shukla (TRI) 4:49.03
100 metres hurdles
(-0.1 m/s)
Martinique/ Jessica Alcan (MTQ) 13.67  Lanice Hall (JAM) 14.19  Kenrisha Brathwaite (BAR) 14.39
300 metres hurdles  Lanice Hall (JAM) 43.04  Sparkle McKnight (TRI) 43.65  Kenrisha Brathwaite (BAR) 44.00
High Jump  Kathie-Lee Laidley  (JAM) 1.71  Jeanelle Ovid (TRI) 1.71  Jamilya Jordan (BAR) 1.71
Long Jump Martinique/ Audilia da Veiga (MTQ) 5.75
(0.0 m/s)
 Chantel Malone (IVB) 5.54
(0.1 m/s)
Guadeloupe/ Ericka Cambronne (GLP) 5.49
(-0.4 m/s)
Triple Jump  Chantel Malone (IVB) 12.29 NR  Sandisha Antoine (LCA) 12.11 NR Guadeloupe/ Cynthia Battah-Aoufoh (GLP) 11.98
Shot Put  Deandra Dottin (BAR) 12.26  Candicea Barnard (JAM) 10.66 Guadeloupe/ Angeline Viardot (GLP) 10.59
Discus Throw  Deandra Dottin (BAR) 39.58  Alexandra Terry (CAY) 37.44 NR  Kaycia Greaves (JAM) 36.99
Javelin Throw  Deandra Dottin (BAR) 42.90 Martinique/ Laure Mongin (MTQ) 36.28  Kyshona Knight (BAR) 34.43
4 x 100 metres relay  Jamaica 45.56  Trinidad and Tobago 46.35  Bahamas 46.51
4 x 400 metres relay  Jamaica 3:43.79  Trinidad and Tobago 3:46.40  Bahamas 3:50.87


* Jamie Payne from Trinidad and Tobago was tested positive for stanozolol and an elevated testosterone/epitestosterone (T/E) ratio. Therefore, a 2 years ineligibility (22 May 2007 - 21 May 2009), and a disqualification of all results from 17 March 2007 were imposed.[13] As a consequence, the Trinidad and Tobago junior 4 × 100 m relay team (40.22s) lost the silver medal.[14][15]

Medal table (unofficial)

The official medal count was published.[16] The mismatch between the unofficial count below and the published one is explained by the subsequent disqualification of the Trinidad and Tobago 4 x 100 metres junior relay team because of doping violations of one team member.

For the first time, the host country of the games did not win a medal.[4]

1 Jamaica (JAM)36281276
2 Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)7131636
3 Barbados (BAR)741021
4 Bahamas (BAH)74819
5 Martinique (MTQ)34512
6 Saint Lucia (LCA)2103
7 Grenada (GRN)2013
8 British Virgin Islands (IVB)1203
9 Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)1001
10 Cayman Islands (CAY)0303
11 Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)0224
12 Guadeloupe (GLP)0167
13 Bermuda (BER)0112
 Guyana (GUY)0112
15 Antigua and Barbuda (ATG)0101
 Aruba (ARU)0101
 Dominica (DMA)0101
18 Haiti (HAI)0011
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN)0011
Totals (19 nations)666764197


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