1979 Hardie-Ferodo 1000
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1979 Hardie-Ferodo 1000

The 1979 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 was the 20th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. It was held on 30 September 1979, at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst. The race was open to cars eligible to the locally developed CAMS Group C touring car regulations with four engine capacity based classes.

Peter Brock and Jim Richards won their second successive Bathurst 1000 driving a Holden Dealer Team A9X SS Hatchback Torana. In the most dominant performance in the races history, Brock, starting from pole position, got a perfect start and from that point the #05 MHDT Torana was never headed. Brock and Richards won the race by a record six laps, easily beating the old winning margin of 2 laps set in 1975 with Brock claiming the lap record of 2:21.1 on the last lap of the 6.172 km long circuit. Brock later claimed that he just wanted to show how good the Torana was even after 1000 km of hard racing. Brock didn't have a clear lap in which to set the lap record and actually passed 7 cars over the lap, though luckily all but one were on either Mountain or Conrod Straights which did not hinder him. It was Brock's fourth and Richards second win. Brock's win put him equal on most wins with Harry Firth, Bob Jane and his longtime rival Allan Moffat. Toranas swept the podium with Peter Janson and Larry Perkins finishing second ahead of Ralph Radburn and John Smith.

With Holden ending production of the Torana, 1979 would be the 5th and last Torana victory in the race (all bar 1976 were won by Brock). From 1980 Holden's flagship would be the European (Opel Senator) based Commodore.

Class structure

Cars competed in four classes defined by engine capacity.

3001cc - 6000cc

Morris/Quester Holden Torana

The 3001cc - 6000cc class [1] featured the V8 Holden Toranas, Ford Falcons and a pair of Chevrolet Camaros, making their Bathurst debut. Class A cars would fill the first eight positions in the outright results, all of the Holden Toranas. Mirroring the outright result, Brock and Richards took a six lap victory over the similar Torana of Janson and Perkins. Smith and Radburn were two laps further behind.

2001cc - 3000cc

The 2001cc - 3000cc class [1] saw the debut of the Mazda RX-7 (13B powered rotaries were rated as 2.292 litres capacity) which raced alongside its predecessor, the Mazda RX-3 and against Ford Capris, a BMW 3.0Si and a largely unmodified Volvo 242GT entered as a publicity exercise by veteran journalist-racer David McKay. Mechanical issues struck this class more than most, with the class winning car finishing in 13th outright, 26 laps behind Brock and Richards. That car was the Mazda RX-3 of Barry Lee and John Gates. Second in class was the Ford Capri of Peter Hopwood and Alan Cant, nine laps behind Lee and Gates. Third in class, finishing on the same lap as Hopwood/Cant was the Mazda RX-3 of Stephen Stockdale and John Duggan. The Volvo of McKay and Spencer Martin finished a creditable fourth in class, just a lap behind second and third.

1601cc - 2000cc

Harrison/Cutchie Ford Escort

The 1601cc - 2000cc class [1] saw a mix Alfa Romeo Alfettas, Ford Escort RS2000s, Toyota Celicas and Triumph Dolomites. Class C outperformed Class B with the Toyota Delaer Team Toyota Celica of Peter Williamson and Mike Quinn winning the class and finishing ninth outright and 17 laps behind Brock and Richards. The Brian Foley Alfa Romeo entered Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV of Phil McDonnell and British sportscar legend Derek Bell finished tenth outright, a lap behind the Celica. Frank Porter and Tony Niovanni were three laps further back in third in another Alfetta. The Celica of Peter Williamson was the first in the world to have an in car race cam.

Up to 1600cc

The entry in the Up to 1600cc class [1] was dominated by Holden Geminis, but also included an Isuzu Gemini, a 1.6 litre Ford Escort, a Toyota Corolla, and a Volkswagen Golf. The Isuzu Gemini of Garry Leggatt and David Seldon won the class, finishing 21st outright, 36 laps down. Bernie McClure and David Langman's Holden Gemini was second, a lap behind the class winners with the Holden Gemini of Jim Faneco and Gary Rowe two laps further behind. Eight laps behind was the first non-Gemini, the Ford Escort of Bob Holden and David Earle.

Hardies Heroes

* Allan Moffat only qualified 22nd in his Falcon after engine troubles in qualifying. He was moved into Hardies Heroes by the ARDC at the expense of the HDT Torana SS A9X of John Harvey and ended up starting from 4th on the grid. Apart from race broadcaster Channel 7 wanting Moffat in the runoff for better television ratings, Harvey was bumped to 11th place on the grid due to the ARDC's desire to not have two cars from the same team in the top 10. As the #05 HDT Torana of Peter Brock was the fastest qualifier this saw Harvey the one left out.
* After Jack Brabham and Derek Bell in 1978, Larry Perkins became the third ex-Formula One driver to appear in the shootout driving Peter Janson's Torana. While neither Brabham or Bell would again appear in the runoff, Perkins would make another 16 appearances up until 2002 and would claim pole in 1993 (he also sat on pole in 1983 but that time was set by Peter Brock)
* Peter Brock claimed his 4th straight front row start at Bathurst (and his 5th in 6 years after starting 3rd in 1975) as well as his 3rd straight pole position. Brock's time was 1.966 faster than Bob Morris' 2nd place time in his ATCC winning A9X Torana. This was despite Brock admitting to making a big mistake at the Cutting on his second lap where his foot slipped off the brake pedal and the car went wide towards the wall forcing him to come to almost a complete stop at the bottom of the steepest part of the circuit.


Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 3001cc - 6000cc 05 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia Peter Brock
New Zealand Jim Richards
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 163 1
2 3001cc - 6000cc 19 Cadbury Schweppes New Zealand Peter Janson
Australia Larry Perkins
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 157 7
3 3001cc - 6000cc 14 Ralph Radburn Australia Ralph Radburn
Australia John Smith
Holden LX Torana SL/R 5000 A9X 4-Door 155 17
4 3001cc - 6000cc 6 Craven Mild Racing Australia Allan Grice
Australia Alfredo Costanzo
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 154 3
5 3001cc - 6000cc 34 Greater Pacific Finance Coy Australia Garry Rogers
Australia Bob Stevens
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 152 6
6 3001cc - 6000cc 15 Scotty Taylor Holden Australia Alan Taylor
Australia Kevin Kennedy
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback[3] 151 15
7 3001cc - 6000cc 8 Unipart Australia Australia Barry Seton
Australia Don Smith
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 148 16
8 3001cc - 6000cc 21 Roadways / Gown-Hindhaugh Australia Charlie O'Brien
Australia Garth Wigston
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 147 5
9 1601cc - 2000cc 66 Peter Williamson P/L Australia Peter Williamson
Australia Mike Quinn
Toyota Celica 146 33
10 1601cc - 2000cc 58 Brian Foley P/L Australia Phil McDonnell
United Kingdom Derek Bell
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 145 27
11 1601cc - 2000cc 59 Beninca Motors Australia Frank Porter
Australia Tony Niovanni
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 142 39
12 1601cc - 2000cc 64 Ray Gulson Australia Ray Gulson
Australia Paul Gulson
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV 140 37
13 2001cc - 3000cc 48 Barry Lee Australia Barry Lee
Australia John Gates
Mazda RX-3 139 29
14 3001cc - 6000cc 12 Rusty French Racing Australia Jim Keogh
Australia John Mann
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 138 22
15 1601cc - 2000cc 65 Lockyer Wreckers Australia Walter Scott
Australia Peter Walton
Toyota Celica 133 30
16 2001cc - 3000cc 46 Fury Ford P/L Australia Terry Daly
Australia Eric Boord
Ford Capri Mk.II 133 30
17 3001cc - 6000cc 24 Re-Car Racing Australia Alan Browne
Australia Brian Sampson
Holden LX Torana SL/R 5000 A9X 4-Door 133 15
18 2001cc - 3000cc 41 Jag Racing P/L Australia Peter Hopwood
Australia Alan Cant
Ford Capri Mk.II 130 32
19 2001cc - 3000cc 39 Stephen Stockdale Australia Stephen Stockdale
Australia John Duggan
Mazda RX-3 130 31
20 2001cc - 3000cc 44 Scuderia Veloce P/L Australia Spencer Martin
Australia David McKay
Volvo 242 GT 129 47
21 Up to 1600cc 70 Garry Leggatt Australia Garry Leggatt
Australia David Seldon
Isuzu Gemini[4] 129 43
22 Up to 1600cc 71 Rejon Industries P/L Australia Bernie McClure
Australia David Langman
Holden Gemini 128 52
23 Up to 1600cc 75 Victoria Police MSC Australia Jim Faneco
Australia Gary Rowe
Holden Gemini 126 48
24 Up to 1600cc 74 Modulaire Air Conditioning Australia Ken Price
Australia Ian Wells
Holden Gemini 124 55
25 1601cc - 2000cc 56 Jagparts Australia Terry Wade
Australia Gerald Kay
Triumph Dolomite Sprint 120 40
26 Up to 1600cc 68 Bob Holden Australia Bob Holden
Australia David Earle
Ford Escort Mk.II 1.6 116 61
27 1601cc - 2000cc 62 Jagparts Australia Martin Power
Australia Peter Kuebler
Triumph Dolomite Sprint 114 46
28 Up to 1600cc 73 Lennox Motors Australia Chris Heyer
Australia Peter Lander
Volkswagen Golf 111 49
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 25 Allan Moffat Racing Canada Allan Moffat
United Kingdom John Fitzpatrick
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 136 4
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 52 Masterton Homes Pty Ltd Australia Steve Masterton
Australia Phil Lucas
Ford Capri Mk.II 130 28
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 32 King George Tavern Australia Fred Gibson
Australia Joe Moore
Holden LX Torana SL/R 5000 A9X 4-Door 125 18
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 3 John Goss Racing P/L Australia John Goss
France Henri Pescarolo
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 118 58
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 13 TJ Slako New Zealand Tim Slako
Australia Colin Hall
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback[5] 111 19
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 47 Barry Jones Australia Barry Jones
Australia Terry Finnigan
Mazda RX-3 106 26
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 33 Tony Packard Holden Australia Bob Skelton
Australia Don Holland
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 105 44
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 50 Capri Components Australia Lawrie Nelson
Australia Tony Farrell
Ford Capri Mk.III 105 53
DNF 1601cc - 2000cc 55 Graham Mein Australia Graham Mein
Australia Geoff Russell
Ford Escort Mk.II RS2000 105 41
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 7 Ron Hodgson Racing Australia Bob Morris
Austria Dieter Quester
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 95 2
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 29 Garry Willmington Performance Australia Garry Willmington
Australia John Wright
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 95 24
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 18 Brian Wood Ford Australia Murray Carter
New Zealand Graeme Lawrence
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 74 14
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 40 Ross Burbidge Australia Terry Shiel
Australia Ross Burbidge
Mazda RX-7 72 36
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 43 Unipart Australia Australia Lakis Manticas
Australia Geoff Leeds
Ford Capri Mk.II 69 34
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 9 Nine Network Racing Team Australia John McCormack
Australia Bob Forbes
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 62 60
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 30 Everlast Battery Service Australia Bill O'Brien
Australia Ray Winter
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 62 21
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 26 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia John Harvey
Australia Ron Harrop
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 57 11
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 11 Citizen Watches Aust. P/L Australia Gary Cooke
Australia Warwick Brown
Holden LX Torana SL/R 5000 A9X 4-Door 57 8
DNF Up to 1600cc 69 Victoria Police MSC Australia Mal Smith
Australia Mal Owen
Holden Gemini 51 56
DNF 1601cc - 2000cc 61 Brian Hilton Toyota Australia Graeme Bailey
Australia Doug Clark
Toyota Celica 46 35
DNF Up to 1600cc 77 Peter Williamson P/L United Kingdom Mark Thatcher
Japan Kiyoshi Misaki
Toyota Corolla Levin 41 54
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 35 B Parsons / T Rabold Australia Barry Parsons
Australia Tom Rabold
Ford XC Falcon Cobra #35 Hardtop 38 63
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 22 Settlement Road Motor Wreckers Australia Warren Cullen
New Zealand Graham McRae
Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback 30 13
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 36 Brian Wood Ford Australia Rod Stevens
Australia Bill Evans
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 24 25
DNF 1601cc - 2000cc 54 Roger Cartwright Australia Roger Cartwright
Australia Greg Toepfer
Ford Escort Mk.II RS2000 24 62
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 17 Bryan Byrt Ford Australia Dick Johnson
Australia Gary Scott
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 24 9
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 4 Thompson Ford Australia Colin Bond
Australia John French
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 23 10
DNF 1601cc - 2000cc 60 Bill Stanley Australia Bill Stanley
Australia Ian Messner
Ford Escort Mk.II RS2000 23 45
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 27 Denmac Ford P/L Australia Ron Wanless
New Zealand Leo Leonard
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 21 12
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 2 AWA-Thorn Consumer Products Australia Ron Dickson
United States Dick Barbour
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 16 59
DNF 2001cc - 3000cc 45 Precinct Performance P/L Australia Dean Gall
Australia Allan Bryant
Mazda RX-7 16 57
DNF 3001cc - 6000cc 10 Rusty French Racing Australia Rusty French
Australia Graham Moore
Ford XC Falcon GS500 Hardtop 9 23
DSQ 2001cc - 3000cc 42 Brian Boyd Australia Lynn Brown
Australia Brian Boyd
BMW 3.0Si 138 38
DSQ Up to 1600cc 76 Re-Car Racing Australia Allan Gough
Australia Kel Gough
Holden Gemini 135 42
DNS 1601cc - 2000cc 53 Ken Harrison Australia Ken Harrison
Australia Ray Cutchie
Ford Escort Mk.II RS2000 51
DNS Up to 1600cc 72 [6] Lennox Motors Australia Peter Lander
Australia Paul Bernasconi
Volkswagen Golf


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  • Provisional Pole Position - #05 Peter Brock - 2:26.8
  • Pole Position - #05 Peter Brock - 2:20.500
  • Fastest Lap - #05 Peter Brock - 2:21.1 - Lap 163 (lap record)
  • Average Speed - 152 km/h
  • Race Time - 6:38:15.8

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