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From servus ("slave, servant").



servi? (present infinitive serv?re, perfect active serv?v? or servi?, supine serv?tum); fourth conjugation, impersonal in the passive

  1. (with dative) I am a slave to; I serve
    • Seneca Minor, Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium, Epistula XCII
      Nemo liber est qui corpori servit.
      No one is free who is a slave to his body.
  2. (with dative) I am devoted to, subject to


The only passive forms found for this verb are third-person singular.

   Conjugation of servi? (fourth conjugation, impersonal in passive)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present servi? serv?s servit serv?mus serv?tis serviunt
imperfect servi?bam, serv?bam servi?b?s, serv?b?s servi?bat, serv?bat servi?b?mus, serv?b?mus servi?b?tis, serv?b?tis servi?bant, serv?bant
future serviam, serv?b? servi?s, serv?bis serviet, serv?bit servi?mus, serv?bimus servi?tis, serv?bitis servient, serv?bunt
perfect serv?v?, servi? serv?vist?, serv?st?, serviist? serv?vit, serv?t, serviit serv?vimus, serv?mus, serviimus serv?vistis, serv?stis, serviistis serv?v?runt, serv?runt, serv?v?re, serv?re, servi?runt, servi?re
pluperfect serv?veram, serv?ram, servieram serv?ver?s, serv?r?s, servier?s serv?verat, serv?rat, servierat serv?ver?mus, serv?r?mus, servier?mus serv?ver?tis, serv?r?tis, servier?tis serv?verant, serv?rant, servierant
future perfect serv?ver?, serv?r?, servier? serv?veris, serv?ris, servieris serv?verit, serv?rit, servierit serv?verimus, serv?rimus, servierimus serv?veritis, serv?ritis, servieritis serv?verint, serv?rint, servierint
passive present serv?tur
imperfect servi?b?tur
future servi?tur
perfect serv?tum est
pluperfect serv?tum erat
future perfect serv?tum erit
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present serviam servi?s serviat servi?mus servi?tis serviant
imperfect serv?rem serv?r?s serv?ret serv?r?mus serv?r?tis serv?rent
perfect serv?verim, serv?rim, servierim serv?ver?s, serv?r?s, servier?s serv?verit, serv?rit, servierit serv?ver?mus, serv?r?mus, servier?mus serv?ver?tis, serv?r?tis, servier?tis serv?verint, serv?rint, servierint
pluperfect serv?vissem, serv?ssem, serviissem serv?viss?s, serv?ss?s, serviiss?s serv?visset, serv?sset, serviisset serv?viss?mus, serv?ss?mus, serviiss?mus serv?viss?tis, serv?ss?tis, serviiss?tis serv?vissent, serv?ssent, serviissent
passive present servi?tur
imperfect serv?r?tur
perfect serv?tum sit
pluperfect serv?tum esset, serv?tum foret
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present serv? serv?te
future serv?t? serv?t? serv?t?te serviunt?
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives serv?re serv?visse, serv?sse, serviisse serv?t?rum esse serv?r? serv?tum esse
participles servi?ns serv?t?rus serv?tum serviendum, serviundum
verbal nouns gerund supine
genitive dative accusative ablative accusative ablative
serviend? serviend? serviendum serviend? serv?tum serv?t?

Related terms


  • Albanian: shërbej
  • Asturian: sirvir, servir
  • Friulian: servî
  • Galician: servir

See also


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    • to accommodate oneself to circumstances: tempori servire, cedere
    • to look after, guard a person's interests, welfare: commodis alicuius servire
    • to have regard for one's good name: famae servire, consulere
    • to be the slave of one's desires: cupiditatibus servire, p?r?re
    • to be careful of one's dignity: dignitati suae servire, consulere
    • (ambiguous) to examine slaves by torture: de servis quaerere (in dominum)

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