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Of unknown origin.[1]


  • IPA(key): ['tk]
  • (file)



  1. only, exclusively (excluding everything else)
    Csak a sajtos pizzát szeretem. - I only like cheese pizza.
    Synonyms: csupán, csakis, kizárólag, egyedül
  2. just, only, merely, solely (when something is not as great or as much or as serious as could be expected)
    Ez csak játék. - This is just a game.
    Synonyms: csupán, pusztán, mindössze
  3. for a reason that the speaker does not want to specify
    Ezt miért csináltad? - Csak! - Why did you do that? - Just because! (No reason!)
    Synonym: csak úgy
  4. it's just that, but (explaining a reason that restricts or prevents the effectiveness of the event specified previously)
    Hívtalak telefonon! - Hallottam, csak épp zuhanyoztam. - I called you on the phone! - I heard, but I was in the shower.
    Nyerhetett volna a csapat, csak nem volt elég jó az edz?jük. - The team could have won, it's just that their coach wasn't good enough.
    ? is ott volt, csak a másik szobában. - He was also there, but in the other room.
  5. (the emphasis being on the subsequent verb) if only, I wish (in wishes); indicates less hope if used with conditional mood, more certainty if used with subjunctive)
    Csak élné/élje túl a balesetet! - If only he survived the accident!
    Synonym: bárcsak
  6. (with emphasis) supposedly, must, after all (describing supposition, based on how things normally turn out)
    Synonyms: biztos, biztosan
    El?bb-utóbb csak hazajön! - Sooner or later, he/she/it must get back home, after all!
  7. (with emphasis) nevertheless, nonetheless, all the same (expressing resistance or defiance)
    Synonyms: mégis, mégiscsak (with positive statements), mégsem, mégse (with negative statements)
    Hiába mondtam neki, ? csak nem akarta megérteni. - I kept explaining it to him/her in vain; s/he just refused to understand it.
    Mondtuk neki, hogy nyugodtan maradhat, de ? csak hazament a többiekkel. - We told him/her s/he was welcome to stay some more while but s/he did go home with the others, nevertheless.
  8. used in imperative sentences to indicate something quick or immediate
    Nézd csak! - Hey, look!
    Várj csak! - Wait a minute! / Hold on for a second!
    Figyelj csak! - Listen up!
  9. don't bother, do as you wish (in imperative sentences)
    Menj csak! - Go, don't bother.
    Hagyd csak! - Just let him!
    Dohányozz csak! Magadnak ártasz vele, nem nekem! - Smoke if you wish! You're hurting yourself, not me.
    Synonym: fel?lem
  10. as late as, no sooner (than...), not until (that...)
    Elromlott az ébreszt?órám, és csak 10-kor ébredtem fel. - My alarm clock broke down and I didn't wake up until 10 a.m..
    A tudomány csak a 16-17. században kezdett megválni a négy f? testnedv elméletét?l. - It wasn't until the 16th and 17th century that science started to discard the theory of the four principal bodily humors.
  11. (after relative pronouns like aki, ami, ahol etc.) -ever, no matter (whoever, whatever, wherever etc. or no matter who/what/where etc.)
    Synonyms: bár-, akár-
    Amit csak kérsz, megadom neked. - I'll give you whatever you want.
    Ahol csak járt, mindenütt barátokat szerzett. - He made friends wherever he went.
    Akkor jössz, amikor csak akarsz. - You can come whenever you like.

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