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This module will transliterate Svan language text per WT:SVA TR.

The module should preferably not be called directly from templates or other modules. To use it from a template, use {{xlit}}. Within a module, use Module:languages#Language:transliterate.

For testcases, see Module:sva-translit/testcases.


tr(text, lang, sc)
Transliterates a given piece of text written in the script specified by the code sc, and language specified by the code lang. When the transliteration fails, returns nil.

local export = {}
	-- Keep synchronized with [[Module:Geor-translit]]
local tt = {
	["?"]="a", ["?"]="a", ["?"]="b", ["?"]="b", ["?"]="g", ["?"]="g", ["?"]="d", ["?"]="d", ["?"]="e", ["?"]="v", ["?"]="v", ["?"]="z", ["?"]="?",
	["?"]="t", ["?"]="t", ["?"]="i", ["?"]="i", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="l", ["?"]="l", ["?"]="m", ["?"]="n", ["?"]="n", ["?"]="y", ["?"]="o",
	["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="r", ["?"]="r", ["?"]="s", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="w", ["?"]="u", ["?"]="u",["?"]="p", ["?"]="p",
	["?"]="k", ["?"]="k", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="q?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="c",
	["?"]="?", ["?"]="c?", ["?"]="", ["?"]="", ["?"]="x", ["?"]="x", ["?"]="q", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="h", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="f", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?", ["?"]="?"

	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '', 'ü')
	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '', 'ö')
	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '', 'ä')
	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '.', tt)
	return text

return export

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