Appendix:Spanish Pronunciation
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Appendix:Spanish Pronunciation


The following tables show the IPA and SAMPA representations of Spanish pronunciation.


The vowel table lists both monophthongs and diphthongs.

Spanish vowels
IPA SAMPA Examples
a a alto, mar, luna
ai ai aire, vaina, hay
au au aura, flauta, miau
e e esto, cielo, madre
ei ei peine, rey
eu eu europeo, reuma
i i isla, vino, casi
o o ola, broma, sapo
oi oi oigo, boina, hoy
u u uva, alud, tribu
ui ui uy, muy


Other symbols

A stress mark is placed before the syllable that is stressed in IPA and SAMPA.

Stress marks in Spanish
IPA SAMPA Indicates
' ('a) " ("a) primary stress
? (?a) % (%a) secondary stress, sometimes tertiary stress
a.a a.a division between syllables

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