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  • IPA(key): [hoz]
  • (file)



  1. Forms the allative case.
    1. (of location) to
      Elmentünk az orvoshoz. - We went to the doctor.
      Egy fához kötötte a lovat. - He tied the horse to a tree.
    2. (of time) from
      hoz egy hétre - a week from today
    3. (in set phrases) The corresponding English translation may or may not have a preposition.
      Fiatalon ment férjhez. - She married at a young age.
      A kert a házhoz tartozik. - The garden belongs to the house.

Usage notes

  • (allative case suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -hoz is added to back-vowel words. Final -a changes to -á-.
    fa ("tree") -> Odamentek a fához. - They went to the tree.
    -hez is added to unrounded front-vowel words. Final -e changes to -é-.
    zene ("music") -> Szöveget írtunk a zenéhez. - We wrote lyrics to the music.
    -höz is added to rounded front-vowel words
    szót? ("stem") -> A rag a szót?höz járul. - The suffix is added to the stem.

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