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Of native Korean origin. From Middle Korean (Yale: pwota).


  • IPA(key): [po?da?]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [??]
Revised Romanization? boda
Revised Romanization (translit.)? boda
McCune-Reischauer? poda
Yale Romanization? pota


o (boda) (infinitive ? or , sequential )

  1. to see, look at
    ? .
    ? . 
    Geudeureun yeoreogaji hwachoreul bogo itda.
    They are looking at various plants.
    ? . 
    Seoyang-indeureun boneun geoseul mae-u jung-yosihaeseo silmyeong-eun got jugeumgwa machan-gajiin geoseuro saenggakhaetdago handa.
    Westerners are said to have placed great importance on seeing and thought that being blind was like death.
  2. to look after (a baby, child, house, etc.)
    aireul boda
    to look after a child
  3. to watch (a film, TV, etc.)
    yeonghwareul boda
    to watch a film
  4. to read (a book, newspaper, etc.)
    ? . 
    Yeoga siganeneun chaegeul boneun seupgwaneul deurineun geosi jota.
    It is recommended to make a habit of reading books in your spare time.
  5. to examine (a document, patient, disorder, etc.)
  6. to take (an examination)
    ? ? . 
    Siheomeul jal bomyeon joketseumnida.
    I hope to do well on the test. (literally: It will be good if I take the test well.)
  7. to experience (a profit, loss, etc.)
  8. to relieve oneself
  9. to try something; requires a main verb with "-?/?" suffix or use attributively with "?".
    Hanbeon saenggakhae bolgeyo.
    I will consider it. (Literally, "I will try thinking about it.")
    ? ? ? 
    Han-guge ga bon jeogi isseoyo?
    Have you ever been to (South) Korea?

Usage notes

This verb does not mean "to try hard" (e.g., "I tried to pass the exam."). Here, the phrases --?(?) (ryeo(go) hada) or -- ? (ryeogo noryeokhada) are used instead. Compare Japanese ?(?)? (miru).


Derived terms

  • (boida, "to be seen, see") (intransitive)
  • ? (yeoboseyo, "hello")

Related terms


o (boda)

  1. more
    boda nopge
    more higher; higher than
    boda yeolsimhi
    more enthusiastically
  2. rather


o (boda)

  1. than, rather than
    ? ? . 
    Naega gyaeboda kiga deo keuda.
    I'm taller than him.
    ? ? 
    sasilsang eoneu gotboda deo
    than practically anywhere else
    ? ? . 
    Jirisanboda hallasani deo nopda.
    Mount Halla is taller than Mount Jiri.
    ? . 
    Eojeboda oneuri sonnimi deo manta.
    There are more customers today than yesterday.

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