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Of native Korean origin. Equivalent to ? (mot) + ?-- (ha-).


  • IPA(key): [mo?t?a?da?]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [???]
Revised Romanization? mothada
Revised Romanization (translit.)? moshada
McCune-Reischauer? mothada
Yale Romanization? moshata
  • Homophones: ? (motada, "motada"), an alternative pronunciation of ? (moteoda, "to be a motor")


o (mothada) (infinitive or , sequential )

  1. (verb-? ) cannot (do); to be unable, or impossible (to do)
    . = ? . 
    Jibe gaji mothaeyo. = jibe mot gayo.
    I cannot go home. = I cannot go home.
  2. (? ) not be good at
    Naneun noraereul mothaeyo.
    I'm not good at singing.

Usage notes

The second sense is very commonly confused with ? .
Gongbureul mothaeyo.
I'm not good at studying.
? . 
Oneureun gongbureul mot haeyo.
I cannot study today.



  • (jalhada) (be good at)

Derived terms

  • ? (jalmothada)

See also

  • (ani)
  • ? (an)
  • (anhada)
  • (anta)

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