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Etymology 1

First attested in the Worin cheongangjigok ( / ), 1449, as Middle Korean  (Yale: kulus). Possibly cognate with Old Chinese ? (OC *k?r?ds, "utensil, ware").


  • IPA(key): [kt?]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [??]
Revised Romanization? geureut
Revised Romanization (translit.)? geuleus
McCune-Reischauer? k?r?t
Yale Romanization? kulus


o (geureut)

  1. bowl
    ? ?  - bap han-geureut - a bowl of rice
    ? ! 
    Geugeoseul geureuse dama!
    Put it in the bowl!
  2. container, vessel
  3. (personal) caliber, capacity
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o (geureut)

  1. bowl

Etymology 2

From -- (geureu-).


o (geureut)

  1. falsely, wrongly
Derived terms
  • ? (geureutdoeda, "to be wrong, to become wrong")

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