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to separate; to stand or lie between; to divide; to cut off
sound; noise; news
trad. (?) ? ?
simp. (?) ? ?
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First used in the draft of the Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet () published in February 1956 by the Committee for the Reform of the Chinese Written Language ().




  1. apostrophe used to divide syllables within a word to avoid ambiguity in various alphabetic systems used in China; in pinyin, intended to be used between two syllables only if the second syllable begins with an a, o or e
    • a,o,e???,?,??('),:pi'ao()? [MSC, trad.]
      a,o,e???,?,??('),:pi'ao()? [MSC, simp.]
      From: 1958, (Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet), section 5
      a, o, e k?itóu de y?njié liánji? zài qít? y?njié hòumiàn de shíhou, rúgu? y?njié de jièxiàn f?sh?ng hùnxiáo, yòng géy?n fúhào (') gék?i, lìrú: pi' ao (pí'?o). [Pinyin]
      [In Hanyu Pinyin], when a syllable beginning in a, o or e is preceded by another syllable, if the division between the syllables is unclear, use the syllable-dividing apostrophe (') to divide [the syllables]. For example: pi'ao / (pí'?o).
    • ????......?????,???"'"? [MSC, trad.]
      ????......?????,???"'"? [MSC, simp.]
      From: 1981, ?()
      Zhuàngwén de du?y?ncí zh?yào shì g?njù sh?ngyùn jiégòu hé sh?ngdiào fúhào lái shíbié y?njié...... D?ng jù c? réng bùh?o q?f?n y?njié shí, jiù d?i lìyòng géy?n fúhào "'" lái huàf?n [Pinyin]
      In Zhuang, syllables in multisyllabic words are distinguished according to the syllable structure and tone symbols... When the syllables still cannot be distinguished accordingly, an apostrophe "'" needs to be used to divide the syllables


  • (uncommon, possibly obsolete) ?/? (jièy?n fúhào)

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  • / (pi?hào)

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