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Han character

? (radical 134, ?+9, 15 strokes, cangjie input ?X (HXBC), four-corner 77801, composition ????)

Derived characters


  • KangXi: page 1005, character 5
  • Dai Kanwa Jiten: character 30226
  • Dae Jaweon: page 1461, character 2
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): volume 1, page 253, character 9
  • Unihan data for U+8208


trad. ?
simp. ?
alternative forms ?

Glyph origin

Historical forms of the character ?
Shang Western Zhou Shuowen Jiezi (compiled in Han) Liushutong (compiled in Ming)
Oracle bone script Bronze inscriptions Small seal script Transcribed ancient scripts
?-oracle.svg ?-bronze.svg ?-seal.svg ?-bigseal.svg

Ideogrammic compound (): ? ("to raise") + ? ("together") - to hold up together.

Pronunciation 1



  1. to rise; to get up
  2. to thrive; to prosper; to flourish
  3. prosperous; flourishing
  4. to be popular; to be fashionable
  5. to start; to build; to establish
  6. to elect; to promote
  7. to succeed; to achieve success
  8. to send; to dispatch; to launch; to mount
  9. to collect; to recruit
  10. to do; to perform
  11. to advocate; to encourage
  12. to indulge; to spoil
  13. (dialectal, usually in the negative) to allow; to permit
  14. maybe; perhaps
  15. A surname​.


  • -> Thai: (heng)(via Teochew)


Pronunciation 2



  1. excitement; interest; mood in doing something
    ?? / ??  -  g?oxìng  -  happy [lit. high mood]
  2. sensual desire; sexual desire; passion
  3. (obsolete or Min) to like; to be fond of; to love
  4. to liken; to analogise
  5. (rhetoric) metaphor
  6. (poetry) association; speaking first of something else to lead up to the main theme





(grade 5 "Ky?iku" kanji)

  1. entertain
  2. revive
  3. retrieve
  4. interest
  5. pleasure


?() o (ky?

  1. entertainment; pleasure; interest


  • Go-on: (k?, J?y?)
  • Kan-on: (ky?, J?y?)
  • Kun: (okoru, , J?y?); (okosu, , J?y?); (okiru)



? o (heung) (hangeul ?, revised heung, McCune–Reischauer h?ng, Yale hung)

  1. thrive, prosper, flourish


Han character

? (h?ng, h?ng, hên, h?ng)

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