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Ancient Greek


From Proto-Hellenic *ménos, from Proto-Indo-European *ménos ("mind"), from *men- ("to think"). Cognates include Avestan ?(man?) and Sanskrit ? (mánas).[1]




o (ménosn (genitive or ); third declension

  1. mind
  2. desire, ardor, wish, purpose
  3. anger
  4. courage, spirit, vigor
  5. power, strength, force
  6. violence


Derived terms

  • (Alkamén?s)
  • (dusmen?s)
  • (Euthumén?s)
  • ? (Eumén?s)
  • ? (Eumenídes)
  • ? (Idomén?)
  • (Hippomén?s)
  • (Ménandros)
  • (Menél?os)
  • (Menésth?s)
  • (Menésthios)
  • ? (Menípp?)
  • (Ménippos)
  • (menoeik?s)
  • (Menoikeús)
  • (Menoítios)
  • (Tisamenós)
  • (hupermen?s)

Related terms

  • (meneaín?)
  • (menoiná?)
  • (autómatos)

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