These Are the 5 Reasons Opera Is Cooler Than You Think

Alex Johnson

Opera is more than just impressive costumes, soaring arias and sets. Just like any performance, lots goes into the details. You may not understand every single lyric in “La Boheme” or “Carmen,” but these works are classic. Classics show what the legendary art form can be. Trust us, opera isn’t just your grandparent’s thing, you don’t have to be skeptical. Here are five reasons why you should be planning your next opera show. You may be surprised when you fall in love with this art form. 


1. The Stories Feature Women & Are Larger Than Life 

Opera remains an art form where women can show off their talents in their rightful place – the center of the stage. Who doesn’t love a story filled with intrigue, love, murder and maybe just a little bit of mystery? A favorite, “Lucia di Lammermoor,” is an oldie but a goodie. This plot will absolutely satisfy anyone with a taste for the murderous and dramatic. Many other operas are taking cues from “Lucia di Lammermoor” and are becoming vehicles for women with powerhouse voices with breakthrough roles. 


2. There’s New and Edgier Operas Being Produced

Opera companies are constantly producing new and innovative works all the time. Going to the opera doesn’t mean you have to see the same production a million times in a row. Go see the revival of “Carmen” in Los Angeles, or “Tosca” at the Metropolitan Opera. If the classics are a little overdone for you, go see some new productions or new takes on older productions. 


3. Drag Queens are Definitely Welcome– And They’re Taking Over

Opera has some of the most spectacular and lavish costumes and sets in the business, the flair is certainly undeniable. Although opera isn’t necessarily known for a connection to cabaret and drag culture, blending the three together could be a match made in heaven. When you combine the costumes, freedom of drag and the community feeling of cabaret, and you’re sure to get an amazing night. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to go see a drag and opera production combined into one, it won’t disappoint. 


4. Opera Can Awaken the Activist in You

Many opera productions speak to both personal and political issues. With new engaging materials being produced every day, it keeps audience members informed with what’s current in the world. By making representation a priority, it’s the perfect opportunity to vote with your dollars by seeking timely art. Or, you can stay out of the politics and simply enjoy this art form for the beauty and culture it brings to stage. 


5. Kids Love Opera!

Did you know that even kids love opera? Yes, kids. If the kiddos love it, then it must be entertaining, right? Check out this video that has kids hooked on opera. This group of kids are captivated by the soaring capabilities of the human voice. They get the chance to ask professionals questions about being an opera performer, and the results in this video are about as adorable as anyone would expect. 



No matter if you’ve been to an opera production or not, it’s something everyone needs to experience at least once. After you’re an opera expert, we recommend taking the time to go see a Broadway show. You can even find discount Broadway tickets for last minute shows. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the cooler weather and spend an evening at the theatre. So, bundle up, grab a date and enjoy the wild, vibrant and beautiful world of opera!

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