9 Perfect Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

Kristina Perrin

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is on the hunt for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Keeping in mind the budget constraints, we've compiled the best of both worlds: high end and low end options that could make your loved one's day.


If your friends or family happen to be music lovers or play a certain instrument, here's a list of a few thoughtful gifts that you could get them this year.

1. Their Favorite Instrument

Now while everything else may be useful, there is no comparison of gifting your loved one the instrument they love to play. Whether its an acoustic guitar or beginner drum sets, your gift should say how much you love seeing them play.


Keep track of what equipment they already have and surprise them by gifting them something that adds to their collection and is a reminder of your love for them.

2. Ear Plugs

Might not sound like the perfect item for you to gift a friend or family member, but it's something that has great utility to offer and never goes out of use. Every musician uses ear plugs for two basic purposes: to minimize the amplified sound impact coming from speakers and to be able to hear himself better.


If your friend/family member isn't a singer, they can always use the ear plugs to protect themselves from damaging their ears. No better gift than something that shows you care.

3. Audio Interface

If you're looking to giving something high budgeted, an audio interface is a great idea. Regardless of what instrument the person is into, audio interface is something everyone will love since it lets you record as well as mix and master the instrument played.


Although basic recordings can be made with any ordinary computer's sound card, if they are planning on going professional with this hobby of theirs, audio interface is definitely something worth gifting.


Today's audio interface make song recording as simple as connecting your iOS or Android device to the instrument and recording via a variety of free apps. Pocket sized audio interfaces are also commercially available which help you stay in a budget as well.

4. Soft Drum Cases

Drums are an expensive investment and that's reason enough for you to protect them by packing them in proper cases. Since the cases aren't a cheap buy either, a lot of people avoid buying cases immediately or keep it on their bucket list for later.


More than often it gets too late and they've already damaged one piece or the other. What would be more thoughtful than you looking out for your friend's big investment? Soft drum cases keeps the drum kit safe from all sorts of denting, chipping and damage, not to mention how convenient it gets to carry the kit to different places.

5. Stick Holder

Stick holder for drumsticks could either be a case or a cup holder that could be attached to the stand or any hardware for that matter. A leather casing to keep sticks definitely adds class to the appearance, which could be made more personalized with a message written on it.


Leather casings are woolen from the inside, providing both form and function. However, if you want something more convenient while playing, you would want to gift a stick holder instead, that keeps all their sticks in reach, accommodating more sticks at a time too.

6. USB Turntable

If you have a vinyl lover friend in your gift list, probably the best gift they could get this Christmas would be a USB turntable. USB turntables let you play your vintage vinyl record collection on its built in speakers. These devices also lets you convert analog records to digital files in a snap.


USB turntables come with rechargeable batteries which makes them highly portable, a feature that is a must have in the devices we purchase in the modern day.

7. Guitar Strap

Ask any guitarist, no matter how many guitar straps they own, you can't have enough of them. Guitar straps definitely add a personalized touch to one's instrument and makes a statement whether you're taking it to a gig or just performing for a get together.


A vintage strap or something that goes with their style would be a great gift that could add to their existing collection.

8. Recording Camera

For all you know, your friend might be planning on recording their tunes and starting their own YouTube channel. Even if that's not the case, you could always encourage them to do so, with the ever growing trend of vlogging and personal YouTube channels that could earn you business as well.


What better way to do that than by gifting a portable recording camera like Go Pro? Such cameras let you record HD videos upto 4K and are great at audio compression which makes the sound usable despite being recorded on the camera's mic.


Other than being used for music recordings, the camera will obviously have other utilities for the concerned person, which doesn't confine your gift to music only. An investment your friend might be saving up for, recording cameras are one thing you could never go wrong with.

9. Customized Phone Covers

Anything that is symbolic of the person's love for music would make for a great Christmas gift. One of these items is a phone case. Since everyone owns a phone and use a phone case as a protector, gifting a phone cover is always a safe bet.


Depending on the instrument your friend plays, you could buy them a customized case, with a meme or Keep Calm quote, which is bound to bring a smile on their face and remind them of you every time they look at their phone.


Customized phone covers are also a great idea if you're trying to stay within a budget since there are plenty of people you'll be shopping for.

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